The Jazz Butcher
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  • I completely forgot!
    22Oct2005 11:33 AM (17 years 349 days ago)
    I have no idea why I didn't ask about The Star while I was in Northampton. And weren't we right across the street from there at the pub after Beat Wednesday? Oh well, next time.

    And speaking of Kingfisher...

    There was an Indian eatery not far from my old residence where I was first introduced to Kingfisher (and Indian food for that matter). I was so smitten by the lovely, golden lager..and unable to find it for sale anywhere locally...I begged the proprietor of the restaurant to sell me a case for $50. Apparently this is an illegal transaction for a restaurant to make (don't ask me why) and I had to drive my car around back, pop the trunk, and watch while my new best friend snuck the beer into the back of my car as if he were James Bond. The memory of this gentlemen sneaking about as if the FBI might jump out of the bushes at any moment only added to my drinking pleasure later. It’s the little things in life.
  • the Star
    12Feb2005 5:30 PM (18 years 236 days ago)
    I am a Jazz Butcher fan from Toronto Canada. I loved this story and I think I will go there on my first vacation in 7 years. I dont understand why I am the only respondent to this story.