The Jazz Butcher Feedback

god god god
jcvinc2... - jonathan vincent - 15Dec2004 11:12 AM
dear lord i love this song...
and i only have an old warped record version that is nearing the last of it's grooves...
hoping to find another copy...(weird that it isn't on any of the complilations either?
couldn't believe all the negative things mr fish said about this record...
it was definitely one of the ones that hooked me me to the gills with it's first tiny tug

Distressed Gentlefolk
john... - John in NYC - 14Feb2012 1:09 AM
Regardless of what Mr.Fish might say, and I'm inclined to think any disparagement was intended as humor, this is the finest o all the Jazz Butcher albums. And that's saying something. A great album.

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