The Jazz Butcher
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Rolo McGinty has 7 album credits
Bath Of Bacon
It's really just the sound of a few mates failing to take seriously the fact they they've got an l.p. to make. It seems VERY early eighties now, but you must remember that there was a LOT of crap for us to clear out of the way in those days.
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Glass Records LP;CD
Rolo McGinty : Bass on Grey Flannelette
Draining The Glass
Glass Records era compilation.
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Fire Records
Rolo McGinty : Bass on Jazz Butcher -v- Count Dracula
The Gift Of Music
This record collects together the various singles that have been issued in England to date under the much-abused name of the Jazz Butcher, to wit: me. I rather like having them all in one place like this - it makes for a nice, noisey muck-it-up sort of disc that is ideal for leisure time at home, on the beach, in you local club.... hell, ANYWHERE!!!
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Glass Records
Rolo McGinty : Bass
An attempt to force a meeting between the steaming tropical jungles of Bangladesh (where the tigers live) and the frozen stepps of Siberia (where the Siberian tigers live).
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Glass Records
Rolo McGinty : Bass
Bloody Nonsense
The Jazz Butcher and his group are not in the business of belonging; they are too old and too obstreperous to conform to some attention-seeking image or commercially viable formula. Rather, they bring their not inconsiderable talents to bear on whatever happens to be in the way at the time. The results can only be described as essential.
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Rolo McGinty : Bass on Southern Mark Smith
Real Men
Real Men, the kind who never sit together on buses in case they get their medallions tangled.
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Glass Records
Rolo McGinty : Bass on Southern Mark Smith
Southern Mark Smith
Recorded in the summer of 1983 in a place called Wellingborough, a small town in the middle of England where even the children are scarey!
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Glass Records 7"
Rolo McGinty : Bass
16 documented events where Rolo McGinty performed
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1983 13 (JBC)
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2010 1 (Presents)
Fri, Jan 29th 2010
Masters of Budvar present
@ The Bantam
7 Abington Square
Northampton England NN1
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Fri, May 7th 2004
Masters of Budvar present
@ The Labour Club
95-97 Charles St
Northampton England NN1 3BG
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Sun, Sep 25th 1983
@ Abington Park
Northampton England
💬 📷
Sat, Sep 24th 1983
@ Derngate Centre
Northampton England
📷 📰
Sun, Aug 21st 1983
@ Caernarvon Castle
Camden Town, London England
🎵 🎼
Mon, Jul 25th 1983
@ The Adlib Club
Kensington, London England
Sat, Jun 25th 1983
@ Merton College
Oxford England
🎵 🎼
Sat, Jun 4th 1983
@ The Black Lion
Northampton England
Wed, May 18th 1983
@ The Rock Garden
Covent Garden, London England WC2
Tue, May 17th 1983
@ The Clarendon
Hammersmith, London England
Sat, May 7th 1983
@ Chez Louis
Wimbledon, London England
Tue, Apr 19th 1983 8:30pm
@ The Steam Heat Room\, The Old White Horse
Brixton, London England SW2 5BZ
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Sat, Mar 19th 1983
@ The Black Lion
Northampton England
Thu, Mar 10th 1983
@ The Culture Bunker
London England
Fri, Jan 21st 1983
@ The Tunnel Club
Greenwich, London England
Mon, Nov 1st 1982
@ Hammersmith Palais
London England
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  • Minneapolis MN US
    curtis_uk[at] - Curtis Murcia
    22Nov2021 1:59 PM (1 year 306 days ago)
    You finally got your wish
  • more gigs not in list
    micromothman[at] - Gregory, Edmonton, Canada
    27Sep2021 3:42 AM (1 year 362 days ago)
    I've seen the band in Alberta, Canada in 1991 and 1992, but don't see those listed here. I think I have a poster and ticket stubs somewhere...
  • July 1988 Coach House Show
    tristero_ape[at] - jason Oakland, CA
    26Aug2021 10:39 PM (2 years 29 days ago)
    The July 1988 Coach House in San Juan Capistrano show was opening for Alex Chilton.
  • "Running on Fumes"
    amy[at] - Minneapolis MN US
    31Dec2020 4:02 PM (2 years 267 days ago)
    GREAT song. Pat played it again new year's eve concert. Honestly one of his best songs ever imo, and that's from a fan since 1986! Will it be released in a studio version?

    Much love.
  • May 1 and May 2 1998 players
    albertgresens[at] - Al. Gresens
    1May2019 9:02 PM (4 years 147 days ago)
    It was Garrick Simmons on bass guitar for the May 1, 1998 show at The Point and May 2, 1998 Private Wedding.