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The BigTime Syndrome
V.A. - What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen # 2 7"
(UK/Seventeen Rather GEAR 17/'83)
The Jazz Butcher cover version is unavailable elsewhere. Interestingly enough, the same must be said about the other contributions ... The Rag Dolls were an early and short-living band of Dave Kusworth (Jacobites), Missionary Boy features Nikki Sudden himself on vocals (and is therefore better than the version that appears on The Bible Belt LP with Lizard on vocals) while Sad Go Round was The Swell Maps (!) in disguise. Obviously essential, this highly sought after split single came with a fanzine.
V.A. - Abigail's Birtday Party MC
The Jazz Butcher contribution coincided with the release of The Gift of Music. Here again, this compilation-tape came with a fanzine and was also available as a limited package with the "Uncle Arthur's Pop Parlour" compilation-tape in addition.
V.A. - Gunfire & Pianos LP

(UK/Situation Two SITU 17/'86)

The Jazz Butcher contribution subsequently appeared as an additional track on The Gift of Music(only).
V.A. - 50,000 Glass Fans Can't Be Wrong LP

(UK/Glass GLALP 019/'86)
Note: Limited edition on clear vinyl.

The Jazz Butcher contribution subsequently appeared on the Big Questions LP/CD. Having said that, this album also includes an early studio version of " Leaving It Up To You (John Cale) " by Max Eider with Pat Fish on guitar as well as "Fear (Is A Man's Best Friend)" by David J. and a different version of "2:35" by Spacemen 3 amongst others.
V.A. - Shadow And Substance LP (UK/Glass GLALP 007/'84)
A lovely interpretation of the Jonathan Richman classic which was originally released in 1979 on the Back In Your Life LP by Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers. The cover version can also be found on the Affection 12".
V.A. - Doing It For The Kids LP/CD (UK/Creation LP 037 CD/'88)
Previously available on the Fishcotheque LP/CD.
V.A. - American Pensioners On Ecstasy LP/CD (UK/Creation LP 095 CD/'91)
"Another track from that L.A. babe, Deirdre O'Donoghue's radio show."
Perfection As A Hipster
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  • What a nice way to turn seventeen sleeve
    pol.dodu[at] - Pol Dodu, France
    20Sep2009 6:30 AM (13 years 257 days ago)
    Hi there,
    There was indeed a sleeve for the What a nice way to turn seventeen 2 single...!
    Yes, the single was housed in a plain white paper bag, but inside the fanzine there was a page you had to pull out, cut and paste to make the sleeve.
    You can see it here :
    Also on this page are pics from a Jazz Butcher gig at The Living Room in London in July 1984.