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JBC origins
Was the first line-up formed partly from previous members of a band called Sonic Tonix? If so, which ones? And did Sonic Tonix ever make any records?

Someone let me know, please?


memories, sweet memories
timkingdon... - Northampton, UK - 11Aug2000 7:12 AM
Played "Scandal in Bohemia" for 1st time this century last night...bringing back lovely memories of Northampton in the early 80's ! Specifically remember a gig at Lings with "Another Time" (teenage crush on lead singer) and the angst ridden times at the Derngate / Northampton Musicians Collective.

rotten soul - santa barbaraUSofA - 26Aug2000 6:09 PM
david here.
just got my mitts on the latest from our old friends pat and max.
fantastic to have something new with which to sustain the legend and snicker at the uninitiated.
stylistically,rotten soul seems something of a throw-back to earlier,less complicated,less produced times.
while i enthusiastically appreciate the warm coat of fur condition blue and waiting for the bus of love caused to sprout on the inside of my cranium,i whole-heartedly approve of this stripped-down offering.
at this moment,iam listening to it for the second time.while my ear tells me my it will require a few more spins to catch this more subtly nuanced discs afflictions,i can certainly endorse the creature at face value.
leads me to the cautious hope of a live west coast appearance at some sustin the legend.and snicker at the uninitiated.
contact me (david) at daunedowell[at]

rare Butcher pics
you(at) - Mick Mercer (UK) - 27Aug2000 5:38 AM
I am amazed he still has his liberty, but that's the spirit of the man, and his cohorts.

If any desperate Butcher fans want to buy a CD of photos, I have two posed sessions that my girlfriend did and gave me the rights to. 35 shots show Butcher posed solo (83/84?) which were used with my interview in Melody Maker, including the ice-cream shot, and there are 61 of the Jazz Butcher band (inc. Max Eider and David J) from 1984 (?) for another interview, which might have been Melody Maker, or ZigZag. In this session (and it was quite a session), a tired and emotional Butch saves the Earth from decimation as the Alien Fleet put their invasion plans on hold, having observed strange activity happening beneath them in EC1. (Fleet Commander: "You are fucking joking, right? Disperse, disperse!!!)


The sets together cost £12.50 to anyone in the UK, and can be cash, cheque (made payable to Mick Mercer) or uncrossed postal orders. To anyone outside the Uk it's cash only I'm afraid, as I 'bank' with the Abbey National and if you even mention International Money Orders of Eurocheques to them a fracas swiftly ensues. So if anyone outside the Uk wants the CD with both sets on it's a crisp twenty dollar bill missus and no questions asked.

Price includes all P&P and there's a case, covers and CD label. There's also six hundred free scans included of pics of other bands.

If you want it then the address to write to is Mick Mercer, 76A East Street, Selsey, West Sussex, PO20 0BS, ENGLAND.

And if the owner of this site wants to put up a few pics as examples, then a quick e-mail to mercerm[at] will achieve a happy result for all.

Cheers then!


you(at) - Atlanta GA USA - 25Sep2000 8:12 AM
This is the only alternative to alternative bands.

Unconditional (Condition Blue/Greatest hits promo)
rich.panteluk... - Calgary, Alberta, Canada - 11Oct2000 4:18 PM
I recently found a second copy of this rare promo item. It is a Canadian promo that clocks in at over 78 minutes long! Cool artwork and liners/song stories by the Butcher himself. If anybody wants to trade for this item let me know.
You can read more about it in the discography on this site.



ozmosis2sb... - London - 30Oct2000 7:12 AM
Excellent!! This is definitely a classic
in the making. Well done boys! And whoever
the girls are who often inspire the boys -
good on ya!

Love and peace, SB

you(at) - Peoria Heights, Illinois - 7Nov2000 9:55 AM
I can't begin to tell you how it all began. I was visiting my girlfriend, Alexia Sabor, in Chicago ... it was 1986, and I saw a flier glued to a telephone pole.
"The Jazz Butcher," I laughed at the name. I new nothing about them... nothing.
A few weeks later, I had driven to Chi-town again to see Alexia. We had nothing to do, and she said that band I kept mentioning was playing that very night.
It was at the Metro. We watched from the balcony ... and I was hooked. Shortly after I bought my first LP, Scandel in Bohemia... many more followed.
By '88 I had moved to Chicago, but there was no more Alexia... she had dumped me and married the guy she left me for. But, on the positive side, I caught JBC at the Cubby Bear! Another spur of the moment event. My roommate and I were shopping for BIG BLACK records when we saw a sign that TJBC was playing down the street... the show had started. We ran as fast as we could, and didn't miss a JB song! God must have wanted me to be a Jazz Butcher fan... because the coincidences are too hard to phantom!
Because I drank too much and took too many drugs... and failed to get a suitable job... I managed to get kicked out of 2 apartments, I quit school and move back to Peoria.
But all was not lost. I turned my friend Torry on to TJBC and we spent the next 5 years drinking, getting drunk, watching his gold fish, toasting, listening to and singing Jazz Butcher tunes.
"I don't wait 'til I'm sober, 'til I get drunk again," "I just want to drink 'til I can't see..." etc... "I've got a mind like a playground..."
Oh, these were the anthems of a 20 year old boy!
We relished in the rights of passage the Jazz Butcher initiated us through.
I'm pushing 35 now, but I still dig out those old vinyl (glasss)LP's and think about all those wonderful memories... too many to tell you about.
But I will tell, they sure do make me smile.

God Bless, the Jazz Butcher!

Bets birthday present ever
you(at) - Near winnipeg - 25Nov2000 9:53 PM
OK NOv 3 1990 Winnipeg Manitoba
Had just enough money for my ticket and drinks..not for my way home. MOst amazing show! INcluded I believe some dude by the name of vladmir?I acually found $20 on the floor I spent it on beer for the walk home not a cab(-20 C weather)
I must admit that the JBC has been and will always be the best shows I have seen. They alwasy managed to hit winnipeg close to my birthday.
I believe that ther should be a song called Woody's Birthday Present!!
come back to the peg JBC

JBC Live MP3's
echodek5_... - Rico - 12Dec2000 3:46 PM
I have live JBC mp3's at:

Recordings from:cabaret metro, chicago,7-86|the roxy,hollywood,11-23-90|kcrw studio,circa 1990|jc dobbs,philadelphia,4-25-92|lounge ax,chicago,5-15-92|tower records,chicago,5-16-92|

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