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The Jazz Butcher Releases Glorious and Idiotic
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Media: Album, Compact Disc, Live
Released: 2000
Label: ROIR
Recorded: 26Feb1999, Logo, Hamburg
The Songs
Raking Up the Leaves ( Max Eider )
Just Like Betty Page
Baby, It's You
The Long Night Starts ( Max Eider )
The Human Jungle
Who Loves You Now?
Old Snakey
Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present
Bigfoot Motel
Roadrunner (Richman)


Pat Fish
Max Eider
Owen Jones
Curtis E. Johnson
Pat Beirne
Liner Notes
The last thing anybody expected was a new Jazz Butcher album in the year 2000. But there is one, and it's just the sort of thing that you hardcore JBC listeners are going to enjoy. Stick with me. The record is called "Glorious and Idiotic" and it is released on 26th January 2000 on ROIR (Reach Out International Records) of New York City. That's right, Virginia, it's a domestic US release. It is a live recording of the concert which Max and Owen and I played in Hamburg's Logo club in February 1999. It marks Owen's return to the JBC, and, in retrospect, it marks the return of the JBC itself as some kind of going concern. It has by far the best sound quality of any of the Jazz Butcher live albums or bootlegs currently available. The performances aren't bad either, for a bunch of old bastards. It features lots of old favourites and two brand new songs by Max Eider, both performed for the first time ever at this concert. It also features guest appearances from our Euro-buddies Clemens, Curtis and Pat Beirne, three of the finest human beings you could be lucky enough to meet (by the way).
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  • Goldfish
    nicholas[at] - Nik/ Bavaria
    10Sep2008 12:10 PM (15 years 20 days ago)
    even though, that one Goldfish, because of doubleddubby Soloing, sadly did not make in the big final plunge into the pool of songs that were once to sound from this record. If stir the memory right way, I do remember, it was a fantastic experience to play it live with you!

    Goldfish is alive and kickin', perchance upon that desolate quest again :-)