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tours in n.america
geoff_doner... - toronto, canada - 20May2002 1:06 PM
I have been a long time fan of jazz butcher and
would love to see a tour in n.america.even in
2002 butcher would still draw a crowd here.i
will even help book the shows...........

kwoodruff... - herbert lom - 29Jul2003 8:34 AM
can anyone refer me to a place where I can get JB t-shirts?

erfarley... - Costa Mesa, CA, USofA - 23Feb2004 6:29 PM
Just dug out my old vinyl from high school and found Bloody Nonsense in great condition. Man, did I miss that album! It's a lost treasure that I forgot all about. I went out and bought a turntable just so I could play it. It's timeless!!!! Can I get it on CD ANYWHERE?

What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen
raph... - Ravelli - 25Feb2004 10:16 AM
In 1983/84 What A Nice Way To Turn 17 did an album featuring JB, Swell Maps and a few others, Discography mentions only a 4 Way Single. Just thought some completist may want to know.

what happened to everyone?
you... - 19Mar2004 2:18 PM
Hey Pat, whatever happened to us????
Are we even still alive????
Just to say hello.......
Christopher Love Kitten

Caroline Wheeler's Birthday present
you... - 10Aug2004 8:51 AM
Who was the Caroline Wheeler of the above mentioned song and was it me?
Regards, Caroline Wheeler

ohmigodican't believeit...
kate... - katie G - 16Aug2004 2:11 PM
Just utterly choked that a tape found in teh bowels of my attic should prompt such strong memories of 1985 when I saw JB in Northampton for teh first time, after being dragged there by an older mate (she was all of 16). I had never been to that neck of the woods before, being good Irish-Liverpool stock-but then got "Bath of Bacon" and that's what I found. I have extolled teh virtues of JB for YEARS, but no one has ever heard of him. Why? Why is this evil genius even less of a public figure than Syd Barrett? Why is this record still making me laugh, after not hearing it for so many years? "Goldfish", "Caroline Wheelers birthday present made from teh skins of dead Jim Morrisons" (Eh?), and that "Betty Page" track, I loved them tehn, and I do now. So much so that teh dylexia has ikcekd in...I love him...I'm so happy, especially thinking of all teh discovery I have to do...god bless t'internet!

Jazz Butcher rarities....
jude... - Jude, Cambridge - 15Sep2004 3:40 AM
and loads more good stuff to be found at, the online music store specialising in all things alternative and independent label. One of the largest lists on the www - definitely worth a look!

Cheers, Jude x

Just Wanted to Say Thanks
barrymichael2002... - Hannibal, MO USA - 22Oct2004 9:20 AM
Dear Butcher and the JBC:

I have been enjoying your music now for nigh on 20 years. I was a struggling artist in The Fremont Distirct of Seattle when a friend introduced me to the JBC and Sex and Travel. The song knocked me out and considereing what we artists were on, this was no small feat. I have been a fan ever since. Here was genius. This is not BS, just fact. I keep trying to convert other musicians to JBC, including my Bro, who is a guitarist in Seattle. He's a jazz and pop musician and it's difficult to get him to convert to anthing. I'm still working on him.
Now its 20 something years later, I'm 52, married, and still a struggling unemployed artist in the seedy little river town of Hannibal, MO. Thank God I have the JBC to keep me sane. Keep up the good work. You guys really do Rock and its great music to paint by too!
I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy the Holy Crap out of the JBC and I hope you keep on making great music. It is my sincere hope I can see you all perform live someday, preferably before I go deaf.

Your Fan,
Barry Messer
Hannibal, MO

Subject to touring
Boy in a Bus Stop... - Melbourne Australia - 20Aug2005 6:00 PM
PAT, get on a plane and come to Melbourne, I'd love to offer you millions of dollars to tour here but my budget won't allow it. I will however provide accommodation & great home-cooked meals in return for an appearance here in Melbourne.

Until then

I'm keeping the curtains closed

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