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The Jazz Butcher Releases Western Family Tape
[image] Western Family, the 1992 live album released on Creation Records, is not the record it could have been..

This release was made entirely from live to-DAT recordings I made as I followed the merry Conspiracy through the USA and Canada. During the tour, it had not yet been decided if a live recording was actually being made - I was simply doing what I love to do; preserving the moment for my own amusement.
As it happened, Pat decided to go ahead and construct a live release from my master tapes. After the tour, Pat and Martin Stebbing (Rev. Botus Whiteblood Fleming) went into Battery Studio in Chicago and worked my tapes over.

Somewhere in the process, my master tapes were lost and what was sent to Creation Records for the pressing was worked over further by minions unknown, and the final release sounds, basically, rather poor.

I had resigned myself to this let-down until a sort-of miracle occurred: a pre-master for Western Family has surfaced - tunes from beyond the grave.

So, I will be offering dubs of this better-than-the-release DAT to those interested.

Contact me for more information.

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  • Western Family tapes
    nickburson[at] - Nick Burson
    17Aug2012 11:16 PM (11 years 105 days ago)
    Any advance,old pal? How the devil art thou?
  • me too
    butcher[at] - the butcher
    30Jan2009 5:28 AM (14 years 306 days ago)
    Yea, I might be able to use one of those too...
  • Western Family pre-master
    libratem[at] - Paul, Woodside, CA
    27Jan2009 4:49 PM (14 years 309 days ago)
    I would love to obtain a copy of said recording... how to do so?
  • western family DAT
    jesusblood[at] - Lancaster, UK
    28Nov2005 3:32 PM (18 years 5 days ago)
    And how should one contact you? Will this do - "Hello!" (waves).