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Hamburg 1985-04-17
juergenmaass68... - Juergen - 18Feb2009 12:48 PM
The radio broadcast of this show contains the following songs:
Southern Mark Smith
Bigfoot Motel
Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present
Real Men
Walk With The Devil
I Need Meat
Bath Of Bacon
Zombie Love/ Pet Semetary
Southern Mark Smith
Heroin (incomplete)

The broadcast is about 51 minutes long. It was aired in summer 1985 and never been aired a second time.

markthalle show
carksmurkingfackhole... - the butcher, nn1 - 18Feb2009 5:41 PM
i think they did broadcast it again a few years ago, actually. i have a cd of the show. just like the man says, we are out of tune for significant chunks of the show. not that anybody seemed to care at the time. "heroin" - i ask you!

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