Date: Thursday, December 31st 2020 1609372800 (335 days 1 hour ago)
Venue: Fishy Mansions (Website)
Location: Northampton England NN1
Pat Fish Solo
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πŸ“ Pat Says

Somebody suggested that we should do a New Year's Eve "broadcast" from Fishy Mansions. My ego rather likes the idea of rescuing you all from Jools Holland and his plinky-plonk totalitarianism, but at the same time I'm aware that scarcity is value, and I don't want to do so many of these things that you all get bored. So I'm putting it out there: if anybody fancies watching an elderly beatnik slowly disintegrating as he boozes and smokes his way through a pack of covers and originals and into the new year, let us know with a "like", or whatever. We'll see how it goes.
Credit: Pat Fish 2020-12-17 (Thursday, 17th of December 2020 - 348 days 17 hours ago)

🎼 Played

Set 1
0. The Entire Performance
1. Soul Happy Hour
2. Holiday
3. Gold (Peter Blegvad)
4. Southern Mark Smith (original)
5. When You's a Viper (Rosetta Howard)
6. The Ballad Of Mister Snake (Kevin Ayers)
7. O, Wot a Dream (Kevin Ayers)
8. Bob Dylan Blues (Syd Barrett)
9. Melanie Hargreaves' Father's Jaguar
10. Here Comes a Regular (Paul Westerberg)
Credit: chrisseventeen
11. Love Kittens
12. Everybody Screaming
13. Pale Blue Eyes (Lou Reed)
14. Another Day on Earth (Eno)
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