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JB - London - Drummonds 1989
hedblade... - Jay H. - Chicago, IL US - 6Jun2009 7:42 PM
20 years ago... gads. I was a student abroad and, having discovered the Butcher was going to play, I was dead chuffed. Being a Yank, it was my first opportunity to see the band... and on their own turf... well, being young means the ability to get REALLY excited about such things. The memory has faded... but here's what sticks out:

1) Kizzy was kinda on fire that night.

2) They played "Take The Skinheads Bowling" during the encore (and I was kinda amazed in the moment that the Butcher rated Camper Van Beethoven)

3) I met an Irish thug who had me feel the back of his head for scars... seems he'd seen a bit of Belfast violence in his time. But he was a right decent bloke and we bonded in a manly way over several pints. (and he had NO IDEA who The Jazz Butcher were... he was just looking to drink).

4) Pat "Oh My God it's really THE JAZZ BUTCHER!" Fish, looking for a pint himself, came up to the bar and stood right next to me. I offered my opinion of the gig ("Great show, man!") and, seeing the stool open next to me, he proceeded to sit down. Now, I know he isn't Robert Plant or Paul McCartney... but, DAMN... he was as much (if not more) a part of my college soundtrack as Led Zep or The Beatles were! So we preceeded to chat and chat and chat... until the last tube was long gone and yours truly had to leg it to Trafalgar Square in order to wait for the night bus. I think it was around 4am when I got home... on a school night, nonetheless. And was it worth it? Well... I'm still thinking about it with fondness 20 years on, aren't I?

To Pat and all Jazz Butcher members past, present, and even future. Thanks for the tunes and the humour and the love.

Hedblade... - Jay Hedblade - 8Jan2016 9:53 PM
Alas! A set list for this show has been found. I myself lifted it from the stage and transcribe it for you now:

Bigfoot Motel
Burglar Of Love
Looking For Lot 49
New Invention
Red Pets
Girlfriend II
Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present
Soul Happy Hour
Zombie Love

No encore listed on the set list, of course... but Camper Van Beethoven's "Take The Skinheads Bowling" was certainly one of them.


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