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Not your finest moment
adam.tait... - Adam Tait - 6Sep2006 6:26 AM
I was at this gig with my brother and some friends from Brunel University.

It was quite evident from your performance that you were somewhat under the influence, with the result that you were giving the crowd a lot of sarcasm and stick e.g. ‘You’re all hypocrites. You’re all right-on lefties now, but in five years you’ll be conservative pigs earning a fortune working in some ivory tower’, (or something similar). Of course this probably turned out to be very true for some of the people there, but whatever you weren’t exactly winning the crowd over.

My brother and I were actually quite interested in your performance so wandered down to the front of the stage and stood sipping our beer and watching. Suddenly you jumped off stage and stood right in front of me with your face perhaps six inches from mine, eyeballing. In my head I thought ‘What the fucks going on here? I don’t know but I’m not going to lose the staring contest that seems to have ensued’. So we probably stood there for maybe 20 seconds eyeballing each other, you still playing your guitar and me continuing to sip my beer. That was until I noticed my brother standing behind you and taking the piss with an air guitar impression. At this point I had no choice but to grin, which obviously gave the game away. You swung around and caught my brother with the head of your guitar, and then some sort of minor scuffle broke about between the two of you, before you jumped back on stage.

My brother and I headed back towards the bar. He was a bit angry and unruffled by the incident. At the bar he ordered two more pints for us, and also two pints of slops. He then took the slops, marched down to the stage, and enthusiastically launched them in your general direction, thoroughly soaking you. Following this the rest of the crowd joined in and a rain of plastic beer glasses showered the stage, until you and your band decided it was perhaps time to vacate.

As for the music I’m sure you were very good? I don’t really remember, but my brother and other friends who attended still laugh about the incident today.

I doub't that you'll print this, but I thought I'd give it a try?

justice... - mister justice - 6Sep2006 9:05 AM

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