The Jazz Butcher Feedback

asboderek... - Asbo Derek, Brighton - 31Jul2014 5:53 AM
Asbo Derek are thrilled to be facilitating the return of the JBC to Brighton.

If anyone wants us to hold a ticket on the door, feel free to email us on asboderek[at] or to befriend us on facebook.

Tickets are just five pounds.

The venue is right next to Brighton station and less than an hour from London.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Lounge suits
andyzed1... - Andy Z NN1 - 13Sep2014 3:52 AM
Taken slightly aback as I entered the NN Café for the first time, in what I thought was good time for the start of the show, I was surprised to see that I had wandered into the first (nearly) all-seater show I had seen the Butcher and his band play. And worse still, (nearly) all those seats were taken. However, perching myself on the end of someone's table with a fresh cappuccino, I enjoyed a most civilised evening in a most civilised venue.
Mr Joe Woolley got things off to a wonderful start, intermittently transporting us all between the Mississippi delta circa 1935 and Abington Park
It was with an air of excitement (which us cynical 40-somethings rarely get any longer) that I waited for the Butcher and his newly assembled lounge players to arrive. Of all the musical events I have attended around the world, it is without question that the top 10 warmest memories I have are of Pat and Max on stage alongside each other, so this evening was always going to be a winner.
The presentation of most of Gentleman Adventurers together with some old favourites was perfect for this venue.... laid back, relaxed, intimate, interactive, funny...... charming! Theories covered included the evolution of Velvet Underground songs, the effect of contrails and Israel on global warming and of course Brian Wilson.
Thanks to you Gentlemen, for adventuring out on a Wednesday evening in NN1.
Lounge really does suit.

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