The Jazz Butcher Feedback

Hello Pat
moonbleep... - Moonbleep - 19Feb2003 1:09 PM
M Burns here Pat. This is my favourite Jazz
Butcher song. I heard it while I was living in
Ditchling village near Brighton. There was
indeed no bus but there was a "village rider"
twice a day. However, it was usless and
infuriating because if you took it you couldn't
get it back to Ditchling, The second one was
15 minutes later and you actually passed it on
the way into the epicentre of Burgess Hill. This
was the most exciting thing to happen to me in
my time in Mid-Sussex. email me Mr Fish -

micru61... - michele CANADA - 28Oct2018 11:39 AM
Too funny... I live in a Village in Canada and this describes my village and how I feel about it. I listened to this Brit song way back in the eighties and its still relevant today!

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