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Date: Friday, October 5th 2007 1191542400 (16 years 61 days ago)
Venue: The Labour Club (Website)
Event: Masters of Budvar present
Location: 95-97 Charles St Northampton England NN1 3BG
Admission: free
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Masters of Budvar present


The Labour Club

Corner of Earl & Charles

Northampton NN1


Friday 5th October 2007




Having kicked, screamed, cried and drunk their way through mid-life crisis, nothing now stands in the way of THE ADULT SECTION indulging their wildest dreams of creating the deep down dirty rock n roll music that is the destiny they were born to fulfil. They have emerged from their misspent youths as defiant, wild-eyed, passionately obsessed adults with a fine sense of glamour and camp and a dedication to intoxicating their audiences with a vision that ranges from the ridiculous to the outrageous.


This blistering 4 piece was formed only a year ago but has already started to blaze a trail on the London live circuit - WATER RATS, HOPE AND ANCHOR, DUBLIN CASTLE, CAERNARVON CASTLE, THE LUMINAIRE, RYAN'S BAR - with their fusion of power-pop punk and glam. Their demo ranges from the fierce to the bizarre and is a testimony to what rock 'n roll once epitomised before it became a soundtrack for multinational corporations.


Their influences are obvious and unavoidable. When has it been any other way? "BOWIE, BUZZCOCKS, NEW YORK DOLLS, PATTI SMITH" the band confirm. The Adult Section’s D.I.Y. ethos is apparent from the moment they appear and is substantiated when they play.


Here’s a live review…

The Adult Section The Luminaire, London, 22nd February, 2006


“This band can entertain and is growing in stature with each show. Describing them as DIY, Glam Punk (their words not mine) is fully justified but only really appreciated when you see and hear them.


Visually, The Adult Section are a delight. It’s great to see a band looking this good and a bloody marvel that they also cut it with some of the most original and entertaining rock and pop to hit the live music scene in years.


The Adult Section achieve this with a set largely consisting of original glam and punk songs written by Dooj and Johnny (yes, songs, those short-ish things with lyrics that you can hear and with hooky, memorable choruses) punctuated with stunning guitar licks, melodic rock bass and foot-stomping drums.  Occasionally, and engagingly they introduce some interesting choices of covers from a Country standard (a pacey, rocked-up Blanket On the Ground) to a Bay City Rollers hit (Shang a Lang on speed) and Kylie for an encore (a punky take on Can’t Get You Out of My Head).


Okay, there is more than a whiff of Seventies nostalgia about this group but their audience appeal is broad enough to encompass both the kids who weren’t there first time round and hardened campaigners like yours truly who’ve seen it all. The crowd genuinely appreciated this blistering, good-time, vaudeville rock act.  It was the perfect antidote to a cold, damp February evening and in the end I was well glad that I made the effort to get off my butt to see them. Someone will sign this band soon and they’ll go on to bigger things, so catch them in clubland while you still can.” - Review by Doug Son of Hercules


Artist Website:





Led by the almost-legendary Spacemen 3 and Spiritualised bassist Will Carruthers, Freelovebabies comprise something of a supergroup, with Steve Beswick (Wilson) on drums, Dave from The Electric Koolaid Company on bass and Northampton’s own Joe Woolley on Fender Jaguar guitar, with rumours of celebrity percussionists to boot. Their stock-in-trade is a sort of bleached, hostile, psychedelic funk where riffs and melodies circle the pulsebeat like gnarly urban predators waiting to pick off the slow and the weak. There is black humour and feeling aplenty and the piratical Carruthers is a mesmerising frontman.


As he puts it so well himself: “Freelovebabies invite you to peek through the net curtains of your mind and enjoy songs of urban decay, unrealistic dreams and rats.” He also gives us to understand that the show will incorporate skimpy bacon costumes and real, live tigers.


Artist Website:


DJ 78


This month’s superstar DJ really lives up to the billing, coming fresh from appearances this summer at Glastonbury, Latitude and Bestival. A self-confessed “silly old punk from Norwich”, DJ 78 arrives with his tuxedo, two ancient wind-up gramophones and a stack of red-hot dance tunes from the nineteen-twenties through to the first hysterical twitchings of rock and roll. We can’t believe our luck. Must surely be seen to be believed.


“The night's theatrics begin with a serious shellac attack by way of DJ78.

Wee Davey G, an ex-punk by way of East Anglia greets the Ulster Hall punters in the lobby on arrival. The DM boots have been replaced by a rather more dapper dinner suit and bow tie. 1920s dancehall jives blend into the classics of 50s rock 'n' roll seamlessly and hints to the vaudevillian air of refinement that marks the night’s proceedings. When the meet and greet act is confirmed as part of the Glastonbury line up for the summer, one senses the night's entertainment is not going to disappoint.”  – Trevor Gordon, BBC Radio Ulster


Artist Website:


Masters of Budvar will kick off at around half past eight as DJ78 winds up the Victrola…

Freelovebabies should be on stage at around nine o’clock.

Expect the Adult Section to play around half past ten.

The bar stays open till midnight, the lights are pretty, the people friendly. There is ample provision for smokers in the area that we lovingly terms The Bike Shed.


And it’s all for free.









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