The Jazz Butcher
The Jazz Butcher Releases Waiting For The Love Bus
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Classification: Album
Label: Creation Records, TriStar
Catalogue: CRECD156, WK57563
Date: 1993
Engineered: Woodhouse Studios, Leeds
The Songs
Rosemary Davis' World Of Sound
Kids In The Mall/Kaliningrad
Killed Out
President Chang
Angel Station
Rosemary Davis' World Of Sound (Reprise Compact Disc)
< Everybody's Talkin' (F. Neil) (TriStar Only)
Do You Wanna Dance (Bobby Freeman) (TriStar Only)

Pat Fish - Fender Telecaster, Fender Jaguar, Yamaha sf-800, 6 & 12 String Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion, Programming, Vocals
Richard Formby - Fender Jaguar, Gibson Firebird, Burns Electric X11 String, Programming, Tapes
Dooj Wilkinson - Wal Bass Guitar, Voice
Nick Burson - Drums
Peter Crouch - Fender Stratocaster, Fender Jaguar, Yamaha sf-800
Richard Formby - producer - engineer
Pat Fish - engineer
Pascal Legras - artwork
Mark Brown - artwork
the jbc extend their gratitude to: tony foster for logistics : alaric and rob for amplifiers : ringo's high for acoustics : Mike Stout for dinners, tolerance and `fatback' : the emperors of ice cream for post-historical political orientation (no more years!) : dave and chris of the lyric police for a big saturday and many shed sundays : alan mcgee and joseph james foster for continued faith and support : and kathie mcginty for watching over.
Les Inrockuptibles (France), June 1993
Cash Box (USA), Sat, Apr 16th 1994
Illinois Entertainer (Chicago, IL, USA), September 1994
Option (USA), September 1994
The Butcher Says..
Too early for me to say, but there's a clean, simple sound to a lot of this that Condition Blue detractors might appreciate. It's not a deliberate change of musical policy, just a gradual personal evolution thing. I'm ten years older now than when I made Bath Of Bacon, and right now, after all that morbid stuff, it only really feels like about three. There's rockin' shit and there's a big ballad or two and some weird little pop songs and a nice family sing-along about penguins. I hope you like it.
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  • Great Album..
    fuelburningoracle[at] - Tom and New York
    12Oct2008 12:21 AM (14 years 165 days ago)
    This is truly a work of art, some of the best songs in the world lie hidden within it's laser encoded plastic.