The Jazz Butcher
The Jazz Butcher Releases Big Questions

Media: Compilation
Label: Glass
Catalogue: GLACD023
Released: 1987
Note: limited copies contain Speedy Gonzalez 7"
The Human Jungle
Death Dentist
South America
Grooving In The Bus Lane
Mersey (David Surkamp)
Peter Lorre
Vienna Song
Olof Palme
Rebecca Wants Her Bike Back
City Of Night
The Hairbrush And The Tank
Conspiracy (Compact Disc only)
Thing (Compact Disc only)
Big Old Wind (Compact Disc only)
Forever (Compact Disc only)


Alastair Indge - photography
Elvis Brando - sleeve
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  • Can't find this CD
    sterlingphd[at] - Sean, California
    2Jan2015 8:47 AM (8 years 276 days ago)
    Can I buy this CD? I've been looking for it since I lost the cassette tape of it that I listened to obsessively for several years (twenty years ago!).
  • got it again!
    mbrych[at] - mike b from raleigh
    25Aug2008 5:37 PM (15 years 41 days ago)
    The 20 year drought has ended! I have a copy of this LP again; this time WITH the 7 inch vinyl! Yes there are too many comps; but this, with volume 1, and Bloody Nonsense are great! I am admittedly particular to this 'classic' era. Cheers!
  • Peter Lorre
    18Mar2004 5:41 AM (19 years 203 days ago)
    First heard this track on a atrip to France in the late Eighties and really loved it. The young kids on the trip were convinced it was 'pizza lorry'. Can I get a cd version of this album