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Date: Wednesday, October 24th 2007 1193184000 (16 years 40 days ago)
Venue: The 12 Bar Club
Location: 26 Denmark Street London England W1
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Pat Fish Solo ( guitar, vocals )
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Credit: Zack



I'm playing the 12 Bar Club in London on Weds 24th October.

I'm on with Anton Barbeau and his band. The 12 Bar is in Denmark Street in the West End. Nearest tube station is Tottenham Court Road. It's a lovely club. I always have fun there.
Credit: pat

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Once again, I was in London on business and was able to take in a live gig by Pat 'The Jazz Butcher' Fish at the famous 12 Bar Club on Denmark Street. This time around, I brought a decent camera, my Canon G9, and was able to capture some photos and video, now on YouTube. It was an all-acoustic gig --just Pat, his guitar and a couple of effects pedals. Still, you got to see a glimpse of the man's range as a musician and songwriter, moving gracefully from humor to heartbreak and back again. As good as this gig was, it left me wanting for more. But for now, I'll just have to make due with some of the Jazz Butcher CD's from Amazon.

One nice change since the last gig in April is that London's bars and restaurants now have a smoking ban in effect. So instead of me having to go outside every 20 minutes for fresh air, it was the smokers who went out! Also, it was nice to see the Reading branch of the Pat Fish fan club out in full force. Thanks to Nigel and Dominic for the drinks. See you again next time, guys!

Credit: Zack's Guitarvibe post
Photos and video from the gig
This was an awesome gig! I've posted some photos and video on my blog:


Credit: Zack 2007-10-28 20:47:19 (Sunday, 28th of October 2007 - 16 years 35 days ago)

🎼 Played

Set 1
1. Mercy
2. Daycare Nation
3. Quality People (Wilson)
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  • Photos and video from the gig
    ZUrlocker[at] - Zack
    28Oct2007 8:47 PM (16 years 35 days ago)
    This was an awesome gig! I've posted some photos and video on my blog: