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New releases information????
factus... - Columbus, OH, USofA - 13Aug2001 9:26 AM
Why no information anywhere on the site regarding the pending reissues (A Scandal in Bohemia, Distressed Gentlefolk) and the new compilation (Cake City)? Even has nothing posted.

Scandal in Bohemia / Sex and Travel cd for trade or sale
richp20... - Rich E P - 24Dec2001 2:43 PM
Hello butcher fans!

I found an extra copy of the Scandal in Bohemia / Sex and travel two-fer cd. It has some surface scratches but play perfectly (I tried it on several machines) It took me ten years to find the first copy and I know how frustrating it was trying to find it the first time. If anybody has any tasty rare things or excellent quality live recordings I'd love to trade. I could be persuaded to sell it as well.



Temptation ( Inside Your Heart)
jack... - Phoenix Az - 22Dec2002 6:58 PM
Hi --
I Remember a version Of the VU's Temptation ... done by JB
I know I have it on a Comp. but can't find it --anybody know where it could be found---

Phoenix AZ

Southern Mark Smith
marc... - Darmstadt, Germany - 27Jan2003 11:59 AM
is Southern Mark Smith about Mark E. from The Fall? If you're interested in doing a song about this man please contact the MES Superstar Project c/o marc[at]

uberpete... - montreal , P Q - 16Apr2003 9:27 PM
Good Gravy , an official JBC site and 3 comments over 3 years ? I'm appalled , dismayed, I tell you . Pat, Max, as a registered alcoholic I have to say that you have made the yummiest pressed-rubber droppings ever . I'm not drunk , not rilly. Why would you assume I'm off my face anyway ? God stop being so fucking judgemental , nobody asked you anyway .

Now I have high-speed internet; the world is mine. Pass the gravy.
sequitur2002... - Indianapolis, Indiana - 27Jul2003 8:50 PM
OK, I only have Bloody Nonsense to my collection but it hooked me, all those years ago, and now I know your web address as well as that of eBay. I'm off to the races.

Back in architecture school (Freshman year, '86-'87) my pal BB introduced us all to THE JAZZ BUTCHER and we were all hooked. Mainly because Bloody Nonsense was great, but also because there was not a lot out there to listen to if you went to Ball State University. The coasts were slow in getting fads to us (trickle-down era) - BB even worked in a record store.

BSU, by the way, is in bloody Muncie, Indiana. If you thought Stratford-upon-Avon was bad...

I am enjoying this site and will digest it at my leisure. I will also touch base with BB, currently of Louisville, Kentucky, and convince him to visit too, as his music collection was looted regularly during school. Cheers!

looking for a song
jpc... - Laramie - 12Sep2003 8:39 PM
Howdy y'all
Many years ago I heard a song on the radio that I enjoyed. I have reason to believe it was a Jazz Butcher song. All I rememebr is a few lyrics. Can anyone out there help me name that tune.... It had a line in it:
"In the springtime, cats have sex"
Please email me if you have any idea what I am looking for.

Domestic Animal
mr.ripoff... - Lutzo - 30Sep2003 6:02 AM
Hey, the song you are looking for is called "Domestic Animal" and its on both "Distressed Gentlefolk" and "Draining The Glass 1982 - 86"

long time no see
jrob... - Chico, Ca USA - 13Jan2004 6:48 PM
I've been a huge fan since way back with Bath of Bacon, caught as many shows as possible in SF and have never enjoyed a gig more. We always tossed up a full bottle for the band onto the stage.
Anyways, it's good to know you are still out there.

Hello! frmJPN
TOURN TAPESTRIA... - Tokyo,Japan - 4Feb2004 5:09 PM
Hello I'm JB Fan since 80's.
Please check it out my tunes
Jazz butcher's son, TOURN TAPESTRIA

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