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Date: Tuesday, March 6th 2012 1330992000 (11 years 204 days ago)
Venue: The Constitution
Location: 42 St. Pancras Way Camden Town, London England NW1 0QT
Admission: Β£4:00
Pat Fish Solo ( guitar, vocals )
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Credit: Philip Snow


πŸ“ Pat Says

Initially I had the gig listed on my calendar for the following week. Things went a bit peculiar and suddenly it had lurched forward by seven days, leaving me with about one evening and a morning in which to practice. So I thought, for some reason which escapes me now, that I'd play Sex & Travel in it entirety. Solo. Acoustic. As Mitch Jenkins would surely have said, were he on the spot, "What a maroon!"

Lucky to be alive, really.

Pat x

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As promised a week or so ago, I have uploaded all the videos from the night in London when Pat Fish played "Sex and Travel" at The Constitution, London 6 March 2012. It's missing two songs, "Holiday" and "What's The Matter Boy". "Holiday" I was watching intently camera off, because in 1995 I had travelled from Hong Kong to London over land on the Trans Siberian Express, and listened a lot to that song and corresponded with Pat on the journey. He invited me out one evening shortly after returning and expressly asked me to bring all my photos from the trip. Over several Pilsners he wanted to know the story behind every one, another unforgettable evening with him. The latter is missing for the boring reason of almost no battery left and decided to save it for the last two songs. I hope you enjoy watching.
Credit: Raj Patel 2021-11-13 13:11:11 (Saturday, 13th of November 2021 - 1 year 315 days ago)

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