The Jazz Butcher

Release Type: album,project
Released: 1998-01-26
Label: creation_records
Catalogue: CRECD 204
1. Come, Friendly Spacemen
2. God's Green Earth
3. Fern Schnell Gut
4. Cat's Life
5. Everything Is Wonderful
6. Stupid
7. Destroy All Monsters
8. Radio Saigon
9. Business And Work
10. Monks Of Kung Fu
11. Sputnik

Mister B - vocalist
Kathie M - vocalist
Special K - vocalist
Anita Allbright - vocalist
Headstone - guitars,keyboards,bass,programming,vocalist
Gabriel Turner - drumming,vocalist
Agent Russell Cooper - percussionist extraordinaire
Darren Nash - mixed
Mandy Parnell - mastered
Johnny Octopus - production on Come
Tom Withers - production on Come
Pat Fish - music,words
Curtis E. Johnson - music,words on Everything Is Wonderful
Dave Henderson - slide and solo guitar on Come
Jonny Mattock - singing on Come
Max Read - singing on Come
Curtis E. Johnson - crime rap on God's Green Earth
Jamie Jab - morricone chorus on God's Green Earth
John Langley - drum loop on Fern Schnell Gut
Mark Refoy - acoustic guitar on Everything Is Wonderful
Curtis E. Johnson - backing vocal on Stupid
Steve Davies - guitar solo on Radio Saigon
Bolly - dijeridoo on Monks Of Kung Fu
Max Read - slide guitar on Sputnik




SUMOSONIC WOULD LIKE TO THANK : Darren Nash. Jan Brown. Max Read. Andrew Web. Dave Kirby. Steve Gordon. Matt Wallis. D.T. Henderson. Mark Refoy. Jon Mattock. Curtis. Jamie Jab. Steve Ward. Mandy Parnell. Daniel Fantasy. John Lovett at Occultique. Mark for Kung Fu Express. Peter Two Litre (Opslag & Distributie). Mitch Jenkins. Johnny Octopus. Tom Withers. Aggi. Ben Greenaway. Paul Slater. Reasonable Ray Kinsey. David Whittemore. Pete Gordelier and all at the Big Noise. Geoff Kirk. The White Lodge. Paul Stanton. John Goulding. Jooles. Joe Peters. James Ferro. Jack Schaer. Francine Schaer. John for Reiki and Reflex. Pete and Yvette at the Racehorse. Colin. All the Herbs and all things Natural. Seb Shelton. Alan McGee. Dick Green. James Kyllo. Slaughter Joe. Kle. Paul Reed. Emma B. Michelle Kerry. Vanessa Cotton. Mark Bowen. David Bagnall. Judge Graham and The Basement. Esther. Shito - Ryo Sensi. God and of course Sumo.

SHOUTS AND RESPECT TO: Tan and the 212 collective. Emad Salama. Ted and Wendy. Duncan, Dick and Viv. Rob Coles. Tourtech. Big Mick and Roy. Cole Coonce. Steve Waring. Deirdre O'Donoghue. Patrick at Space Travel Agency, HH. Shutlanger Dave. Alastair lndge. Alan, Patricia and Kevin McGinty. Barry V. Mr Parkin. James Duval. Alan Moore. Lisa Lovebucket. Don Chow. Clemens Kinder. Terry Razor. Donald John Lewis. Rachel Woodhouse. Lottie and Mark Fisher. The Jersey Posse. Kim Deal. Rob Goodman. Oliver Sacks. Ken. Dave Kirk and the Rockin' Turks. Fat Controller cellar. Richard Feynneman. Mark Webber. Slipstream. Primal Scream. Junior Loaded Posse. P Hex. JBC. Angelo and Massive. Strangelove. Gerard, Musical and the Bristol Beats. Transambient Communications (What Is Muzik?). Override. Pluto. Eno. Wolfgang Tschegg. The Purelove. The Black Eg. King Horror. Phill Lynott. lce-T and the Syndicate. Cypress Hill. Spacemen 3. Chris Morris. Toho Studios, Tokyo. De La Soul. The K Foundation. Nitronic Research Wind Tunnels, Silverlake, California. Tha Judge and all at Fatty's Bar and Grill. Yoshi and all at Mugi. Jaegermeister. Stolichnaya. Palm Leaf Technology. Shamrat Balti House. The Star Of India. The World Famous Ski Room. Urquell, Budvar and Guinness Breweries. Luka. Little Jake, Thumper and Hobbes. The Shaolin Temple and of course Sumo.

Liner Notes
Recorded at The Lodge, Northampton and Mixed by Darren Nash at Moles, Bath. Produced by The Lords Of Sumo. Mastered by Mandy Parnell at The Exchange, London. Additional production on Come, Friendly Spacemen (Sushi Mix) by Johnny Octopus and Tom Withers (courtesy of Octopus Records) All words and music by Pat Fish, except for 'Everything Is Wonderful' by Pat Fish/Curtis E Johnson Songs published by Creation songs/Sony Music Ltd.

Sumosonic on the internet: http://www.sumosonic.corn

Patrick Smith Reviews (USA), 1997
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  • Love this record
    volume11[at] - Gary, Ohio, US
    22Oct2020 8:45 PM (3 years 42 days ago)
    Tracking down a copy of this CD in the USA when it was released was quite a challenge, but the reward was well worth it. It's a real departure, but inspired, lively, lovely and techs no prisoners.