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Pat the Trip Dispenser
ex(at) - ex-mancunian - 26Nov2000 8:36 PM
I lived in Manchester from '82 - '86, and was for a time a friend of Pat McGinty, purveyor of exotic chemicals. As did many of the drug cognisgenti, he lived on the Crescents in Hulme - Rober Adam Crescent, from memory. And I do recall the slightly tense time following his dispensing of some less than puissant powder - much laying low and living in other people's flats; and the relative jubilation when later the incident was celebrated as a Fall b-side. So far what its worth, I think I can lay any thought of JBC/Fall needle in the lyrics of Pat Trip Dispenser.

Who was The Fall's "Pat, Trip Dispenser"?
gene... - Gene Gaudette - 1Apr2007 9:44 PM
The Fall's "Pat" turns out to have been a completely different person: their American road manager, the late Patrick Clarke, whose duties included not only dispensing tour itineraries but rounding up select, high-quality intoxicants for the band. Pat was also one of the management team at Tower Records' first East Coast stand-alone video store during its heyday in the mid-1980s. He was an amazingly knowledgable guy and superb writer.

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