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Truly saddened
dzembower... - David in Chicago - 26Feb2023 1:09 AM
I'm stunned to learn of Pat's demise, and more stunned that I'm just learning about it 16 months after the fact. I first discovered JBC in 1989 when I was in graduate school and bought a CD copy of Big Planet Scarey Planet on a whim. That led to multiple years of trying to assemble a complete collection. I saw them for the first time at First Avenue in Minneapolis in 1992. Years later in 1999 I flew from Chicago to San Francisco to see the early lineup at the Great American Music Hall, and met a number of fine people from the (at the time) mailing list. I still have my CD copy of the show recorded at the Crocodile Club in Seattle a few nights later. Then the next year I was fortunate to have that same lineup play in Chicago at Shubas, which was such a wonderful time. JBC was a big part of my musical life for decades, and I'm truly sorry to hear of Pat's passing. RIP Pat.

kaufmad... - Dan LA - 14Nov2022 7:20 PM
I am sad. I treasure my JB albums and how happy they made me feel. There's always a Jazz Butcher song on every playlist I make. I was only fortunate enough to see them once at that Roxy show. Man, it was happy fun. I need to feel happy now so I'll listen to those albums again.

R.I.P. Pat Fish
thismariez... - Marie Zapien, California - 11Apr2022 6:29 PM
"The Roxy, on the Rox," Sunset boulevard, Hollywood, CA; early 90's: A post-show gathering featured our Northampton hero planted casually on wooden stairs, surrounded by and engaging with his minions. I dressed in a boyfriend's suede jacket (for the occasion, you know!), and an enormous smile which I gleaned from this special moment. Maestro Fish was equally game, cozying up for the camera with one arm slung over my shoulder. His signature pushed-up sleeve now brings a tear. A cherished moment captured live and in color. RIP, with affection.

Forever Butchophile
florika.dolisi... - Faustine (Florence Dolisi), Niederbronn-les-Bains, France - 7Apr2022 8:01 AM
Hello David and friends,
It is very hard for me to write this message. I am going through the same thing you went through 6 months ago. I truly believed that Pat Fish was indestructible and that I would be able to talk to him one of these days .... I just learned of his death.
I saw him playing on stage several times in the 80's (I have all the tickets) and once in 94, in Toulouse. Like many of you, I cherish a few fragments of space-time shared with him. Here are 2 of them:
When I first met him (in 1987, after the gig in Tours), A Scandal in Bohemia had been playing on my turntable for months. It was the time when I had started a band with a friend just because I dreamed of opening for The Jazz Butcher (which never happened). I adored his music, and I was having a great love story with him in my head. Everyone was laughing at me. That night, when he dedicated La Mer to me during the gig, I had almost tombé dans les pommes (fainted). The friends who had asked him for the dedication without telling me then dragged me backstage, and I found myself facing my hero. I lost all my means; I was mesmerized. As I didn't speak a word of english, I just looked at him with an enamored stare. He had the elegance not to laugh and he very politely made the conversation all by himself (and in French, at that). I have a dazzling memory of this monologue.
I saw Pat again in concert in 1994, in Toulouse. I was much more relaxed than in 1987, and my english was a little better. When he asked me news of my band, I was able to tell him that « I had been fired some time ago. Yes, FIRED! » At the time I was still feeling bad and sad about this, but that night, thanks to Pat, I could laugh about this sorry episode.
I missed his last concert in Paris, in 2019. I missed the Fishy Mansions Sessions when they aired. I didn’t see the announcement of his death. Since 2018, I can't access my old Facebook account, the one through which, in the 2010s, I had become friend again with the great Pat Fish. And for the past few months, I've done everything I could to avoid all social medias. But I was going to send him an invitation from my new account as soon as I’d feel better. Today, I feel like my heart has been ripped out.
My thoughts are with his loved ones, his pocket tiger and all those who knew him and loved his music...
Faustine (Florence Dolisi)

Bonjour David and Friends
C’est très dur pour moi d’écrire ce message. Je suis en train de traverser la même chose que vous il y a 6 mois. Je croyais sincèrement que Pat Fish était indestructible et que je pourrais discuter avec lui un de ces jours…. Je viens seulement d’apprendre sa mort.

Je l’ai vu plusieurs fois en concert dans les années 80 (j’ai gardé tous les tickets) et une fois en 94, à Toulouse. Comme beaucoup d’entre vous, je chéris quelques fragments d’espace-temps partagés avec lui. En voici 2 :

Quand je l’ai rencontré pour la première fois (en 1987, après le concert de Tours), A Scandal in Bohemia tournait sur ma platine depuis des mois. C’était l’époque où j’avais monté un groupe avec une copine juste parce que je rêvais de faire un jour la première partie de The Jazz Butcher (ce qui n’eut jamais lieu). J’adorais sa musique, et je vivais dans ma tête une grande histoire d’amour avec lui. Tout le monde se moquait gentiment de moi. Ce soir-là, quand il m’a dédié La Mer pendant le concert, j’ai failli tomber dans les pommes. Les copains qui lui avaient demandé cette dédicace sans me prévenir m’ont ensuite trainée backstage, et je me suis retrouvée face à mon héros. J’ai perdu tous mes moyens ; j’étais tétanisée. Comme je ne parlais pas un mot d’anglais, je me suis contentée de le regarder d’un air niais. Il a eu l’élégance de ne pas rire et il a très courtoisement fait la conversation à lui tout seul (et en français, en plus). J’en garde un souvenir ébloui.

J’ai revu Pat en concert en 1994, à Toulouse. J’étais beaucoup plus détendue qu’en 1987, et je me débrouillais un peu mieux en anglais. Quand il m’a demandé ce que devenait mon groupe, j’ai pu lui répondre dans la langue de Shakespeare que j’avais été virée comme une malpropre. FIRED ! J’en avais encore gros sur la patate ; mais ce soir-là, grâce à Pat, j’ai réussi à rigoler de cet épisode navrant.

J’ai raté son dernier concert à Paris, en 2019. J’ai raté les Fishy Mansions Sessions au moment de leur diffusion. Je n’ai pas vu passer l’annonce de sa mort. Depuis 2018, je n’arrive plus à accéder à mon ancien compte Facebook, celui grâce auquel, dans les années 2010, j’étais redevenue amie avec le grand Pat Fish. Et ces derniers mois, j’ai tout fait pour éviter les réseaux sociaux. Mais je comptais lui envoyer une invitation depuis mon nouveau compte dès que je me sentirais mieux. Aujourd’hui, j’ai l’impression qu’on m’a arraché le cœur.
Je pense très fort à ses proches, à son tigre de poche et à tous celles et tous ceux qui l’ont connu et qui aiment sa musique…
Faustine (Florence Dolisi)

Fond Memories of Pat
tregg01... - Greg, Michigan USA - 3Apr2022 11:01 PM
I just learned today of Pat's untimely death and I'm genuinely saddened by the loss. I picked up an LP version of Bloody Nonsense while a student at Michigan State in the mid 80s, and was hooked. Had the good fortune to see the JB at Schubas in Chicago in 2000 (fantastic show), but my luck hit it's zenith in 2010 when my family and I traveled to London for a spring break vacation. On a whim, I reached out to him through the site, asking if there was any way I could have him come to London to perform for us. Stayed at the Andaz in East London, and I visited a pub the night before to ask the manager if we could come by with Pat to watch him perform there. He said as long as we ate and drank there, that would be fine. He showed up in the hotel lobby the following night, right on time, wearing a black suit and his guitar in hand. Lovely guy, and we made our way up to the room to chat. Told him of my plan to use the pub, and he agreed, so we walked over. I believe it was a Monday night, and the place was packed, so it was determined to not be suitable for us to stay, we we had some drinks and food, and headed back to the hotel. For the next few hours, he entertained us in our room with his acoustic guitar, playing standards and taking requests from me. I had brought along all of my JB CDs and he autographed them all, drinking Becks beer throughout the evening (when I asked him what kind of beer he favored, he said "anything of German stripe." I had a good friend from Wales with me, who is the same age as Pat, and he loved it as well. At one point, they broke out in song with the old "Hitler, has only got one ball, the other, is in the Albert Hall..." It was fucking fantastic. When the evening ended, he graciously thanked me for having him and made his way into the night on a train to Northampton. THANK YOU for a splendid, evening, Pat and may you rest in peace.

Thanks for the music!
4ad... - Jeff in Toronto - 16Mar2022 8:50 PM
One of the more bizarre things Alan McGee's Creation label did was signing one of the biggest bands in the world (Oasis) while also giving an international platform for bands no one had a clue existed. One such band, The Jazz Butcher, was allowed to develop at Creation without the pressures of commercialism. When the band toured in the early 90s they visited Edmonton a couple times where I saw them play at The Bronx venue. I fondly recall when lead Butcher Pat Fish did an in-store at the HMV at West Ed Mall where he pointed at me and remarked on my Husker Du t-shirt. Pat was able to write, sing and play with an honesty that can effortlessly bring me to tears. It's this intimate style of genuine human engagement that is rare in the entertainment business. Thanks for the music, Pat!

Chicken in heaven?
Bill983... - Mr. Bill - 5Mar2022 6:23 PM
Ah I guess that's so many people's problem these days:
You can see the hills - you just can't go there

Still processing
leifcgustavson... - Leif Gustavson, Hillsboro Oregon - 16Feb2022 1:35 AM
Still rocked by this news and deeply saddened. Been going back through Pat's catalog and it is incredible. Shimmering. Fresh. Funny. Earnest. The musicality: unparalleled. I have purposefully pulled behind a slow car or timed red lights on the way to work so that I can hear one more Butcher song. Back in '89, I was studying abroad and saw that the Jazz Butcher was playing in London at Subterania, if memory serves. I ventured out alone and caught the show. It was amazing. During a break, Pat walked to the bar to grab what must have been a pilsner. I was walking away with one in hand. We passed each other and I think I said something like "Hey, Pat. That was fantastic!" He stopped, looked me in the eyes, and said "thanks, mate." Not much of a story, I know, but he could have simply brushed by me or ignored me. That's not Pat. I feel incredibly lucky to have seen them live and met him fleetingly. We have lost a great one.

With Great Sadness
jcespite... - Joe for Richmond Hill, Ontario - 14Feb2022 6:33 PM
I was in pitchfork yesterday and reading a review of your last album when I found out that you had past away. I have been a fan since the first time I heard Southern Mark Smith in the early 80s! I've collected your albums both on vinyl and then CD and followed you on Bandcamp. I've introduced your music to friends and girlfriends. You will be sadly missed! Today I'm just listening to your music to remember what you meant to me in my life and how your music moved me! RIP!

...until we meet again
gracemarimba... - Richard - 12Feb2022 1:23 AM
Pat - you were a friend and an inspiration. I am still in denial that you are gone. Thank you for what you gave to me in words and sound in the time you were here.

The Gift of Pat Fish
tom.super... - Tom Super, Chicago US and A - 6Feb2022 4:15 PM
I was fortunate enough to go to college in the mid-80s. And the music of the time was magical, a gift. My older brother found The Jazz Butcher first with Bloody Nonsense. He shared and I was hooked from then on. Who knew that music could be this intelligent and silly all at the same time? Fast forward to 2005 and of course Just Like Betty Page is on our wedding reception playlist. I was lucky enough to see JBC in a small bar (perfect) in the early 2000s. Amazing show. Deeply saddened in 2021 to hear of Pat Fish's passing, the man who gave us all these gifts. And then one more on Feb. 4, 2022. Another brilliant album. Goodnight Sweetheart, indeed. And thank you for making all our lives better.

Surprise & Sadness
Seehalerun... - Chris in Ottawa, Canada - 7Jan2022 1:50 PM
Having just setup my turntable after it was boxed up for 6 years, one of the first LPs I put on was “Distressed Gentlefolk” and the included 45rpm disc “Conspiracy LP”. It seems like these are as fresh today as they were when I heard them in 1986. Such great music fusing so many styles. Playing these had mine wondering what has happened to the Jazz Butcher. Imagine my surprise to read of Pat’s recent passing. That The Jazz Butcher left a mark on my musical interest over the decades is obvious to me, and I am sure those that knew him would say he left a mark on them, too.

We Love You
pcdawson... - Pete in Calgary - 7Jan2022 3:42 AM
Can’t wrap my mind around the news that Pat as flown from this world - and far too soon. So many memories - helping the band load their equipment into a van after playing a gig in Guelph Ontario in 1988; attending that amazing El Mocombo gig for the Condition Blue tour in 1992; finding a copy of that ill-fated live album Western Family - probably the first album ever to be named after a Canadian condiment manufacturer- I could go on. Pat - you mean so much to me - thanks for all the joy you have given (and continue) to give) me. You forever fan, Pete

alpwermuth... - Anthony Wermuth Warwick, MA USA - 5Jan2022 3:20 PM
Was floored to hear this, since we had emailed a day or so before. You were a true original and I valued your friendship. Thanks for staying in touch over the decades. Sleep Easy, Old Stick. Best Ever, Meathook

Hellow Jazz Butcher Fans
hmulhalli... - Harry M, Toronto, Canada - 3Jan2022 3:52 PM
I originally sent this out in an Email to My Music
Loving Friends, but a Mate of Mine suggested I
should post this on the JBC Website, so here it

Not being a SocialMediaGuy, I sometimes find out
Music News a little later than most people. One
thing I would always do is pop by The Jazz
Butcher’s Website every couple of months or so to
see what he was up to & hoping to get good news
about “Jazz Butcher Singles & Rarities” would
someday see the music finally released on CD after
all these years of waiting.

Well in the middle of November I found out the Sad
News that Pat Fish had passed away & the
Bittersweet News that “Dr Cholmondley Repents: A-
Sides, B-Sides and Seasides” had just been
released in the UK.

I first stumbled upon the Jazz Butcher at “Sam the
Record Man” back in 1986. There were 2 Domestic
Releases that just hit the Record Stores in Canada
which were “Bloody Nonsense” which was a
collection of A & B Sides released in the UK &
“Distressed Gentlefolk” which also included the
Bonus LP “Conspiracy”. Both releases had
excellent “Handwritten Reviews” from
members of Sam’s Staff & my brother Ken who was
with me at the time told me “The Jazz Butcher; you
would like his music as he is a lot like “Lloyd
Cole” Well, I found out he was nothing like “Lloyd
Cole” but it was still one of my best Musical
Recommendations that I ever received.

“Distressed Gentlefolk” I had never heard an album
that managed to blend pop, rock, blues, folk,
smooth jazz, western stomp, ragtime & a touch of
soul all on “One Record.” The album even ended
with one of the most Gorgeous Ballads you may have
never heard “Angels.” When I listened to the bonus
LP “Conspiracy” I found out the “Jazz Butcher”
could also “Rap” better than a lot of that stuff
that we hear on “Mainstream Music Radio” these
days. I Later picked-up “Bloody Nonsense” which
was a “Glorious Mixed Bag” of Music from “Smart
Fast Witty Pop” to “Punk Rock” of “Caroline
Wheeler’s Birthday Present” & the “Bakersfield
Country” of “The Devil is My Friend.” I LOVED IT
ALL ……

Back in 80’s there was “No Internet”, so we had to
shop for “Records” the “Old Fashioned Way”. We had
to go Downtown & look for them. I wanted to get my
hands on those previous “Jazz Butcher Records”
that were only available as “imports.” In Toronto
you did not always find those Records at “Sam the
Record Man” we would look for those at “The Record
Pedlar.” I did not find them all, but I did
eventually find a copy of “In Bath of Bacon” which
was the first Album “The Jazz Butcher” ever
released back in 1983. When I got home & played
the Record, I was upset to find a “Little Scratch”
on the first track; not enough to cause the Record
to “Skip” but I had to listen to the “Click, Tick,
Click, Tick” for about 20 seconds or so on the
Record. The rest of the record played fine, but I
never returned the Album to “The Record Pedlar” as
I thought that I would “Never” get another Copy
ever again?

I had a ticket to see The Jazz Butcher play the
“Rivoli” back in the Summer of 1987, but I never
got to experience that Intimate Show as the Show
got cancelled a couple of weeks prior to the date.
It might have been the “Greatest Show” that I
never experienced; instead, my first “Jazz Butcher
Show” came in June of 1988 & I was accompanied by
my “Band of Merry Mates” who had also just left
Family Nest around that time in our lives.
Unfortunately, it turned out to be one of “The
Worse Concerts” that I ever attended as the Sound
was “Horrible” The show was at RPM. You may have
an RPM “Horror Show” of your own? I never liked
that venue & glad it is Long Gone. The Jazz
Butcher did return to RPM again in November of
1989 & so did I, but my “Band of Merry Mates” did
not. That show was better, but it was still RPM
(later The Gouvernment). The Magical Show finally
happened in November of 1990 at “The Diamond” &
then the final show “The Jazz Butcher” ever played
in Toronto was in the Summer of 1992 at “The El
Mocombo”, which was another great show.

The Music never stopped, but The Record Company
“Pulled the Plug” on “Jazz Butcher Domestic
Releases” & of course there were no more Tours on
this side of the Pond either. I still Loved &
Followed his Music, even though I had to pay those
few extra Dollars for those “Import Releases”
through the rest of his career. The very last
“Jazz Butcher Album” released in 2012 was “Last of
the Gentleman Adventurers” It was a “Fan Funded”
Record. Thanks to “The Fans” that funded that

Well, “Pat Fish” aka “The Jazz Butcher” has gone
to Heaven but we still & will always have his
Music to Play & the Memories that go along with it
all. Thanks “Pat” & please raise a Glass to “The
Jazz Butcher” the next time you have drink in your
hand. He would not want it any other way!

Rest in Peace "Pat" & Peace to All

Another great one leaves the building.
jfc08904... - john c, east brunswick new jersey usa - 25Dec2021 4:16 AM
I only know the great man from records; he never played anywhere near where I live. But those records were superb and he always came across as a good man. See you further on up the road, Pat!

The Last of the Gentleman Renegades
captainpass1969... - Mark C - 15Dec2021 10:04 PM
I was a wee 16 or so when I first heard "The Devil is my Friend" while on a trip to a college town to visit some friends. I remember a friend earlier mentioning seeing TJBC play in Chicago around that time and that the show was incredible. The lyrics attached to this bit of the band's wares indeed seemed to be a few leagues ahead what was playing on the radio circa 1986. And who could be against a tune involving Satan and 20 rum and cokes? Anyway, after that, I was a devoted purchaser of all things JB (when such things could be found in those pre-Interweb days) and was even lucky enough to see the lads play twice (Madison, WI and Troubadour LA). Gobsmacked that the travelling bohemian behind the beautiful mayhem is gone. Rest in peace, Pat. We will miss you.

dougenglish... - Doug, Arlington, VA - 9Dec2021 8:36 PM
Hard to believe I missed his passing, but things were heavy here and things were missed. The JBC made a huge difference in my life. Saw them a few times in the U.S., and lucked into one show in Camden Town. All the records were very personal to me. Condition: Blue. RIP, and peace to all.

Jazz Butcher Forever
ritualofthesavage... - Eric Musick, Los Angeles - 7Dec2021 9:16 PM
I remember seeing the Jazz Butcher at the Roxy in '86. We had all been listening to the new album at the time and I made it my life's mission to see Pat and the gang when they came to town. What a fantastic show. The show was witty and personal, just like the music they wrote. This show is still at the top of my all time favorite shows. I've been a lifelong Jazz Butcher fan ever since. So sad to hear of Pat's passing. Luckily he left us all such great music to remember him by for generations to come.

dmclaughlin_6... - David, transplanted from Lambeth, ON - 5Dec2021 3:34 PM
Somehow I missed the news a few months back. What gorgeous, quirky, and important music he made.

Whaddya doin'?
christmaas... - Christo, Berlin - 26Nov2021 10:25 PM
It’s so sad that another here of the 80s is gone.
Your music was, is and will ever be a part of my live.
Thank you for the melodies and lyrics.
Rest In Peace!

Soundtrack of my life
robertdemander... - Robert, Stockholm - 24Nov2021 1:39 PM
There are loads of Pat's songs in it. RIP you great man.

Thank you Pat
lynnjohn11... - LJ Washington, D.C. - 12Nov2021 7:46 PM
Spring 1985: Heard "Southern Mark Smith" for the
first time and went out to buy Scandal the next
day. That song, that album became the soundtrack
to my summer and has stayed with me forever. A
touchstone I always return to.

The years flowed and with them so many other great
songs - you were amongst the best of your
generation, Pat. Such a distinctive guitar, wit,
and voice. And your last (Last of the Gentlemen
Adventurers) was as good as anything that came
before. How many can say the same?

Despite your advocacy, I know the devil isn't
really my friend. But I always thought you were.
There for me through thick and thin over the past
36 years. Thank you for that and goodbye dear

G'night Pat!
ignatz.maus... - EV Camarillo, Fountain Hills, AZ USA - 12Nov2021 7:31 PM
Heartbroken to hear of Mr. Fish's passing. He is remembered fondly and will be sorely missed. Happy to have been able to catch a show away back in the day at the Roxy Theater in Hollywood. We will be giving the old tunes many spins in the coming weeks.
Rest easy Pat.

Thanks Pat
Ifh65... - Ian H - Leamington Spa - 12Nov2021 4:42 PM
The then Coventry Polytechnic on a Saturday night
sometime in the early 80s - wonderful gig.
'Southern Mark Smith' remains in my Top Ten
singles of all time.

Thank you Pat for all the music.

Sad News
stefan.bruneder... - Stefan from Linz, Austria - 8Nov2021 9:02 PM
My friend and I once witnessed Pat totally rocking
out to an audience of about 10 at the Orpheum Graz.
He was our hero ever since. Thanks, Pat, for the
words, the music and the commitment.If we can't
carry the torch for you, we might at least carry
your guitar case, if we should meet again.

Sehr traurige Nachricht
dirk... - Dirk Hamburg/Bielefeld - 7Nov2021 10:55 PM
Danke Pat,
von der Schulzeit bis heute war ein langer Weg den wir teils über Venyl und teils nach dem Gig gegangen sind....

senior service honoured
jimtomkeith... - jimtom in N'mpton - 7Nov2021 5:20 PM
he was the senior father of conscious chaos was fishpat! northampton is graced for ever now..he walks among with angel style all ways! thanks bud!

klaus.linnenbruegger... - Klaus Hamburg - 7Nov2021 2:50 PM
I don't know how many times I have heard A Scandal In Bohemia - 1000 times?
Thank you Pat, cheers, and rest in peace

Sic 'em Pat!
saintsue... - Sue Bennett Milton Keynes - 4Nov2021 9:52 PM
Can't find the right words. Chose this subject I'm memory of his Guardian posts. Wonderful memories of those 80s gigs and beyond. Will miss the footie banter we had on messenger. Your brilliant mind, great sharp sense of humour and unique musical talent filled us all with joy. An animal lover to boot. Rest easy Pat, our hearts are heavy at your passing but your legacy lives on. For always. Much love.

loomr21... - Nancy - 4Nov2021 7:47 PM
I still can't believe that you won't be gracing us with your Fishy Mansion Performances and sharing True Stories. Thank you so much Pat for all the music over the years. Your live performances that I was extremely lucky to attend quite a few times out in California. Being so nervous to meet you in person and relaxing straight away because it was like meeting an old friend for drinks. Feeling an immense hole since you've gone, but filling it up with all the music you've created over the years, other people's stories about you and feeling incredibly lucky that I lived in the world when you did. Cheers Pat. x "I shan't forget you,"

deeply sad
curtis_uk... - Curtis Murcia - 4Nov2021 5:01 PM
Missing you hugely
Rest In Peace Fishy
you were very much one of a kind.

God Speed Fishy
jrwhite59... - Jonathan from Canada - 1Nov2021 11:52 PM
Thanks for all the good times, and thanks for the fantastic live performance in Toronto back in the 80's, even though you were suffering through a toothache! I'll be raising one or two ( or maybe three, four, or more ) to you tonight!

We miss you
stageback... - Olaf+Katrin, Munich - 1Nov2021 8:21 PM
Pat, we love your music since A Scandal times and we were lucky to meet you on many occasions during recent years. It was a pleasure to see you play live, and to talk to you about anything and everything. It hurts never meeting you again. We will never forget you. Our deepest condolences to Pat`s family and friends.

Thank you for years of great tunes, witty lyrics, and astute social commentary
demolitionrobot... - Amanda, Providence RI, USA - 1Nov2021 3:58 PM
I first heard the brilliant work of The Jazz Butcher in the mid-80s via a tiny, distant college radio station in Illinois. Who could not be charmed by Pat and Max's genius on display in "Who Loves You Now"? Distressed Gentlefolk was the first CD I bought when I got my first CD player.

I was fortunate enough to see Pat (and sometimes Max) play in Boston, San Francisco, and New York. So much great work over these many years!

I'll miss you, Pat. My deepest condolences to his family, friends, and loved ones, and to the many other fans who are feeling this loss.

Great Music
racl77... - Richard Clegg Oldham - 29Oct2021 6:11 AM
Wonderful songs.
Intelligent, varied, and often amusing.

True love
Lmgarc40... - Mark Beverly Hills mi - 27Oct2021 11:19 PM
Just now dancing to Southern Mark Smith in the kitchen with my wife. We only saw the JBC once at St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit but we were hooked for life. We seriously thought of asking Pat and mates to play our wedding back in 1989. We acquiesced to social norms but have never gotten over our love for The Butcher. I can’t tell you how many times me, my wife and two grown daughters rock out to The Jazz Butcher Theme. RIP Pat - you will be missed. Thanks for sharing Time with us before you passed. Another beautiful musical gem from you. Thanks as always.

the 3 gigs that changed my life
kikoloiacono... - dr kiko london - 23Oct2021 9:37 PM
I was born in Bari, south of italy. no many gigs there. I was 16-17 years old and in few months I managed to see: The Woodentops, The jazz Butcher and Julian Cope. They changed my life. I had the pleasure to meet Pat via Pete Kember and one of the things I am most proud of it was in july 2010 when I dj the night to raise money for Natt, with Sonic Boom, Will C, Rosco and Pat Fish singing "walking with jesus". I love you Pat and I will miss you. I wanted to be you when I was a kid! Kiko

Thanks Pat! RIP
barrygreen361... - Barry Green Rowhedge UK - 23Oct2021 5:26 PM
Thanks so much for the music Pat! Southern Mark Smith - still one of my favourite songs after nearly 40 years….still lifts me up when I feel down. RIP X

Hits hard
billjmccarthy... - Bill in Maryland - 23Oct2021 3:15 PM
I just heard this morning about the passing of the singular Pat Fish. His music was a huge part of my internal life and I always delighted in sharing it with the unitiated. I still can feel the thrill of finding a copy of A Scandal in Bohemia or Bloody Nonsense in the "J" bin of a record store on this far side of the Atlantic. My condolences to all those feeling this loss now.

Thank you Mr Fish
e.llacermateu... - Enrique. Valencia. Spain - 22Oct2021 10:45 PM
Thanks for your music. Thank you Pat, for making our lives a bit better with your songs... great songs. All your fans love you now, love you forever. R.I.P.

Schlafes Bruder
Kerstin.luetgevarney... - Kerstin, Universum - 22Oct2021 8:05 PM
Schlaf schön, mein Freund.

let the rain...
lesguillaumepch... - Pierre Guillaume, Brussey - 22Oct2021 5:07 PM
I am waiting for the rain to wash the pain away...
But it doesn't rain...

What sad news
Joerg.seebeck... - Joerg Seebeck, Germany - 22Oct2021 8:20 AM
I have always been a Jazz Butcher Fan since the Skandal in bohemia Album came out which i bought shamefully as a teenager because i loved the Cover. There first 3 or 4 Album Struck a chord with me and i always loved the Personalities of pat and Max. Jbs are one of 10 Bands or so which i always come back too since my teenage years (devo would be another one). The news of the death of Pat saddens me.

slowdriver69x... - J. McAuliffe. Kitchener - 22Oct2021 12:47 AM
I first met Pat as the producer of the 1988 Victoria Park Pavillion show in Kitchener Ontario Canada. We had a memorable time. When we met again at U Waterloo in 1992 he treated me like an old friend and gave me shit for not looking him up when I was in England the previous summer. My condolences to family and friends. He was a one of a kind. JPM

What a loss
Michaelmiller68... - Michael, Costa Rica - 21Oct2021 1:48 AM
I was fortunate enough to stumble across a Jazz Butcher record in the small Canadian town where I lived in 1987. That sound made an immediate impact and I was an avid fan from that day on. I only ever had the pleasure of seeing Pat perform live once, in Vancouver at the Commodore Ballroom in 89 or 90. Fantastic show.

So saddened by this news. Taken too soon. Condolences to family and friends.

Goodbye My Friend
srsch... - Scott Schleentz, Jersey Posse - 20Oct2021 11:10 PM
No words can express the sadness I’ve been feeling
since my friend Kate let me know two weeks ago
today of our loss of the magnificent Pat Fish. We
met Pat in November of 1989 at Maxwell’s in
Hoboken, NJ-our first JBC gig after having
discovered them in ’87. Our small group of loyal
followers traveled up and down the East Coast of
the USA , throwing post-gig “bathroom “ parties
with Pat and his co-conspirators in attendance.
The times we spent with Pat between ’89 and 2000
are among the very best in my 55 years on the big
planet. Without a fraction of hyperbole I say Pat
wasn’t just a singer/songwriter/musician. When he
walked in a room there was an aura around him-pure
magic like I had never experienced in a human
before or since. It’s sad to know that will never
happen again. My wife and I were lucky enough to
spend a day and night with Pat at his home in
Northampton in 1994. What a gracious host he was.
We drank, smoked, laughed, listened to records,
looked through photos in his scrapbooks, and
continued the drinking on a pub crawl. Another
unforgettable memory.
When Pat became unwell, so many fans and friends
made contributions to pay back the joy and love he
had brought into so many people around the world.
I thought everything was ok with his health and
then October 5th came. My few JBC friends and I
are thinking of him every day, playing his songs,
and talking of the happy times we had. I see some
names of people I’ve met along the way
contributing to this memoriam: Max, Peter C, Alex
G, Richard F, Tim K, Dagmar( December 19, 1989,
Atlanta), Tom P, it was nice to hang out with all
of you. Thanks to David W for all you’ve done
throughout the years chronicling Pat’s music and
travels. Much love to Pat-forever. See you on the
other side.
Scott Schleentz, Jersey Posse

MAGNET tribute
hickeymj... - Matt - 19Oct2021 7:38 PM
Keeping the Curtains Closed: R.I.P. The Jazz Butcher

Ain't it Grand to Be Free
ebrusdeilins... - Erika (Germany, London, US) - 18Oct2021 2:41 PM
Dear Pat

Thanks for all the music, private concert, and wonderful memories. RIP and say hi to Dooj for me. You and your talents will be missed.

What we're gonna do with forever
dfieni... - David F, New York - 18Oct2021 4:12 AM
Where the sheep once played there's only wheat
Staring stupidly at me and my feet

How's that for poetry? I'm going to miss Pat Fish, knowing there was more music in him. Distressed Gentlefolk remains my favorite, but Betty Page, Girls Who Keep Goldfish, Partytime, Lost in France, so many others all the way to Shakey will accompany me to my own demise.

Thank you, last of the gentleman adventurers.

Angels & Pat’s Guitar
x.jones... - Chris Jones Lyons CO - 17Oct2021 2:39 PM
You will be sorely missed Pat Fish. Much love to your friends and family.

The first Jazz Butcher song I heard was The Human Jungle sometime back in 1986. A friend at the radio station I DJ’d at lent me a tape. Who knew that the Butcher would remain such an important part of my life?

In 1987 my girlfriend and purchased the Distressed Gentlefolk album together, the first shared purchase of what would become 35 years together. Angels became “our song”. And it sounds like so many other people’s too.

I was lucky enough to see Pat play 2 solo shows in pubs in London in 1988. I remember a one-eyed man who sat outside the entrance of the first pub who said “You here to see the Fish? DOWNstairssss….” The second show featured Alan McGee from Biff Bang Pow in a “guitar war” and Pat roared past him during an incredibly heart-felt version of Angels. He went on a guitar heavy tangent that blew the small dark room away. Such amazing energy.

The Jazz Butcher has always been there. Mr Odd’s crazy psychedelic guitar solo on a drug-fueled road trip through Kansas, The Best Way reminding us all why its good not to eat our animal friends, Big Saturday ringing in a new year or starting a brilliant Spring day. And the entire Scandal in Bohemia album on road trips. My Desert is Waiting.

The posts here confirm that Mr Fish was a loving, kind gentleman. He was a friend to those who knew him and all of us who never got the chance to meet him. His passing hits hard - because it seems like Pat’s words and music were always present at important moments for many here on this message board. They certainly were for me.

Decades after seeing him in the 80’s - we got to see The Jazz Butcher at the Troubador in LA with the “dream team” - Pat, Max, David and Kevin (they were probably discussing swimming pools in all the backyards before the show). It was a perfect evening and they played with such ease and life and humor. One of those ‘life-changing’ shows we all hope for.

Pat wrote such lovely poetry. Yet infused it with humor and lightness. There will never be another like him. His music has been a good friend in hard times. On one dark night in one particularly difficult year, as Angels played (loudly), my wife and I clung to one another weeping as Pat reminded us that

There's thousands of them
They're bearing you up
They're holding you up
I want to hold you in my arms.

That night changed the course of our lives. Thank you Pat.

And as we sat last night - with tears - knocked down a bit - as we listened to an entire celebratory mix of the Jazz Butcher I thought about many things and many memories.

Pat the man may have left us too soon. But as a wise man once said, “do you know what happens when you leave a Fish too long in an elevator?” Pat left this world a star shining brightly - and - his music is eternal. It is not biodegradable. We are all SO lucky to have had his music in our lives. A good trusted friend in hard times. A great friend in the best of times.

Thank you Mr Fish for giving, creating and never giving up.

A live well lived
Icebox766... - Mark Highland Park IL - 16Oct2021 7:13 PM
I shouldn’t be so hurt by this because Pat lived a great life, gave us so much good music. And Im happy I got to see him live a couple times. Pat, you will be missed by so many but still live in our hearts and turntables and streaming services for a good long time.

Rest Well
garyhall13466... - Gary NZ - 15Oct2021 9:45 PM
"Cause I can see them
Here they come now
There's thousands of them
They're bearing you up
They're holding you up
I want to hold you in my arms"

Gonna Miss You, Pat
marshallgooch... - Marshall Gooch, Chimacum WA USA - 14Oct2021 11:01 PM
I was a DJ in the world of college radio back in the early '80s, via KCMU in Seattle, and once I heard A Scandal in Bohemia I was hooked. The Jazz Butcher might still be the most obscure band that I am absolutely NUTS about! Pat and his bands created so much great music, and his words were always both touching and hilarious - sometimes simultaneously! I am truly sad about this news and I am so glad that I felt like at least an acquaintance of Pat's (if only via Facebook). He was always kind and cool.
Rock on Jazz Butcher!

Well Done Sir.
hugespacebird... - seattle - 14Oct2021 12:19 AM
Nailed it.

thanks for the music!
jmcguinn... - Jim McGuinn - Saint Paul, MN - 13Oct2021 3:28 PM
I discovered The Jazz Butcher with the US compilation album Bloody Nonsense - such an incredibly diverse set of songs, infused by punk, but played with panache and style. At turns witty, absurb, caustic, and sweet, it became a formative record of my college years, and an essential collection to return to again and again (and a few more JB records). Along with a clutch of other writers of the era, Pat's songs influenced me then and to this day, and as I've made my way thru the world as a radio broadcaster and musician, everywhere I've gone I've managed to sneak in a couple spins for tunes like Drink and Partytime - which I will again today on The Current here in Minnesota, and on my Teenage Kicks show this Saturday. I never got the chance to email or let him know how much of an impact he had on me, but I hope he knew how his music shaped the lives of many, even thousands of miles away. RIP Pat - I love that hashtag I saw elsewhere on this page - #RestInPints

Musical Salute
michelektel... - Michele K-tel, San Francisco - 13Oct2021 5:25 AM
As a card carrying member of the Jazz Butcher fan club in the early 80s, and still hosting a weekly radio program in 2021, it's been a joy to share the magical musical wit of Pat Fish & Co (especially around Halloween season to insert some Zombie Love+Caroline Wheeler+JB Vs. Count Dracula + Devilish fun into the mix)for 20+ years. Another broadcast this week to add to the list of programs celebrating the life & music of The Jazz Butcher. #RestInPints

Pat Fish
peter.simonson... - Peter Ex Wellingborough - 12Oct2021 10:03 PM
Thanks for making Northamptonshire a lot more interesting.

My Own Personal Jesus of Cool
jtnunes... - Jeremy. Alameda, CA - 12Oct2021 7:47 PM
You were to me what Nick Lowe is to everyone else.

Truly one of our own!
nickedwards57... - Nick Edwards in SE London - 12Oct2021 6:19 PM
Farewell Pat, old friend, see you on the other side of the veil.
I first saw Pat performing a version of Man's Bananas with Nightshift on the pavement in Broad Street in our early days in Oxford in the mid-70s. I subsequently got to know him through our dear friend Owen Jones (a master musician himself) and followed his rise to cultish fame through The Institution, Sonic Tonix and later, of course, The Jazz Butcher.
My wife Maria and I have always hoped he forgave us for accidentally feeding him bacon scallion cream cheese when the band all came to breakfast at our place in Pittsburgh in 2000! I think he must have done because our friendship really blossomed after we moved back to London in 2008 and I started getting Pat tickets for our beloved Spurs a few times a season. It was also always a joy to see his various musical incarnations during these latter years. What a maestro, as I usually addressed him!
It's true that most people only make pop records out of plastic but Pat made them from pure gold!!
Love, Nick xxx

You helped make my growing up more interesting
charliejwalker... - charlie ex Northamptonian - 12Oct2021 11:05 AM
Remember Pat and Curtis Johnson sitting round a fire in our garden at Bridget's crazy house at St Georges Avenue jamming together. So much fun had.

Great times- thanks for always playing Take the Skinheads bowling when asked- especially in Slurps on Bridge street.

Thanks for your existing.

So long Pat
Peter.momtchiloff... - Peter, Oxford - 12Oct2021 8:00 AM
You enriched a lot of people’s lives with music, laughter, and conviviality - so long Pat and thanks

Effortless cool
Thomaspiezzo... - Tom - 12Oct2021 7:54 AM
Such a loss. I came to the JBC via the Bauhaus/Love and Rockets route in the mid-eighties, but Pat set my listening in another direction. To this awkward New York college kid, he sang of awkward Englishness, yet with an urbanity and archness that set him apart, and even imparted a bit of hope.
I saw the JBC in 1999 at the Wetlands show in NY, and Pat made it all look easy, natural and great fun — casual but never sloppy, as he peppered the show with his wry charm.
I’d read of his recent illness, but am still shocked at his passing, somehow having counted on him always to be around, lobbing satirical sanity our way.
Ave atque vale.

Jazz Butcher
mdbilyk... - Marco - 11Oct2021 10:53 PM
Shocked to just learn of his passing. I have most of the pre creation albums. Will play them all again. Great tunes. Great sense of humour. RIP

therecordstop... - tom - 11Oct2021 8:23 PM
Pat Fish was pure genius. Condition Blue still on rotation the most but you could never go wrong with anything. I was actually playing every JB record compiling my favorites for a cdr to play in the car when I heard the news. Made playing the records a bit more difficult to take. Thanks for the music Pat.

The Mighty JB
dmsj65... - Jeff, Canada - 11Oct2021 4:57 PM
Great memories of wearing out Scandal and S&T on vinyl when they first came out. Just loved Girlfriend and Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present. Lucky enough to see Pat & his merrymen in Guelph on the Scandal tour. Always such a great, witty sense of humour and always looked forward to the next release. Enjoyed the Fishy Mansions shows as well. Will miss you greatly Pat, RIP.

Pat Fish - broadcast and podcast
neil6631... - The Saint - 11Oct2021 3:55 PM
Hi folks

Pat was the great mate I never met. We did 4 podcasts together covering his life then 3 album appreciations of London Calling, Eno's 'Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) & Velvet Underground's self titled 1969 studio album.

Here's the podcast out their on his life:

The broadcast goes out from Ridge Radio on the 20th November!

Love & Peace

The Saint

Fish FM...
andyvicbliss... - Andy - 11Oct2021 10:13 AM
Hello everyone - we broadcast a special 2 hour radio programme last night here in Paris to celebrate everything Pat Fish. Just some of our favourite tracks really & the live concert from Lausanne. A chance to celebrate just a fraction of the man's artistry, bonhomie & joie de vivre...

Click here for the replay :

Thanks to whoever recorded the gig & whoever took the photo we used.
Bless you Pat - thanks for everything & more <3 <3 <3

Dear Patrick
noelprivett... - Whitchurch, Hampshire - 10Oct2021 8:11 PM
Rest in peace.


rest in peace pat...
eoscini... - ethan o, australia - 10Oct2021 11:03 AM
my all-time favourite. a unique genius in every way,
shape and form. your song "hysteria" hits that extra
harder now... <333

Cheers & pleasant travels
slotco... - Tyler Zepotoczny - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 10Oct2021 7:39 AM
Thank you, Pat Fish, for being a light in so many lives. I will miss that twinkle in your eye, the sound of your voice & guitar and the many recent visits to 'Fishy Mansions'. Your living room concerts were a ray of hope in a dark time and it still shines. Raising a glass in your honour.

stereofilm2015... - Kaliningrad - 9Oct2021 6:30 PM
On September 25, we last corresponded with Pat. He was going to take part in our new album. I will use his words written to me in my new song and dedicate it to him. Thank you and i will always remember you Pat!
Max+The Stereofilms from Russia with Love!

He Was Too Good for This World
scottd... - Scott Deschaine - PA, USA - 9Oct2021 6:21 PM
Farewell, Mr. Fish. Thank you for all your wonderful music. May God bless and welcome His beautiful, brilliant, and mischievous child.

My first introduction to the music of The Jazz Butcher was through a review by Jackson Griffiths in Tower Records' Pulse Magazine. He wrote something to the effect that "Pat Fish is too clever for his own good."

My first listening experience was Big Planet, Scarey Planet. The album was an aural explosion of amazing wordplay and guitars that glistened and thundered. It made me a fan for life.

As Pat continued to live and create, I became a bit evangelical about his work. During one of his later tours, I met him and Max in NYC to film a video for "All the Saints". We filmed in the late but legendary NY venue The Cake Shop and on the roof of the building. Throughout the day, between takes and locations, Pat continually strummed his guitar and sang, like a songbird happy to be alive.

From "Saints Prayer":

May all the saints, who from their labours rest
Beneath the landslide of souls obsessed with right and wrong,
Who dared to stand against the tide,
Be on your side.

Thank you, Pat, for daring to stand against the tide. We've been blessed to live in a world enriched by your music.

Dear Pat
wonderflox... - Florence Rouen - 9Oct2021 4:11 PM
So many good memories with you and Lulu,
Music, music and parties
I Hope you can play guitar and sing in paradise
Merci pour les chansons et la gentillesse, gentleman Pat 💗

andyvicbliss... - Andy Paris - 9Oct2021 3:16 PM
Such a sad day - Pat was a rare diamond amongst coal. What a beautiful soul - he leaves a huge body of work and I am more than sure that his legacy & influence will live on for generations to come.
Ride on Pat, love xxxx

Funny and Brilliant
becaal... - Brad Dayton Utah, USA - 9Oct2021 1:10 PM
I still remember the day in 1986 when I bought the US only release, Bloody Nonsense. It became the soundtrack for our senior trip to San Diego. We wore that cassette out!
Over the years I have started to realize that most of the bands that make me laugh, also get boring once the jokes wear off. That never happened with Pat.
His sense of humor was timeless as were his melodies. For all these years, I've held onto hope that he would return to the US for some shows. I would have traveled wherever...

Pat was one of a kind
meregan2... - Michael in San Diego - 9Oct2021 11:58 AM
My first Jazz Butcher show was at the Paradise in Boston in 1989. Pat seemed genuinely surprised with and heartened by the intense enthusiasm displayed by a number of audience members, including myself. I just loved him and his music so much. There was no one else quite like him. Thanks, Pat, for bringing so much joy to so many of us!

Farewell, Dear Chap....
markwaynehelm... - Mark Helm - 9Oct2021 11:49 AM
Damn... I just can't believe I'm never going to hear
another new song by you, Pat, or get a
characteristically Fishy email from you... Gonna
miss you, dear chap (as you always called me). We
first met when I was maybe 27 and you were 32 at the
Niteclub 9:30 in Washington DC...
Turns out we had common friends: Those wonderful
Blue Aeroplanes. My band, radioblue, traveled to
the UK for a short tour with the Aeros and you hung
out with us, then later we all spent time in LA
during the making of their 'Beatsongs' Lp... it
was a blur of several years, but we struck up a
correspondence and became friends. I'll never forget
the day you sent me your home demo of "Shakey."
You'd istened to my first solo record, 'everything's
ok,' and knew I was a huge fan of Neil AND Brian...
As I recall you were very proud that you were able
to nick that first line of "Helpless" and still
create a song that was entirely your own (anyway,
that's what I told you).

I've spent the past couple days reading over our
messages, back and forth since I had email. Yours
were always a mixture of sweetness and whimsy with
closings like, "Until next time, dear chap, I
remain, as ever, yours--clutching the deck of an
Icelandic trawler, Pat x..." The handful of actual
letters I had from you were destroyed in the 2010
Nashville floods... and that seems an even greater
loss today. But I do have our FB messages since then
and I just read over them... I cherish those back
and forths. The last one was a response to a message
asking after your health and general well-being and
it read: "All is well, dear chap. Thanks for asking!
A bit quiet on the work front for now, but I need to
get some lyrics written and there's plenty of money
in the bank, so it's not the end of the world. Well,
not until that asteroid thingie ploughs into us
later in the evening, anyway. Hope this finds you in
good form, x..." Well, Pat, tonight it feels like
that asteroid has finally arrived, and I'm not in
such good form. But my life has been so much richer
having known you, having gotten drunk and laughed
with you, having seen you perform, and having had
your hand upon my shoulder. You were always so funny
and so kind... No one's ever called me "Dear
Chap," before and I don't believe anyone ever will
again... My heart goes out to your family and all
those close friends and bandmates whose sorrow must
be miles and miles deeper and wider than what I'm
feeling tonight. RIP, dear chap, as you assume your
rightful place among the last of the gentleman
adventurers, x.

Farewell Poppet
andyzed1... - andyzed1 - 8Oct2021 10:21 PM
It wasn't until I woke up yesterday and realised
that this was the first day of my 53 years on
this big and scary planet that Pat Fish wasn't
here. And it hurt. The man and his music has
been a big part of me since getting Scandal in
Bohemia out of Northampton library in 1985.
Looking forward to hearing the next new tune or
seeing him live has been one of the good things
which has kept me going over the past 35 years.
In trying to work out why his music means so
much and why it is so different to all the other
great bands all I can come up with is that more
than a 3 minute tune, each of his songs was more
of an eloquent, warm short story of a day in the
life of Pat which made you want to be there with
him experiencing what he was experiencing.
His live shows were a great celebration of life
and that's how I will remember him.... Head down
strumming at 100mph, hair swinging and swaying
equally fast, during the likes of Diamorphine or
Racheland or numerous other tunes, Max alongside
creating his joyous wall of sound. With my eyes
closed in awe, being consumed by the sound with
a massive smile.
Thoughts are with all his family, friends, band
mates and everyone touched by him over the
It feels like that Big Old Wind has taken our
very English summer from us. Thank you for the
memories. Rave on Butch X

Rest In Peace, Sir.
suzplus3... - Suz, Chicago - 8Oct2021 9:32 PM
Very sad news. Mr. Fish was a fun artist and a true gentleman. I had the privilege/opportunity to travel along a little bit with the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, on their Condition Blue tour. It was somewhat of an intimate groupie situation and something I’ve always looked back on with fondness. I cannot claim to have “known him.” But I can honestly say I have hung out with him, in multiple cities, in various states of sobriety and - He was a good man.

Thanks for the memories, and the music you leave for us. ❤️

Better than a cold bath with someone you dislike
meejahoar... - Liz, London - 8Oct2021 8:28 PM
A huge loss, sending all best wishes to Pat’s fans, friends and family

Tribute Link
patricksmith... - Patrick Smith, Somerville Massachusetts - 8Oct2021 7:04 PM
I've run an obituary and tribute on my website if anyone would like to see it. Feel free to add any comments.

mars... - Brian Mars, Portland, OR, US - 8Oct2021 6:05 PM
Back in the 80's/90's, I thought of The Jazz Butcher as "mine". I could never get my social circle to get into the music as much as I was. All the right elements were there, but they never connected. Oh sure, The Devil Is My Friend is fun to play at a club, but they never got hooked.

Recently, through the scourge of social media, I realized that Pat was that special musician for a lot of people. Not sure what connects us all other than Pat. but its nice to know that that invisible web exists.

apophenia_23... - Xine Colorado - 8Oct2021 3:46 PM
Thanks Pat for some of my all-time favorite music.
Great memories

jack... - jack in portland Oregon - 8Oct2021 3:14 PM
his words are always on my mind. Hey, I just stopped short of calling out your name...

stromk... - Kirsten Strom, Michigan - 8Oct2021 1:17 PM
I genuinely feel like I have lost a dear friend. More than a brilliant songwriter, he was truly a lovely person.

Delivery... - Peter London - 8Oct2021 12:45 PM
Not a good day… he was a big part of my musical history

… or in a bar

This is not Partytime
alexdimentgreen... - Alex Green - 8Oct2021 10:26 AM
I knew Pat from 1966. One half of those
memories are gone. Rest in Peace Pat

seffy.efrati... - Seffy, Tel Aviv - 8Oct2021 10:12 AM
Very sad news. First heard Girl Go, to this day one of my favorites, when i was 15. It was very hard to buy JB albums where i live back then yet managed to get Cult of the Basement and Distressed Gentlefolk, both absolutely great records. Thank you for the music, playing those two in memoriam.

So long my friend
phesq... - Paul H, Redditch UK - 8Oct2021 9:19 AM
So long my pal. I still can't believe you have gone. You were so kind to me for so many years (and my associates I insisted on dragging along.) The hospitality you showed me when we stayed over.. The football talks... Bouncing around your living room to The Clash... Writing the set list in Hull... Dragging you to a Hull City game... The countless gigs... The records... The books and postcards we exchanged... The music.. God, your music, untouchable in my eyes.... A privilege to know you, a privilege to call you my friend. Sleep easy Sir, sleep easy.

jasongarvin... - Jason, Colma California - 8Oct2021 6:11 AM
A true gent. I'll never forget the last time I saw him. The homeless people sell a paper called Street Sheet for about a dollar a pop. Pat went out pre concert and signed a bunch of them. Now the homeless were getting $20 a pop selling them to the concert goers in line. I bought one.

<3 <3 <3
jastansell... - Johnny Nebulous (Austin, TX) - 8Oct2021 2:28 AM
Devastated by this terrible news today. I've been a fan for 35 years or so, and have really treasured these last few years, where Pat was doing his shows, posting online about politics and whatnot. Was hoping to get to meet him one day. Very deeply grateful for his body of work, and his beautiful spirit.

A life well lived
Icebox766... - Mark Highland Park IL - 8Oct2021 2:21 AM
I shouldn’t be so hurt by this because Pat lived a great life, gave us so much good music. And Im happy I got to see him live a couple times. Pat, you will be missed by so many but still live in our hearts and turntables and streaming services for a good long time.

Ground control to Mr, Odd
martinrgoughx... - Martin, Ontario - 8Oct2021 2:19 AM
Pat, you'll be missed. Rest easy. Im kind of gutted
by the news. 24hours later I still have my playlist
on of all my favorites, pulled out records and tapes
and Cds .I just cant believe it. Why do awful people
live forever? Farewell to the Last of the Gentleman

tomorrow's just another distance
rick.g.karr... - Rick in Brooklyn - 8Oct2021 2:15 AM
damn, pat. first you gave me great music, then you taught me how to write better songs and play better guitar, and then, when i actually met you, you turned out to be a really cool human.

to my old friend david w: my heart's with you. pat was an artist in the vergiftung mold, and mns is playing pat's music to his daughter tonight. that's pretty damned cool, you gotta admit.

NOT the square peg
caelumv... - Caelum, Winnipeg - 8Oct2021 1:51 AM
I don't know who the square peg from Winnipeg is, but it's not me. What a loss. I had hoped one day to have a beer with Pat and not tell him that my wife and I stole words from Southern Mark Smith for our wedding vows. We found out what makes each other's heart sing, and it was with help from the Butcher. Who better to expose a heart than a butcher? No, I would not have told any of this to Pat as we sipped our libations. I probably wouldn't have said anything at all, just listened, as I have been doing for years, am doing right now, and will continue to all my days.

They're holding you up
toddismycopilot... - Todd, Toronto - 8Oct2021 12:53 AM
I was maybe 16 or 17 and on my way with friends to see The Jazz Butcher play in my home town. Before heading in, I popped in to the adjacent college radio station where I volunteered sometimes to find the resident jazz DJ nervously pacing the hall. He had been asked to introduce The Jazz Butcher - probably because someone mistakenly thought they were a jazz band and also mistakenly thought he - a well-known introvert - would be comfortable getting on stage in front of a few hundred people.
I jokingly said "I'll do it for you!" and the next thing I knew I was in the green room backstage with Pat Fish & company.

I think they were bemused that a teenager was going to introduce/MC their show but they all also treated me with the utmost respect and good-natured hospitality - offering food & drink, coaching me on what to say, etc. When the time came to do my thing I stumbled over a cord on the stage on my way to the mic, and they didn't even blink. I would have absolute died of embarrassment had one of them snickered.

They let me hang out backstage for the whole show and then back in the green room with them after. I was in absolute awe - I adored Bloody Nonsense and had been trying to teach myself some of the songs on guitar. Pat Fish was completely affable and charming and after hearing so many horror stories about people meeting their musical heroes only to discover what horrible people they really were - well, this experience spoiled me for years and years to come.

They came through again a year or two later. This time I showed up with my girlfriend to the sound check to invite them out to the only vegetarian restaurant in town for supper, which they happily agreed to and we had a grand old time. Pat regaled us of tales of US customs officials analyzing his tooth powder for traces of cocaine, their session in Montréal for Brave New Waves, etc. etc.
I never forgot the open-hearted kindness he showed me and for years I've been meaning to track him down to tell him how much it meant to teenaged me and how important those first few Jazz Butcher albums were to me growing up. Looks like I've lost the opportunity now.

Keeping the Curtains Closed.
patricksmith... - Patrick Smith, Somerville Massachusetts - 8Oct2021 12:37 AM
One night in 1991 (a bit late to the party, I know), I borrowed a "Bloody Nonsense" cassette from a friend. Wasn't sure what to expect from it. Three decades later, my infatuation with Pat's music hasn't diminished a bit. This is crushing news. Pat's talents never got recognition they so richly deserve.

Farewell to true Legend!
wallytbm... - Wally - Ottawa, Canada - 8Oct2021 12:04 AM
It's hard to know what to say and I never had
the pleasure of meeting Pat or seeing The Jazz
Butcher play live but his music reached across
the globe and touched our hearts and made us
smile and sing and dance and forged memories
that will never be forgotten. I tried to
collect every record they released and
although I may be missing a few, I amassed
quite a collection and can honestly say, The
Jazz Butcher never disappointed. Thanks for
all the wonderful music you left behind and my
sincere condolences to all his family and
close friends. Thanks also to Chris Seventeen
for introducing me to The Jazz Butcher through
his writing and the wonderful compilations. I
had hoped that one day Pat would record a
Television Personalities cover for our tribute
series but sadly that never happened. Goodbye
Pat, may your music live on in our hearts.

Pat Fish - my favourite J - band
christopher.m.keen... - Chris Keen, Dundas, Ontario - 7Oct2021 11:59 PM
I was fortunate enough to see the Jazz Butcher in
Toronto the fall of 1990 (The Phoenix). I was
introduced to Blue Aeroplanes that night too, but
the Butcher blew them away. It turned out to be the
only opportunity that I had to see Pat live, but
what a great night. Thanks for the songs. I never
tired of anything from Bloody Nonsense or all that
followed. Timeless. Party Time, Big Saturday, and
Southern Mark Smith. 35 years of listening and

Cheers Pat.
tichinspace... - Mark Lightfoot Montclair New Jersey - 7Oct2021 10:01 PM
Thanks Pat for illuminating my life with your music for nearly 50 years.
Hope your atoms get to join up exactly the same again.
Cheers Mate.🍻😘

This One Really Hurts
roma... - Tony - 7Oct2021 9:49 PM
There are no words for what Pat's music meant to me. The laughs, the humor, the literature, the commentary and, of course, the alcohol.

And huge thanks to David who put this site up in the Web 1.0 days and kept it going so that we can share this sad moment together today.


RIP Pat Fish
yojimbo103... - Gavin, UK - 7Oct2021 9:42 PM
I'm shattered by the news, a real body blow. The news on Facebook, inevitably, insensately, abrupt, left me, a couple of hours back in-country, staring stupidly at the screen. A man who sat at the very top table of British singer-songwriters, an august position indeed. A brilliant raconteur, with an endless store of bizarre, provocative, and hilarious anecdotes about the music industry and parts well beyond, a warm and generous host who held court among a wide range of unusual and fascinating people, a profound and thoughtful man,with an insight of extraordinary meanness, someone with whom the conversation could always be expected to take an unusual and fruitful direction,and a musician with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the field and a taste to match in its catholicism. So many things that I never had the time to say. The world has suffered a hard loss and the lives of all who knew him are the poorer.

We Have The Music
robtamf... - Robert, New York USA - 7Oct2021 9:41 PM
There was something about the music and the lyrics of the JBC that really appealed to me. The people posting here got it too. I am very saddened by the loss of Pat. I will treasure the music that everyone in the JBC produced and continue to tell more people of the musical treasure. Thank You Pat for your brilliance. Condolences to his family and the JBC mates that lost someone special.
- Robert (aka Monkeeman)

So sad my friend
jfpanton... - Julia in Brighton - 7Oct2021 9:27 PM
You made your mark on so many hearts. Forever groovin in the bus lane now.

Thank you
Robertburns4368... - Robert in Chicago, USA - 7Oct2021 9:15 PM
Your clever songwriting will be missed. You were a unique talent.

You were the first...
alainsane... - alainsane - 7Oct2021 8:45 PM
Yours was the first band whose music I bought sight-unseen, sound un-heard. A CD in a blisterpak from the Tower Records on Maryland Parkway and Flamingo in Las Vegas. The cover--a powder blue-backed cartoon of people tied together on a horse--begged me to discover what sort of music lay beneath. Peculiar music of a most peculiarly delightful sort! Then, I had to go get Bloody Nonsense on cassette (as this never got released on CD in the States). Explaining to my father what was going on in songs like "Death Dentist" or "Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present" was futile. It really wasn't a case of "getting it" or not. It was just a case of enjoyment. I never understood what was going on in the odder moments, but I loved the ride--careening along the dangerous edge of music with you. <3

Clever and Jingle Jangle Guitars
aw1adam12... - A W - 7Oct2021 8:19 PM
Just gutted to hear of his passing. He'd been giving little performances from his living room and it was so nice an intimate. Pat seemed to really like his fans, a refreshing response in these days.

I think it was Dedre O'Donoghue on KCRW in Los Angeles that introduced me to the JBC. Just some of the most clever and interesting songs I had heard in those days and since.

Every time I listen to JB I feel like I've treated myself to a very special dessert. A guilty pleasure.

I wish peace and strength to those closest to Pat, to his family, to his cat, which must miss him very much.

JBC Forever

The Butcher is my friend
Jds9000... - Jason Stinson - 7Oct2021 8:05 PM
Wherever I go, the Butcher goes
The Butcher is my friend!


RIP Mr. Fish, I hope you knew how much pure joy, wonder and good feeling you released into the world.


Heartbreaking 💔
Jlmhanrahan... - Jennifer & Mike British Columbia - 7Oct2021 7:49 PM
Where do I begin…growing up in a smallish town of Gander,
Newfoundland, Canada in the 80s we listened to a lot of
‘alternative music’. The Jazz Butcher was at the top of the list.
My husband and I dated in our youth but went our separate
ways- we met back up years later and have now been married
for 17 years. We listened to a lot of Jazz Butcher together. I’ve
always considered Big Saturday to be ‘our song’. The first gift I
ever gave my husband was the Bloody Nonsense album for
Christmas when I was 16 in 1988. After we were married his
father mailed that same album to us. Thank you for all the
great music. You shaped my youth and my life - you even
brought together to small town misfits who are still in love in
2021. You will be forever missed. Our sincerest sympathies to
all who are grieving.

Condition ‘feeling’ Blue
Cleethorpes... - Manda - 7Oct2021 7:40 PM
Awwww Pat my lovely friend. Somehow we became friends online many many years ago. We’ve spent many of the early hours of the morning chatting particularly through the lock down times. I never did get the chance to sort my road trip out with the stop off to see you bit!
You appeared in my life around 1988 both on the TV and via Creation Recs.
To have got to know you in person has been an honour and I will miss our conversations including the planning of the seaside dining room gig which we thought would be fun.
Farewell my friend I won’t forget you and you will live on in my playlists! Until we meet again - sleep well xxx

Another pair of sunglasses gone.
andy.bova... - Andy in Ottawa - 7Oct2021 7:24 PM
I was lucky enough to see Pat play three times in Ottawa- and live engineered a radio interview with him. We had a chat afterwards, and he was a marvelous fellow.
Some of the absolute best songs of the eighties. Bloody Nonsense was a sacrament amongst some of us back in those days. I recall hitting rock and roll satori dancing right up front at Club Zinc.
I have held out hope that he'd come back around, give us some information, and then go home.
But that's never going to happen now. Rest easy. And thanks for all the fish, Pat.

Born in a drain
dennisjfurniss... - Dennis Miami - 7Oct2021 7:16 PM
So long th to best crooner and ditty lyric writer ever, you were and are a genius and will be mised.

It all started when...
jbwcomm... - Jonathan Whitcomb - 7Oct2021 7:12 PM
In 1986 a copy of the Jazz Butcher US compilation "Bloody Nonsense" (BigTime) landed at my college radio station in Amherst, MA. The station had a diverse group of DJs who each seemed to have their own niche, but everybody played the hell out of that record. When "Distressed Gentlefolk" followed on its heels, I was hooked. I got a chance to meet and interview Pat and the band before his Northampton MA show, and he was charming. Great show! I caught him a few years later in Chapel Hill NC, a different band and a different vibe, but again a wonderful show. I shared his music with my friends and children, and was one of many here who lamented that he didn't attract a larger audience. Farewell, Pat, you lovely, strange man.

marngingr... - Mark, Greece - 7Oct2021 7:00 PM
It's a love thing!

neilrobsoncarpentry... - Neil Robson,Penzance - 7Oct2021 6:42 PM
So sad, what a lovely man, spent a lot of time with him seeing JB play, hanging about and laughing a lot in pubs and at Perfect Disaster and Spacemen 3 gigs, he came and shouted and whooped on my demo with my band The Avocados in a studio in the Holloway Road, ensconsed in the pub over the road and appearing now and again with good advice and jokes, so generous. He is in the Viv Stanshall league
of Englishman and I hope he is up there propping up the bar with Viv.

Real Men
creely12... - Elizabeth San Francisco - 7Oct2021 6:00 PM
I want to simply say that the song "Real Men" was like manna in the wilds of Orange County, CA where there were too many of the men Pat described and in the years waaay before the Me Too moment, it worked as confirmation and allyship. That song mattered.
Also, I hope it was Pat who put the moustache on Winston. I bet it was.
In sorrow and gladness.

Danke Butcher!
Dirkgeil... - Dirk Geil, Bonn - 7Oct2021 5:54 PM
One of my first heros! Marnie, Party Time, Rain, Groovin‘ in a bus lane, your Roadrunner version, ect.. Thanks a lot!

RIP, Pat
davidbb888... - Cheeso, Los Angeles - 7Oct2021 4:59 PM
Thanks for all the great music and the mad humor. You will be missed.

My condolences, Max.

What if there were Angels ...
a.jasse... - Arne, Hamburg - 7Oct2021 4:51 PM
Good bye Pat. There are no words...

Maybe it's always Saturday in Heaven.
Just one Big Saturday in Heaven.

Thanks a lot
wagner-mz... - Bernd, Mainz (Germany) - 7Oct2021 4:32 PM
Pat gave us so many beautiful songs, fantastic albums, exciting gigs, musical inspiration for the bands we played in and the soundtrack for legendary parties when we were young. With one of our bands called "the Wide Plains" – we had the great honor to support the Jazz Butcher in Mainz/Germany on the 22nd of April 1990. It was a great and unforgettable experience to play in a big and sold-out location “at home” in front of hundreds of people supporting one of our favourite bands. Pat said he liked our song "one bright day" and we were proud as punch. I gave him a demo-tape to hand it either to Alan McGee or his girlfriend. Nothing more was heard of them, so we split up a little bit later ;).
"If I find out nothing else I`m gonna find out what makes your heart sing..." (Southern Mark Smith). You did it, Pat!
Bernd (deeply grateful)

Christian... - Christian, Munich - 7Oct2021 4:13 PM
…..fuer die Musik
…..fuer die Lyrics
…..fuer Deine Begleitung seit 1986

Ruhe in Frieden, Deine Lieder leben weiter.

Love from Canada, and thanks for the great music.
studio... - Rob, Toronto - 7Oct2021 4:07 PM
Sorry to hear of Pat Fish's passing. He toured through Canada a lot in the late 1980s. His shows were musical and funny and sentimental and amazing. I saw him in Vancouver, but in the ensuing years I have made friends who saw the Jazz Butcher in Regina, Peterborough, Montreal. Or played him on their student radio shows. It was always a major bonding point, a worn out copy of Bloody Nonsense.
Thanks for all the great music.

No tribute is enough
underit... - J. Christopher, Portland, Oregon - 7Oct2021 3:54 PM
Oh man, this makes me so sad. I'm glad we have another album coming, but I can't yet bring myself to listen to the new song.

I was lucky enough to see The Jazz Butcher live a few times. Met Pat and Max post-show once, and they were kind enough to let me distract them at the bar with my fawning and autograph requests.

My favorite part of any Jazz Butcher album was his little liner note messages.

My first direct interaction with Pat was via email. He had gotten word that I was organizing the fan tribute project on the old mailing list and fired off a missive to me in which he, among a long list of other things, threatened his lawyers on me.

It was truly a letter for the ages, written in true Butcher fashion -- but I read it in the same voice his liner notes were written in. I took it in stride, secretly thrilled that I -- me! a huge fan! -- was the target of his feisty pen.

In the end, the tribute project passed his muster, and as you can read on this site, he took the time not only to listen to each song, but comment on every single submission. What other artist would do that?

Pat's fan base was loyal and fierce. We loved him, and he returned our adoration with his own and a little bit of Fishy snark.

Pat, you will be missed.

-- j

Others have said it so well
ned... - Ned Raggett, San Francisco - 7Oct2021 3:28 PM
And I recognize names, friends, other musicians, having posted already.

I had to break the news to a friend of mine elsewhere -- sent an email, since I know said friend has a lot on their plate right now, and am still waiting to hear back. It pains me we can't have an evening sitting around listening to favorite tracks, pulling out albums. Perhaps one day in the future. But maybe that was the gift of Pat Fish, creating a community from the disparate. I am glad for it, for him, and for his work, and always will be.

A secret you really want to share
brenta100... - Brent Aliverti, Seattle, WA, USA - 7Oct2021 2:40 PM
I was gutted to learn that Pat has passed on. My introduction to The Jazz Butcher came via our Seattle radio station KJET playing the then new track “Get It Wrong”. I was immediately hooked, went out and bought the album and then started picking up the earlier releases when I could find them. I was a fan.

Later on in 1999, I saw Pat and Max at The Crocodile Cafe (in Seattle). I brought along a cassette and the guy running the board made a recording for me. After the show, I went around to the back bar and Pat and Max were just standing at the bar having a beer. Both were quite nice.
Next day, I created a 2 disc bootleg of the show and shared it to the JBC fan group. You can see the inserts here.
Amusingly, someone was able to make a copy of the bootleg and hand it to Pat at the next show (which I think was in Portland). Pat described the sound quality as "boxy" but was very appreciative.

Like many of you, I can’t help wonder how someone as good as The Jazz Butcher (and the musicians he played with) didn’t break through into the wider consciousness. His music feels like a secret that I want to share wide and often. Pat and The Jazz Butcher created some of the best music of my younger years. Gone, yes, but certainly never to be forgotten.

Sad but happy to have known Pat!
pat... - Wolfgang - 7Oct2021 12:28 PM
I had the good fortune of working with Pat and his band for a week on the road in 1988.
They were some of the nicest and funniest people you could hope for.
One of the most enjoyable jobs I ever had - never got to meet any of them again but still have fond memories of that week.
I basically never stopped laughing, they were all so much fun...

So this was more than 30 years ago and I tend to forget so many things and I have toured with so many bands but I NEVER forgot the week I spent with Pat.

And today I regret so much never managing to see him again, gig or elsewhere.

But it's beautiful to see all the love for him on this page. What a wonderful human being.

Rest in peace Pat.

amaz965... - Alfonso Mazzariello-Italy - 7Oct2021 12:13 PM
....ill miss your next songs.
You will miss the Music.....
Rest in Peace my Hero

Still and All
marktgallacher... - Mark Gallacher, Motherwell - 7Oct2021 9:50 AM
I’ve been a fan since the mid 80s and did the same online communication stuff with him as many on here, he was generous that way, and was gobsmacked when I last him play in 2017 when he stopped playing as he clocked me and said “Mark, how are you? So glad you could make it”. He then turned to the audience and said “Last time i saw Mark he was on Pointless, he did really well.” Pointless is a tea time quiz show in the UK that I went on with a friend for a laugh. The thought of my musical idol sitting at Fishy mansions cheering me on is one that will always make me smile. A gem, and will be sadly missed. The music will last forever. RIP Pat, you lovely man.

isea13... - pascal Le Gras - 7Oct2021 9:21 AM

Pat Fish
peterperrett1... - Peter Perrett London - 7Oct2021 8:54 AM
💔 Devastated by the news of Pat’s death. Especially after watching him on his livestream, on Sunday, apologising for not feeling well enough to sing. I thought, because he had a beer in his hand, he couldn’t be that bad. 😥

Keeping the Curtains Closed
timkeegan3000... - Tim Keegan, Worthing - 7Oct2021 8:52 AM
So much I want to say about Pat, but for now I’m too upset. Going to
try and play a few of his songs tonight at a little bar gig in my
hometown. What could possibly go wrong? So many memories
connected to Pat and his wonderful music. From university right
through to a couple of days ago, he’s always been there inspiring me,
supporting me, making me think and making me laugh. I feel so
fortunate to have had the joy of his presence and friendship in my
life. Very happy that, thanks to the pandemic shows from his home,
he got to realise how loved he was by so many of us. My condolences
to all his friends and fans whom he loved and appreciated so very

Ooh and I shan't forget you
mikecoplin... - Mike Coplin, Eugene Oregon - 7Oct2021 8:23 AM
I’ll be forever grateful to Pat for the songs, good cheer and words of wisdom. cigarettes, beer, ticket, money. what could possibly go wrong? Much love to all of you and especially Pat’s close mates who have cared for him over the years. M

Jnh2709... - Jon - 7Oct2021 7:37 AM
“Look me in the eyes,
and tell me…
no-one will remember your name”

We will. Thanks Pat x

So sad
Edgar435... - Colin Edgar Glasgow - 7Oct2021 7:13 AM
You were on fine form on Sunday as you cheerfully discussed how sleep apnea was looming over you.
I had hoped that you would fully recover, for one more pint, one more gig, one more album…

This leaves a huge hole. But my life would have been very different without the gift of your music Pat.

Rest in Peace
steve_r_phillips... - Steve, St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia - 7Oct2021 6:04 AM
Vale Pat, so sorry you have left us, your music has brought me a lot of happiness and joy over the years, plus lots of chuckles at the gags.

Mourning Pat
mamalamb3... - Helena Terrace-Waldmann, Roselle,NJ - 7Oct2021 4:56 AM
I am still in shock.Last night, I was
mentioning to a friend that they should watch
Fishy Mansions with me on Sunday. This
morning I wake up to the news that Pat is
dead. I am so sad. He was a lovely man, whose
music I enjoyed immensely, and who I am happy
to have been able to joke and speak on FB
with, as well as enjoy his delightful online
shows. I will miss him. R.I.P., Pat. Rest

Fare thee well....
pamm737... - Pam from Van - 7Oct2021 3:50 AM
I'm so saddened to hear this news. But I'm reminded that in summer 1986, having to choose between seeing one of 2 bands (never having heard either one), viz the Meat Puppets or the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, that I chose the Jazz Butcher. I am forever grateful to Pat and Co. for treasured music and memories on many occasions and multiple shows. Thank you for your forays to the wilds of Vancouver, British Columbia. You were ever the gentleman adventurer. We will miss you. oxoxox🍁

Rest Pat, thank you for everything..
wsweeney... - Bill Sweeney, Big Bear Lake, CA. USA - 7Oct2021 3:47 AM
I borrowed a Jazz Butcher cassette from a roommate in the 80s and it was on. Hilarious, brilliant, wondrous...
I'm going to miss you Pat.

Very sad day
simpleasvat... - Gregg Z - 7Oct2021 3:25 AM
Gutted to hear this. Great fan of Pat's music down
the years, since I was at university. A rare one,
who could both make you laugh and tear your guts out
with a song. Often on the same LP.

Pat, you will be missed.

christian.carlqvist70... - Gob, st petersburg, FL - 7Oct2021 2:17 AM
Pat, you were a giant. At 51 myself, you were the first of my heroes to pass on to the next dimension and lordy does it hurt. Gutted I didn't get the chance to see you in person again, but also grateful for the times that I did. Rest easy.

Guelph, 25 July 1986
robotboy15... - Roberto (Now in Bolivia) - 7Oct2021 1:44 AM
Anyone else there that night?

Still ranks as my best night ever--a couple of weeks ago, I told reconfirmed that to a new friend.

Pat was a good person and a great songwriter. He hated fascists and bigots to the very end.

The Party's Over
jgingrich12... - Jeff (Toronto) - 7Oct2021 1:18 AM
Pat so long and thanks...

Everyone else, seek out and listen to "The Party's Over" - as fitting a self-tribute as any. As long as the music remains, so will the memories.


saying bye
mcnamart... - - Windsor, Ontario - 7Oct2021 1:07 AM
I was truly shattered to learn of Pat's passing. I met him many years ago when he came to perform at our Uni. He was a kind and funny soul and he was a terrific performer. It was lovely to be able to get to know him via FB over the ensuing years and his home live streams during the lockdown were glimmers of joy and hope. Bless him and bless his family. Tonight I will play Condtion Blue loud on my home stereo.

Ends as it began - Gregor (Vancouver) - 7Oct2021 1:01 AM
One of the very first things I did when I first got online circa 1995-6 was join the Jazz Butcher mailing list. It was the days of tape-trading and I stil have the ones that were generously sent my way. And now we come to his website to say our goodbyes. As I just said to my wife, so many of his songs were touchstones for both happy and unhappy memories.

The song persist though when the body can't. The lyrics still get to take us to places that both upset us and make us smile.

Thanks Pat.

Saints Prayer
h2ofuego... - Jimmy Duval - 7Oct2021 12:50 AM
Floored and gutted since I found out. So many tears. I've been searching for the word buts they fail me. My hero, sometime confidant, occasional mentor and dear friend. You will be sorely missed. Thank you dear sir, for your friendship, the memories, the inspiration, the realized dreams, the late drunken evenings smoking spliffs and most of all your, "Gift Of Music". You've brought so many of us together and changed all of our lives in the most significant ways. More than I could have ever imagined. Raising a pint, having smoke and a "Saints Prayer" to you, my friend. I will never forget you, Pat Xx

Pain and Sorrow in the Library
todd_riddell... - Todd Victoria BC - 7Oct2021 12:43 AM
Devastated by this sad news. Living in a shitty northern town way out in the bush, I was introduced to The JBC by the CBC radio show Brave New Waves. Late at night, dodgy signal. I'd never heard music like that before. One listen and I needed me some JBC. Started with Bloody Nonsense and went from there. What a glorious musical journey. I was fortunate enough to see The JBC in Saskatoon, Seattle and Tokyo, in various decades. They always delivered the goods live and in person. I had to drag friends to the shows. They'd later admit that guy was pretty damn good. I got to meet Pat briefly at a show in Japan. He was gracious and engaging. I told him he was the first rock star I had met in person. He found that humorous. Such a wonderful artist and human being. He will be sorely missed in a world that could use WAY MORE Pat Fish. My condolences to Max and Pat's other close friends and family.

Fare thee well
horvatom... - Tom in Monterey CA - 7Oct2021 12:11 AM
Shocked and saddened. He and his mates filled my hours, days, years, decades with joyful listening. Condolences to his family and friends.

Never give up , until you want to
thmpsad6... - Adam - west Yorkshire - 6Oct2021 10:30 PM
There are some bands where you own the same albums on cassette vinyl , cd ,box set cd and digital media. Not just because of the longevity and repacked sets but simply because you love them. The jazz butcher are one of those bands.

In many ways Pat and the Jazz butcher were my special secret but a secret that myself and my many friends have seen and cherished many times. I have many letters that were replies from Pat and I will cherish them.

Back in 2019 my wife I me drive down from Yorkshire to the Cash for Cancer charity gig at Northampton .Claire and me were very excited and arrives way too early. Claire ended up taking the entrance Budvars and cash and Pat kindly helped point out that she need not charge some of the people as they were in fact the artistes who were also playing. He asked for any requests and Claire shouted Scarlet and he kindly played it . It was a magical moment and a lasting kindness . It was the last time we saw Pat sing live due to Covid restrictions.

His fishy mansions shows have been simply amazing. Sunday's show was called as Pat explained he had been unwell but his death has come as a massive shock. It is so very sad.

Tonight my wife and I have shared our happy memories of Pat and his smiling face as he towered over Claire that night explaining that the very drunk man she was trying to charge money to get in was in Massive Attack.

Pat leaves us way too soon.Pat leaves a legacy of beautiful music that I will continue to share with all I know. A really true gent. An enormous talent .I will miss him terribly . My thoughts go out to his family ,long term friends and all fans.

Never give up.

Peace. Adam and Claire Thompson

Sorry to see you go
macleanm4218... - Matthew - San Francisco Area - 6Oct2021 10:27 PM
I was introduced to Pat and the JBC by my best friend, Doc, not long after moving from London to Chicago in the early 90’s. Pat’s music has been part of my life ever since.
To this day, they put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. It was just Pat and Max playing to a packed out 12 Bar Club in London, in September of 97. Doc and I were front and center when they spat out their Kazoos while singing D.R.I.N.K. We gave them back at the end of the show and spent ages talking with them as they packed away their gear. A true musical highlight and a true gent. RIP

Goodbye Troubadour
cynthiaroseoleary... - Cynthia O'Leary - 6Oct2021 10:18 PM
You loved a drink, a smoke, and good conversation. You made folks feel at ease in your company. You were a reader & thinker but never showy about being the smartest guy in many rooms. You were also one of the greatest English songwriters of all time. I hope people will continue listening to your music because it's as brilliant as you were. I'll miss you. xx

Adieu and auf Wiedersehen
coordinatezero... - Joe Turner - 6Oct2021 10:14 PM
I was introduced to the JBC back in 1986 by a college DJ friend who somehow had a clue about Pat. I was instantly a fan of the wit, the snark, the heart, and the insanely catchy melodies. My first direct interaction with the man came at Nightstage in Cambridge (Mass.) in May 1992 when I called out for "Who Loves You Now?" and he replied "What a terrible thing to ask a man in my condition!". Fast forward to 1997 where my wife and I travelled to San Francisco where the JBC was playing (and also we were visiting friends) and somehow we managed to legitimately get ourselves into a meet & greet beforehand; I figured the man would be bored with the same questions about himself so we introduced ourselves and I asked "what is it about Rugby that produces such good droney fuzzy bands?". Without hesitation, he leaned in conspiratorially and said "the thing about Rugby is .... they've got *really good drugs*." And we were off from there. Later that night, at the show, I was surprised to get a shout-out from the stage. We kept in touch; he stayed at my place a few times when touring through Boston, and I had the pleasure of having all manner of cats walk all over me while I tried to sleep in his lounge. I had the pleasure of seeing him play in the same week that I saw Kate Bush in 2014, and I considered them both just as special. When I moved to England in 2017 I had the absolute pleasure of seeing him more frequently, and was thrilled to get up to NN1 once and see him on home turf. It's unreal and I'm stunned and deeply sad. He had overcome serious adversity recently and it feels like the proverbial cosmic bad joke to have him taken away. I hope there will be some kind of service or gathering or gig to celebrate his life and music. Rest in peace, Pat.

Drinking recklessly
moreyaltman... - Morey - 6Oct2021 10:06 PM
The music scene never seemed to know what to do with Pat, our Jazz Butcher. Neither an art school ponce, nor a blue collar rocker, Pat was a true artist, he was one of us, using his words and his music to describe his world. Our world. We chatted a few times, sat and had a couple of drinks together, and he was not surprisingly, humble and honest and real. Thanks Pat. Your music made a difference in my life. I don't know what else to say other than condolences to Pat’s family, friends, and many fans.

xamm005... - Mark E. Smith - 6Oct2021 10:00 PM
Hearing the slow rise at the beginning of The Human Jungle on a local radio station was where it started. I loved music and it was pretty much what I paid attention to most hours of the day. This song captured me and introduced me to Bloody Nonsense and I was in.
Thank you for so many great songs, memories and smiles.

Still and All
amy.ropple... - Amy in Boston - 6Oct2021 9:57 PM
Oh, Pat. You recently unfriended me because of differing political views,but I still have loved you and your musical talent since hearing you in the 1980's. Seeing you live in the 90's. Even driving you in my car and talking music, and you playing my favorite song by request at the shows. What a shock to learn that you are gone. Heaven sounds a little bit sweeter today. I hope you are at peace.

Farewell, Pat
robert... - Robert Kramberger, Montreal - 6Oct2021 9:49 PM
I have been listening to Pat (Jazz Butcher) since around '86. Not
much airplay here, other than some college radio. Bought the
records and saw him live a few times, all in Montreal. I remember
the last time was the 1992 "toothache" tour . He went onstage at
the Club Soda swollen-faced and most likely in great discomfort.
Still put on a hell of performance, albeit a bit grumpy.

Thankfully, we have all had the privilege of hearing and watching
Pat with his "Fishy Mansion" gigs. Almost like having him in your
own home.

Like for many people posting today, Pat was and still is a major
musical influence for me. Brilliant, intelligent, poignant, and also
often humorous, his songs have inspired me more than most other
songwriters/musicians. Eclectic would be a good description for
his work, but it always made sense, and was always "Pat". He
made everything fit into the JBC universe. Hell, I am even
impressed with his drumming. Good night Pat, sweet dreams!

Safe travels, Mr. Fish
jgamarci... - Juliet Gamarci, Austin, TX - 6Oct2021 9:36 PM
I am completely flabbergasted by the news and disappointed in the realization that I will never see you perform live and in person. My thoughts go out to your family as well as to the other fans who feel the loss of a truly special artist.

Now he's gone
bdcummings... - Bruce Cummings - Chicago - 6Oct2021 9:32 PM
I was a fan from the moment I first heard his music. It was smart, literate pop music with the right touch of silliness and the absurd at times. It also had heart and depth when it mattered. Something I'd been searching for quite awhile.

Now he's gone and I don't have the words to express how much his music meant to me over the years. I feel completely gutted is all I can say. But, I can share a few memories of his music and him:

- hearing "Death Dentist" on the Rock n' Roll Alternative in 1985. It was the song that hooked me, but hearing "The Human Jungle" a week later reeled me in for good.

- connecting with new friends through his music in college and later. As was the fashion of the time I made many mix tapes and the Jazz Butcher was almost always included.

- seeing the Jazz Butcher live for my first time at The Venue in Dallas in 1989. I noticed Pat watching the opening band and my friends and I walked over to say hello. He was charming and gracious. He autographed a slip of paper on which I had a girl's phone number. "Gentlemen, I do hope it was worth the wait," he wrote. Sadly I was only able to see him live twice more - at Trees in 1990 and at Liberty Lunch in 1992.

- Picking up a copy of "Waiting For The Love Bus" in San Antonio in 1993. I listened to it at least four times on my five-hour drive from there to Fort Stockton. "Whaddya?" coming on as the sun set over the desert is one of those perfect moments in my memory.

- reconnecting with a long lost friend via this site's message board in the late 90s. As a result of our renewed friendship I met my wife and we've been together ever since.

- having our band's cover of "The Good Ones" included on the 2000 fan tribute CD. Pat had some very kind words for our admittedly lo-fi take on the track.

- having Pat hassle me via email for bidding on a Jazz Butcher t-shirt on E-Bay sometime in 2003 or so. He was right. It was too much, but I still wish I'd gotten it.

- connecting with Pat on Facebook during the pandemic. His Sunday afternoon streams from Fishy Mansions were a welcome bit of light in some very dark times.

- had planned to visit Northampton with some friends/fellow fans in the summer of 2020. I'd messaged Pat about it and the possibility of having a beer together. He was quite nice about it and said if he was still around he'd love to. COVID of course scuttled those plans. I thought maybe once things were better that could still have happened.

Now he's gone. RIP Pat Fish. You were the best.

pblink... - Blinky, Northampton - 6Oct2021 9:28 PM
Pat was my mate. First got talking to him in our
local boozer one night in the late 90s, when I
discovered who he was I told him me + a mate put
him on in Ipswich in the late 80s. He remembered
the gig and also the fact that he stayed at the
house I was living in with a bunch of travellers
at the time afterwards "Ah yes, I remember that
night, it was the most stoned I've ever been". For
a couple of decades now, he's been coming round to
mine when his beloved Spurs were on the telly,
drinking beer and singing the most wonderful,
surreal, daft football songs you could ever hope
to hear (his Dele Alli song rhymed "beans" with
"Milton Keynes". Sadly, his 45-minute epic to the
tune of "My Old Man's a Dustman" is now lost to
history). The post-match dissection would gently
fade into mellow drunkenness and much playing of
Can, Camper Van Beethoven and Bob Dylan would
ensue. Football will never be the same again.
Cheerio old thing. x

Amazing memories
joel... - Joel Morris, London UK - 6Oct2021 9:14 PM
When I was at school, and into my 20s, when I was starting bands, I was a massive fan of the music of The Jazz Butcher. My brother Alex and I wanted to be Pat and Max, we were obsessed by him and his group. I learned to write songs by copying him, and Alex learned guitar by copying Max. Every school band we were in had its set list backbone made from JB covers.

I eventually decided I needed to write to the man himself Pat Fish - the only fan letter I have ever written - and - unexpectedly - he wrote back and was really funny and friendly, and we sent each other letters for a bit. And when I went to see him, which I did whenever I could, he always said hello. And if he saw me at other gigs, he’d come over and say hi, and was always a bloody lovely person to chat to, as well as being a musical hero.

In the early 90s, after a band rehearsal, I dragged the rest of our rattly band to the Powerhaus in Islington to see The Blue Aeroplanes (whom I also loved) and the other band guys got tired before the main act - because we’d been up late being a band - and shied off and went home. But I stayed. And then I got a tap on the shoulder. And it was Pat. And he bought me a pint. And we sat and talked about music for a while. And then the Aeroplanes came on and were great and I was in seventh heaven, with one of my heroes watching a great band. Lovely night.

And then towards the end of the Aeroplanes’ set, Pat leaned over to me and said, “Do you want to be in the Blue Aeroplanes?” “What?” “We should be in the Blue Aeroplanes. Come on.”

And he led me backstage with an AAA pass and we borrowed two guitars and went on stage with the Aeroplanes and did Tom Verlaine’s Breaking In My Heart and we were in the Blue Aeroplanes. I was really annoyed the rest of my band had gone home because it was like a mad little dream and there were no witnesses.

It’s one of the best nights of my life. Impossibly good fun, and silly, and full of life and drunken glee and love and music.

I’m monstrously sad that he’s gone.

He was a bloody lovely chap.

Farewell Pat!
garym... - Gary, Ohio USA - 6Oct2021 9:01 PM
So saddened by the news of this brilliant and wonderful man's passing. Just this past weekend I ordered copies of "Illuminate" and "Love Bus" because I can't find the copies I already own and wanted to relisten. Sumosonic in heavy rotation lately, too. He left us with such a wonderful legacy of music and friendship and sly wisdom. Had the pleasure of briefly meeting him a time or two along the way, a kind and gracious gentleman. Farewell Pat -- you'll live on in all our hearts! <3

NN1 posse
stevenwaring65... - Steve Waring Burnley Lancashire - 6Oct2021 8:47 PM
In the 1990s I lived in Northampton and
within weeks of moving there I became very
good friends with pat as we both worked in
music me in merchandise and pat as an artist
on creation.

I remember hanging out at gigs together and
going out in town on big drinking sessions...

NN1 as lost a good resident

Stay free Pat

RIP Pat Fish
jollymagpie... - Paul Edmonton - 6Oct2021 8:38 PM
Saw JBC in Edmonton twice, great memories of singing "The Devil is my Friend" as loud as possible in the car with the kids. I still know all the words. Thanks for everything,travel well.

A fan and a friend
wnerini... - Will Nerini - WA, USA - 6Oct2021 8:32 PM
Since I was first introduced to Pat's music, on
an old cassette copy of Bloody Nonsense in the
early 90s, The Jazz Butcher has been a core
part of my life. I even learned to (badly) play
guitar because of The Jazz Butcher albums.

Later, in the Internet era, getting to know Pat
a bit was a joy.

Too Soon for such an lovely human, and an
amazing songwriter. All my love, Pat; I hope to
see you again somewhere, somewhen...

mr jazz
rickihussey... - OXFORDSHIRE - 6Oct2021 8:28 PM
great gigs music and feel....miss all you did....soldier on good buddy x

We will miss you Pat, Rest in Peace friend
jesusblood... - Chris & Julie Nicklin, Lancaster - 6Oct2021 7:55 PM
Literally just heard this news, heartbroken, gutted, truly. First discovered Pat's music in 1988, followed him avidly ever since. He was kind enough to play a beautifully curated set at our wedding in 2008, spellbinding, despite technical difficulties with the PA. Last time I saw him supporting David J in Manchester he came over and gave me a hug. Absolute gentleman, some great memories, great gigs. So long Pat, rest easy sir, you'll be sorely missed.

Devastating news and lovely memories
debaugh... - Dagmar, Atlanta - 6Oct2021 7:45 PM
Wow - I'm so saddened to hear Pat is no longer among us. He and The Jazz Butcher's various incarnations made up the soundtrack to my college (and post-college) years. A fabulous show in NYC, an amazing show and afterparty in Atlanta, and a hilariously ad-hoc visit to London and "the Basement". Rest in power, dear Pat.

Lurve, The #StrayAmerican from your liner notes. xoxoxo

In Memoriam
eyevocal... - Dave Watson - 6Oct2021 7:39 PM
I am now regretting that the memory Pat had of me when we finally met was the wanker in front at a gig in Ottawa, Canada (May 7, 1992), banging on for him to play "The Devil is My Friend." He didn't; rightfully so, because it's just not right without Max on lead guitar. On the bright side, I was able to get across to him to tell the soundman to turn up his vocal mic; he was barely audible in the first song, people were shouting, "Vocals!", and he was wondering with a bit of grin if they were telling him to fuck off. He signed my Basement CD booklet with "No Satanics here, just a rain of lurve." Thankfully, for all its faults, Facebook put us in touch, and I was able to not only enjoy his streaming gigs from Fishy Mansions, but interact with him, and even occasionally have him like or reply to my innumerable lefty shares. Thank you very much, Pat, for all the music, for warmth and/or tolerance (as needed), and for showing us all that pop(py) music could be thoughtful. "Head for the sunset and boy, keep driving, with the good ones."

spaceman333... - MikeG in Denver - 6Oct2021 7:37 PM
outcast little 15 year old me from Mississippi
stumbles onto the Butcher in 1984 and a little bit
of my life is changed beautifully, for ever. the
Butcher became almost a litmus test for my close
friendships. i'm old now and the Butcher still means
just as much to me, in fact more. bless you Pat, may
your eternal bus lane be grooving.

jamiejack1... - Mike - Chicago - 6Oct2021 7:33 PM
I will share a few memories as a JBC fan from Chicago. Bullet points, if you don't mind...

Angels was the soundtrack to the first dance at our wedding. My wife Leah and I were married just shy of 30 years ago and the song had special meaning to us (who cares that we were the only two people in the room that had ever heard it). We will listen again tonight and remember.

"Snuck" into the backstage area after the JBC show at The Wetlands in NYC on 9/23/99. The lads not only welcomed us, but invited us to join them at a nearby pub for more drinks and laughs. Impossible to keep up with Pat's wit, but it was sure fun trying. That night hasn't been and won't be forgotten.

Met fellow fans from Chicago at The Wetlands show. One of them managed a small club in Chicago. When the JBC came to Chicago thereafter, we were lucky enough to have been invited to dinner with the band before an intimate show at said club. At one point, I glanced back from a conversation to find my wife leafing through Pat's notebook!!! The embryos of new songs and ideas were at her fingertips. I asked her quietly, somewhat stunned, if Pat knew she was leafing through his inner most thoughts etc. She said he had asked if she would like to see what he was working on (OK, about as cool as it gets!). My heart rate returned to normal upon hearing this as I joined her turning pages. Thanks to Pat and all involved for one of our fondest memories.

Rest well Pat. You've left behind loads of joy for those lucky enough...

The girl with the mad eyes and serious earrings
okschuler... - Carol V. in Lansing - 6Oct2021 7:25 PM
Your music has been part of the fabric of my life for over 30 years now. Was lucky enough to see you twice in person, and all the lovely Live from Fishy Mansions shows this year really made up for the lack of live music. I know there's nothing in life that's worth giving up for the sake of five years in the Sunset Retirement Home, but I'm gutted that you're gone. Thanks for all the magnificent tunes. Poor Raoul.

Rest in Peace Pat.
dmwha... - Dan Whalen Sooke British Columbia. - 6Oct2021 7:25 PM
I was getting worried after Pat spoke on FB about his recent health issues. I was hoping to see him at least one more time. I think it was in 1986, I chaperoned the JBC to a friend's night club in Calgary after their gig at the University. Main topics of discussion included Trains, Margaret Thatcher and not trusting bands "wot play guitars with no ends on 'em" ! His sense of humour was kindly.
My deepest sympathies to Pat's family, Maxie and David J.

Sinking in.
blackarkpsjr... - Rob LA - 6Oct2021 7:22 PM
1986, I was at the New Music Seminar in New York City. I was young and New York was still scary. We got to see a ton of great shows for free. The Jazz Butcher was playing in Hoboken at Maxwell’s. We had to pay, but I was a huge Jazz Butcher fan. The show was amazing. I remember the show starting with Big Saturday which was my favorite song at the time and ending with Soul Happy Hour. In between there were plenty of memorable songs and me and my friends got drunk, and I was sure nothing would ever be this good again. And, I was probably right. I’ve seen The Butcher countless times since then, turned tons of people on to the music, made too many mix tapes with various songs of his for too many people. I always hope that someone will feel the same way I did all those years ago, when the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up and I got chills because of how good the music was. I am very lucky!!! I got to meet Pat several times over the years, and he was even more charming off the stage. I will miss his energy. RIP

A lovely, droll musician
erikclandis... - Erik, Oxford - 6Oct2021 7:16 PM
I feel my whole life of listening and collecting music begins with the Jazz Butcher, Bath of Bacon being one of the first LPs I bought as a teenager because the title was too weird to pass up. Since then, I've always kept going back to those early albums as a touchstone of wit and invention. Seeing him play live was always a treat, as much, if not more, for the between songs banter, but also the occasional surprise musical selections. I only had short exchanges in person with him a couple times at shows, and it was so nice and reassuring that he was always exactly the person I had always imagined him to be. RIP JB

Very sad
gernblands... - Stan Seattle - 6Oct2021 7:10 PM
I've been a fan for years and have tried to turn as many people as I could onto the man's huge talents. I only got to see him play once, at the Towne Pump in Vancouver on a hot summer night in the summer of 1986. He was, of course, great and at one point sadly mentioned that he had never been so far from home. I have just recently been listening to a lot of his music because of the box sets and was shocked this morning when I had just put up "Death Dentist" as my song of the day when a friend pointed out that he had died overnight. My world is very sad today, but I am so happy to have known the music of Pat Fish.

alanboydmail... - A Boyd - 6Oct2021 7:08 PM
Played with you a few times - Montreal with the Gruesomes and London with Little Sparta. Really can't say how sad I am to hear this. RIP. Lost for words.


Farewell, Pat
mocartsy... - Michael Latham Chicago - 6Oct2021 7:06 PM
I first heard Pat’s music on John Peel’s show for the British Forces BBC station when I lived in Bremen in 1984. Peel played “Down the Drain,” and that was basically it. He became a favorite songwriter in less than two minutes. I bought every record and saw him on the Distressed Gentlefolk tour at First Ave in Minneapolis, and a couple of times at Lounge Axe in Chicago. It is in no way an exaggeration to say that his music got me through some very difficult times in the late 80’s and early 90’s, but it it also true that his music provided a perfect soundtrack for much happier times. In more recent years I have been surprised and delighted to have Pat comment on several Facebook postings, and have enjoyed little witty conversations with him in this way, whether about my distress at having to buy a beige suit for my youngest brother’s wedding, about his music, or the simple observational humor that more or less defined Pat. I told him in one of our exchanges that one of the few good things about the 21st Century was that a devoted fan could have a little personal exchange with a musician he admired so much. And, God knows, one of the only joyous highlights of the pandemic and of the last 18 terrible months have been Pat’s “Live from Fishy Mansions” broadcasts. Like many of you, I tuned in on Sunday and was distressed to see Pat looking unwell and talking about problems sleeping. I hoped for a quick recovery and looked forward to this Sunday’s rescheduled broadcast. This morning’s news was devastating and heartbreaking, Pat was a great songwriter in the grand British tradition of Ray Davies, John Cale, Syd Barrett, Kevin Ayers—musicians I love as much as he did. The loss of Pat is a tremendous loss to the world of music and art, and it feels as if I have lost a friend. I was always too intimidated to introduce myself to him when he hung out at the bar at Lounge Axe before his shows. I really wish I had. He was so much more of a genuine and caring human being than I thought it possible for a professional musician to be. Safe travels, Pat. You have left a wealth of gifts with a great many people.

The Last Gentleman Adventurer
edmander... - Ed Mander - 6Oct2021 6:59 PM
Godspeed Pat - I will miss our philosophical sparring, and the
Budvar, and I will miss the daft stories. Most of all I will miss your
enormous charm, wit and that ridiculous commoners guffaw!

doc6502... - Doc, Chicago - 6Oct2021 6:55 PM
I lost my cat of 16 years on Monday the 4th. I'm hoping she went ahead to make sure that SOMEONE would arrive to properly tell her she's a lovely moggie and that she'd have someone to look out for.

I first heard The JBC going into the original Reckless on Broadway in Chicago. I was going in, and the guitar feedback noise from 'Susie' was swelling. It reached into my chest. grabbed my heart, and pushed me back on the sidewalk. I bought everything I could find and began a lifetime's obsession.

I was lucky enough to see Pat (and Max) in Chicago and London a few times. Serious, but not precious. Kind to fans, he definitely was kind to me when I told him at Schuba's one night how much his music and writing had inspired me to make my own art. He hugged me and said, "Bless. At my age, you wouldn't believe how many people mistake me, a pop musician, for a vampire."

Mini likes belly rubs. And tuna from the tin. Take care, Mr. Huntrods.


I'll have that drink now...
Hedblade... - Jay Hedblade - 6Oct2021 6:50 PM
Pat was so kind to me over the years. Buying me a pint after a gig in London, 1989. Writing a sweet novella on my album when I'd simply asked for an autograph in Chicago, 2000. Inviting me to have a drink on his patio if I ever found myself in Northampton on my semi-regular trips to England. I regret I never made it for that drink. I regret that bitterly today. But I'm happy for all of the music over the decades, and the way it has never lost its appeal. So long, good man... I'll have that drink in your honor now.

Keeping the Curtains Closed
richp20... - Rich Panteluk Calgary Alberta - 6Oct2021 6:47 PM
I am stunned and saddened by this awful news. Pat’s music has always been a solace and respite from life’s hardships. I have been so excited about the new 4 CD box set and have thought about Butchie often lately. So happy I had the pleasure of seeing him live on the Condition Blue tour. His music will live on.

Condolences to his bandmates (especially Max as he was Pat’s creative foil - I can’t imagine your grief) and , family, and friends. Listening to Angels now, and will follow up with other Butcher classics.

Thank you, Pat
outcrowd1... - Matt - 6Oct2021 6:05 PM
A friend once told me about how he met Pat Fish when he was young and it's a better story than mine (he came out to see my little band play in a little pub and bought me a pint and was just an infectiously lovely person.) so I think I'll share it and hopefully get it right.
My friend used to pass by a stall in the market in Northampton full of old books, manned by an eccentric looking older gent who would just sit quietly reading by himself. He was always intrigued by the antique books but assumed they were more expensive than he could afford. Eventually he saw one that piqued his interest enough for him to approach the proprietor and ask its price, knowing it would be too high. The man smiled and told him to simply take it. Apparently this man, the Jazz Butcher, rented a market stall and filled it with obscure old books just in hopes of attracting kindred souls so he might perhaps meet people to talk about these things he loved so much.
I only met Pat in person once, but that story seems to sum up the person I interacted with online over the years, and had great conversation with over beers that one time. Pat knew he was talented, and his music was, like his personality, understatedly great, but he seemed to mostly delight in cluing people in to other things he found interesting, other people he found congenial. When we met IRL, he was surrounded by a small crowd of locals who all obviously loved and respected him, and he made sure to introduce me to every single one of them.
Pat was one of those rare people, the genuinely kind, and we will miss him, but I'm very glad I got to share a world with him for a while.
Rest in peace you gentle man.

R.I.P. my friend Pat
jjswick... - Jeff Swick,Saskatoon Canada - 6Oct2021 6:05 PM
I first met Pat back in the 80’s when the JBC came through Canada and we brought them in several times after.
One time after a show at the Airliner Hall we all went back to the broadcast studio to carry on with the party and record an interview. Unknown to us the people doing the program thought we were going live so left the transmitter on and the entire after party was broadcast live.
Pat and I laughed about that for years.
I also recorded their last performance in town on a single video camera that the club had installed in the roof.
The show the next night in Alberta the JBC recorded the live album Western Family.
Pat had asked about those tapes last time we spoke. Strangely enough, just last week I had rounded up the gear to be able to digitize for him.
We of course stayed in contact over all these years and I will greatly miss his warmth and wit.
He was a genuinely beautiful human being.
I’ll still digitize those items but am greatly saddened that I won’t be able to share those wonderful memories with Patrick.
Rest In Peace Pat.
I will miss you greatly.😩😩😩😩😩😩

So, so sad,
jamg75... - José de la Madrid from Colima, México - 6Oct2021 6:01 PM
The first Jazz Butcher record I listened to was Cult of the Basement. I was 15 years old. I live in México so it was very difficult to buy his records, I bought this one because I had heard David J used to be in the band and having known Bauhaus and Love and Rockets I gave it a try (also the cover was so cool). I was impressed and also a fan from then on. I bought more records everytime I came across them overseas and finally when I discovered Discogs I was able to build my collection. I always loved his ballads, his songwriting and his ability to mix various styles, but always with his signature. I hate the fact that I will never get to see him live. Rest in peace dear Butcher, Mr. Pat Fish. You are a legend and to me, you are one of the greats.

Rest in Peace, Pat
iamjameshof... - James - 6Oct2021 5:51 PM
Somewhat surreal and VERY VERY sad when a friend passes suddenly; even more so when he was brilliant, caring, engaged, outspoken and an A-! chap.
All of my interactions with him, as well the performances that I was fortunate enough to witness were memorable, and I feel a sense of loss knowing that he is no longer here to brighten the world with his charisma and wonderful music.
Rest in Peace, Pat.

A real troubadour
andyb1919... - Andrew Brooksbank, Wakefield - 6Oct2021 5:50 PM
Utterly shocked, finally got the new box
set up and running, this is a real shock.
35 years of friendship, a lovely guy, he
will be sadly missed. Andrew Brooksbank.

Rotten & Glorious
thegreataukfanciers... - Marcus, Toronto - 6Oct2021 5:46 PM
a piercing loss - my first truly great musical love
a great writer of songs, the greatest writer of liner notes
this loony completist mourns there will not be more
was fortunate to shake his hand and demand signature a few times, plus one heroic session of drink in Toronto via a mutual friend in the early 2000s
my heartfelt thanks

We are heartbroken
wright.nigel... - Nigel, Portland, Oregon, USA - 6Oct2021 5:46 PM
We are heart broken today. I have loved Pat's music for so many
years and to have been able to connect with him on Facebook and
see his wonderful live shows was just amazing. The only time I was
able to see The Jazz Butcher live was a million years ago in Montreal
at the Club Soda and it was brilliant. Pat, words can't convey how
much you will be missed. Thank you for the tunes.

fuelburningoracle... - Tom Peterson - 6Oct2021 5:45 PM
I am beyond devastated. The first album I picked up by him, I had never heard, but after reading it I knew there was something special. I was not disappointed. I went from being the number one fan (1 of 18 as he called it) to being a good friend. He lived his life by his rules, brought the gift of music to all who could hear. A true gentleman who is dancing on pianos now. I loved him, and will miss him. But I will still hear him every day until the day I die.

One of the good ones...
slifkinj... - Josh M Slifkin - 6Oct2021 5:39 PM
'I hate you to go, there's no use in hiding,
Head for the sunset and boy, keep driving,
With the good ones'.

RIP, Pat.


So Sorry
tonywimp... - Tony Wimpress, Northampton - 6Oct2021 5:28 PM
Such a sad, sad day for music.
Goodnight, no encore tonight dear friend..

The last gentleman adventurer, slowly passes on through, guitar case in hand to the next gig, in a larger venue tonight not previously played but will never the less be a perfect Jazz Butcher conspirisy. Theatrical smoke a plenty!

Thank You
sktakers... - Sarah A., Durham NC USA - 6Oct2021 5:27 PM
I’ve spent so many years loving your music, beginning at and guiding me through the most difficult years of my life as a high school student in eastern Kentucky. This is more heartbreaking than I could have imagined. Thank you always.

The Legend isn’t dying quickly.
BelaHedgehog... - Cliff Thomas, Grand Rapids MI, USA - 6Oct2021 5:21 PM
Life will still refer myself and countless others to your music far more often than many other performers from stage or screen.

May you find a place to play where they never close and you never pay.

wasserd... - Deborah, Washington DC - 6Oct2021 5:20 PM
I can't believe it. Thank you for the good musical company for so many years and more recently, your friendship on Facebook. You are deeply missed.

carynep... - FROME - 6Oct2021 5:14 PM
I had all the beers in for your gig in Bristol tomorrow, I just can't believe you're gone xxx

Sail on
snotbox17... - Chris Reid - Central California - 6Oct2021 5:11 PM
Thanks for turning me on to so many books and records and for taking the time to teach me the chords to Olaf Palme.
“From your labours, rest.”

johnrobinson... - John Robinson - Chicago, IL - 6Oct2021 4:59 PM
Love so many of the songs, so many great lyrics, but still numb from the news and can't pull any clever ones like David and Gary so aptly chose.

I know all great things must end, but I still hate it when it happens.

Thankful for all the great music I get to enjoy, and oh yeah, the rest of the world as well.

If there are angels...
saxoclock... - Gary Gahan / Toronto - 6Oct2021 4:48 PM
They're bearing him up
They're holding him up

Thanks for the music, Pat.

Thank you
reedsoper... - Reed Soper, Utah, USA - 6Oct2021 4:31 PM
Thank you, good sir, for providing me with countless hours of musical enjoyment. Rest in Peace. You will be missed.

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