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Jelory... - whatever, France - 2Aug2004 3:09 PM
I'm french, and I know very well the french version of "la mer", by the littles rabbits (I got the album "dans les faux-puits..." since... about 10 years) but, I have to admit that I've never heard the jazz butcher's version (but I will, for sure).
I like a lot this song. But, "dans les faux-puits..." is an old disc, now, so, I don't listen this song very often.
anyway, I'm happy to know that you are intersted by this band.
sorry for my english.
ps: "non cé domani", é italiano. ;)

la mer
you... - 3Nov2005 6:50 PM
I'm English and I know the little rabbits version. Every time it
gets played on the radio I get money for it. Ha the fuck ha.

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