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pamm737... - Pam in Vancouver, BC, Canada - 12May2019 5:23 AM
Seriously, no commments?!? Pat Fish and the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy were my first love in Vancouver in 1986: they don't realise the impact that jingly guitar had! Happy to get 'Last of the Gentlemen Adventurers' and hope the adventurer/s are enjoying their retirement. Best to you Pat.

yes, I agree
johnspence1967... - john spence baltimore, maryland usa - 30Jan2020 12:15 AM
I guess things are too spread out and as Pat so eloquently shows (is that even possible?) in All the Saints this new generation makes me glad death awaits. Especially if there are 1000's of Angels wearing black just like me, that speak English too. I doubt there will be no more real writers, much less songwriters. People these days thinks music comes out of a computer, and forget those who made it. How sad.....

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