The Jazz Butcher
The Jazz Butcher Releases Speedy Gonzalez

Media: EP, 7"
Label: Glass
Catalogue: HMMM002
Released: 1987
Recorded: Live, 1985-04-25, Melkweg, Amsterdam by R.V.Z. Radio, Northampton 1983 ( May I (Ayers) & Over You (Lou Reed) )
Note: Included with limited copies of Big Questions
Speedy Gonzalez (Hess, Kaye, Lee) (Live)
Knocking On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan) (Live)
May I (Ayers)
Over You (Lou Reed)


Pat Fish - guitar, vocals
Max Eider - guitar, vocal
Owen Jones - drums, vocal
Felix Ray - bass
Mitch Jenkins - photography
Alastair Indge - photography
Spex Magazine (Germany), August 1989
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  • saudade
    mbrych[at] - mike b from raleigh
    25Aug2008 5:41 PM (15 years 34 days ago)
    This release marks a fond farewell to the first (and best era) imho.