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Creation Link
andyhart... - London, England - 18Jan2001 11:15 AM
I've got a link to this site from my site, since it's the definitive JBC site on the web

Please make them come back to the US...
you... - 24Apr2001 3:19 PM
and play the Somerville Theater! Please!!!

Sunday nights gig at the Troub
cheeso65... - Cheeso, Los Angeles, CA - 9Jul2001 11:41 AM
One of the best JBC gigs I've been to, and I've seen all their LA shows. Very heavy on the Max Eider-era material, thankfully. The show was almost two hours long, too. Who cares that it was a school night-I was in heaven!

The Troubaour gig.
dreitzel... - Huntington Beach, CA - 10Jul2001 6:55 PM
Great show. It was nice to see The Conspiracy out and about again. It was great being able to say hi to Pat before the show as well, although I never say as much as I'd like for fear of bugging him.

David J was the special "surprise" guest. He did a wonderful set that was a mixture of a couple Love and Rockets songs (a particularly amazing acoustic "The Dog-End of a Day Gone By" which has always been a favorite L+R song of mine) some classics off his many great solo recordings including a slight reworking of the wonderful "Crocodile Tears and the Velvet Cosh" (very nice David!) and some very good new material off a forthcoming release. Anyway, anyone wanting to see him, he's playing at the Troubadour again July 31st I believe. I am thinking about attending to see what else he has to offer. plus, I've always been a fan. Can you tell?

The Butcher was great as always. The show felt more like hanging out with friends while some particularly talented musicians were having some fun on stage. JBC fans for the most part are such a friendly bunch too. It's part of the fun of going to the shows really. Well, everyone except these two women that thought my voice was too high to be polite. Whatever that had to do with anything. Anyway, Pat knows so many people here in LA that you feel like you are at a private show, but one that you were invited to as well. In any case, the JBC has always had a great rapport with the audience and it's fantastic to get to experience it all again.

Highlights of the show for me were "Come Friendly Spacemen" (a Sumosonic song) which featured one Kevin Haskins wearing a space helmet and armed with a blaster shooting everyone in sight and a brilliant version of "Sister Death", which is one of my many favorite JBC songs.

The band was great too. Mr. Max Eider was in typically stunning form. Pat let the cat out of the bag that Max is recording a new album for us as well!

Also, The Butcher evidently played an acoustic show on July 3rd. Why wasn't that publicized? I sure wish I could have been there. I know of a bunch of people that would die for that.

Anyway, I sure hope the JBC comes back to LA soon.


Pat's July 3rd "gig"
cheeso65... - Cheeso, Los Angeles - 10Jul2001 10:20 PM
Pat didnt do an acoustic show on July 3rd, he did a Dj set at the Knitting Factory. Close enough I guess!

He did some accoustic show....
dreitzel... - Behind the Orange Curtain - 11Jul2001 11:00 AM
I heard it straight from Pat. He said that the show was Tuesday (I think), and that no-one was there and he played most of the show with his eyes closed so he didn't have to see it all. I know he was scheduled to do a DJ set as well, but I thought maybe that was an error. Anyone know when the acoustic set happened?

More importantly, how can we get Pat to do another that we can actually attend? Sure wish I could go to SF today. He and Max did many song acoustic last time I saw them up there and it was fantastic. I think an entire cd of acoustic renditions would be a beautiful thing.


Blame it on Pat! (or maybe Whittemore)
cheeso65... - Cheeso - 11Jul2001 12:00 PM
The show was announced in the gigs section of this very webpage, but the date listed was the 7th of July. DOH!!!

Oh yeah, the funny thing about the David J. set on Sunday was that he covered both Marilyn Manson and Madonna, in a folk-singer stylee.

In general
sadclownphil... - Minneapolis,MN USA - 15Jul2001 1:10 AM
Sometimes you seek joy, but sometimes it snaps onto you, like the mousetrap you forgot but stuck your toe in on moving day.

Too drunk to leave
espunk... - Geoffrey - 31Jul2001 12:01 AM
My name is Geoff. My brother, some friends,
and I saw you at the Knitting Factory show
here in Los Angeles. We were the surly
drunks who would not leave you and the band
alone. I almost don't know how we left or how I
got into bed. We also went to see you at the
Troubador and I had trouble making eye
contact with you, remembering what an ass I
was. Anyhow... Pat... best wishes to you and
the band.

You know, I do seem to remember some folks
at the Troubador who were doing some
interpretive dance or something and having a
very fun time for themselves. Maybe I wasn't
such an ass after all.

PS: The Gong Factor says "hi!"

4 go mad in Rugby
you... - 5Aug2001 2:15 PM
I'd heard of the JBC Charity, but was fortunate to benefit from it last night. I was one of the 60/70 lucky enough to actually find the Regency Club in Rugby. £2.50 for Curtis's set would have been a bargain, but throw in a fine performance from The Moths (?) (great drummer!) and a cracking set from the Butcher Band.... well, I feel we might have robbed you!
From the sedate opening chords of Partytime, through the speeded up Friendly Spaceman and on to the magnificent versions of Sweet Jane and Skinheads (with help from Curtis)... every second was a joy.
By the way, who rated Rotten Soul 3/10? Death to the heathens! And.... did you enjoy your pizza? Best gig since, ummm, must be the 12 Bar Club!!!
Charles Bradlaugh

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