The Jazz Butcher
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Date: Sunday, December 18th 2016 5:00pm 1482080400 (6 years 288 days ago)
Venue: Vinyl Deptford (Website)
Location: 4 Tanners Hill Deptford England SE8 4PJ
Admission: free
⭐ With
Pat Fish Solo ( guitar, vocals )
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Unstoppable Achievers present their 'A Bit of a Christmas Do'.

14:30 Unstoppable Achievers 15.30 Gardyloo Spew 17:00 Pat Fish (aka The Jazz Butcher)

Art exhibition from Matthew James Saw

Dj - Silly Boy Blue

all ages - all welcome - free
Credit: pat

πŸ“ Pat Says

All delivered without the aid of a PA system or any other amplification at all, but with the aid of a warm, supportive audience.

🎼 Played

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