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Pat Fish
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Credit: Philip Snow

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1. The Interview (The late Pat Fish in conversation with me on 5th October 2019. Much of this would become the 'Fishcotheque' chapter of 'Miracles and Wonders', the book Pat and I wrote, which I finished and published after he shuffled off on 5th October 2021. It was a lovely, if emotional day. We ate bagels and smoked cheese at my house, watched the Tottenham game (they lost 3-0 to Brighton), aborted an intended trip to Uppingham, before arriving at the Plough, Shutlanger. After the recording we went on a little pub crawl, witnessed a skein of geese fly noisily overhead ("I don't think I've ever seen that before", said Pat), and consumed a takeaway back at Fishy Mansions.)
Credit: Philip Snow
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