The Jazz Butcher Feedback

scotts_art_far.... - Scott. N.E. China - 16Mar2006 1:50 AM
Hello - This sounds like an evening not to be missed - if black carrot are anything near as good as my dad's interpretation of Knut Hansen's 'Hunger' last christmas,(performed without interlude or intermission in south northamptonsire) then it will be a smash.
...And mrs. Pilgrimm has a band!
best wishes, I'm sorry but I probably won't make it along.
from Scott.

Black Carrot
nick.slater... - Nixon Mcvicar - 12Apr2006 6:43 AM
Black Carott were superb. 10/10 to the one the call Pat the Fish for booking the most surpirsing and brilliant act I'm likely to see all year. Already. And it's not even Easter.

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