The Jazz Butcher Feedback

a friend... - Northapton, England - 16Mar2005 8:53 PM
Oh my god. It's Anton. I finally get to chase him round the Labour Club. So when's the Black Watch coming back?

Curtis Fraser
entrail.divider... - Edinburgh - 28Mar2005 3:33 AM
So, after a tip off from a friend I finally discover
where the well known light fingered tea leaf
known to you as Curtis Johnson, to me Fraser
has been hiding himself these last few years!
Jazz Butcher people beware; double check
your record and CD collections, you may well
find them a few titles short, oh, and don't leave
your guitars unguarded, as you'll find them for
sale in the local pawn shop the next day. This
man had no morals - I had the misfortune to
have had most of my record collection stolen
by him. I guess he has even fewer still now
he's become a sasanach!
The Entrail Divider, Edinburgh.

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