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Scandal in Bohemia / Sex and Travel two-fer cd
richp20... - Rich E P - 24Dec2001 2:57 PM
Hello butcher fans!

I found an extra copy of the Scandal in Bohemia / Sex and travel two-fer cd. It has some surface scratches but play perfectly (I tried it on several machines) It took me ten years to find the first copy and I know how frustrating it was trying to find it the first time. If anybody has any tasty rare things or excellent quality live recordings I'd love to trade. I could be persuaded to sell it as well.



A stopping off point in the search for good music
paulcberesford... - London (UK) - 12Jul2003 3:36 PM
As a ph.D researcher of popular music, and fan of the Blue Aeroplanes (who make my task difficult, yet stimulating), I discovered this website. What a gem! A case of 'Music Hall meets Rock'n'Roll'. I'm now in the process of obtaining the back catalogue (all in the name of research I might add!). I may even make my way to Northampton for the Wilson gig in late July if I can find decent accommodation for an overnight stay. I've revisited 'Rough Music' (I won't go into the historical meaning) to listen out for Pat (tremelo) Fish. 'A Map Below' stands out. Hey, but what do I know? I'm just an ageing hippie musician with a studio who writes about music. In the 'sponsored walk of life' I just give out the bottled water!

allfa101... - La Plata, Argentina - 2Oct2003 6:44 PM
I like too much this band and the page is very nice, information and videos, I never saw videos of jbc.
nine butchers for you, and thanks

are you guys ever coming back to vancouver?
matroniks... - british columbia,canada - 8Nov2003 12:12 AM
you guys
rock,its and my friends love to get all fucked up and listen to the
conspiracy.then we talk about all kinds o shit,like how we arent as good
a band but we will continue ,inspired by the butcher sounds and
styles.last time i saw you live ,i was in seattle years was at the
crocodile,i was with weird people i dont talk to anymore and my best bud
,who sorta plays lead around my stuff,anyway i havent been back to the
states since,cause its hard to get good drugs in seattle,the weed suks
etc.i wonder if pat has the same girlfriend that he did in seattle ? she
seemed a likeable person ,i listened in on a conversation my friend had
with her before the show.he was trying to organize a show in vancouver,i
am sure she must have mentioned there you are ,a little bit of
bullshit on a friday night,i got nothing better to do ,since i am working
the night shift ,i am the driver at an escort agency,dont ask ,its just the
way it went things are crazy here at the office tonight ,its a fullmoon so
i imagine absolute weirdness gotta go ,so keep up the good work ,i will
always buy youre records at full price and will continue to promote the
jbc at every opportunity,especially at work ,where all the hookers now
listen to partytime and have to leave their radiohead and whitestripes
at the door.

pat fish
ferrallbud... - vancouver j.B.C - 26Jun2004 3:14 PM
Girl friend sick stop loves jbc stop shes fresh out of infirmary stop need to know tour pub dates
in ENGLAND or j.B.C. CANADA stop after Aug. stop
Yours truly 6 show strung out vancouver
jbc / hitchcock groupies .

you... - 14Jul2004 12:23 PM
We Love You AJAX
My lovely AJAX
You make me happy
When skies are grey
You never noticed
How much I love you
Please don't take
My Ajax away

this site is full of cobwebs. . .
you... - Encinitas.Ca USofA - 26Mar2005 5:16 PM
Does anyone ever look at this site anymore? What's really goin' on here? I find it beyond absurd that even the "great" record store we have here(Lou's) has no more than 3 jbc cds to choose from, that of which are reissued compilations. Is it just me or is there really a "conspiracy" going on here and does it make perfect sense if any at all?? Im sick to my stomach. Upload everything you ever recorded to this website Pat. You take checks right?

The only cobwebs are between your ears
The Butcher... - NN1 - 27Mar2005 6:48 PM
This is not a commercial site devoted to flogging twenty-year-old indie records. We do not take checks or anything else.

This is a site about music and what I (a minor semi-pro musician) am doing now. If you condescend to look at the main page, you will find that to be spending most all my time promoting live music (including artists from your home State), composing and performing. Not in Encinitas, Ca, though, as I have no wish to be disappeared by your thought police.

If you want to relive the eighties, there are plenty of bands around right now who will be only too happy to help. Try the Departure, or if you like it really wooshti, The Bravery.
Now fuck off.

Pat xxx

In defense of he who needs no defending
wjasonstreet... - Jason / Laurel, MD - 29Mar2005 9:20 AM
Sometimes the trolls and fools who have secured access to the library computer reveal themselves and give us all a quaint laugh.

The comments made about the site being full of cobwebs reveal what is really going on here. Those of us who enjoy the music are scrounging everywhere to find it/buy it/save it/archive it/ and listen to it. You can go on Ebay, GEMM, or wherever you like and there is incredible demand and competition for the music that was made.

The music is the thing. Get the songs, get the vinyl, get it all and listen to it. The Butcher made it, someone gave him beer money for it, they slapped it into the odd shop in miserable small quantities, and now we happily pay for it when someone decides to auction it off. Don't crap all over him because of that. Nostalgia? Nah. Appreciation? Yes. A real fan is appreciative. This real fan wishes he could go to the shows.

If the Butcher wants to put out something new, we'll get that too and celebrate. All this crap about how your "great" record store doesn't have JBC stuff proves your own ignorance--we swept in years ago like ninjas and bought it all up while you were shoving REO Speedwagon down your pants.

cool site
tripecac... - Bellingham, WA - 30Mar2005 2:10 PM
This is a great site for long-time fans. I love all the free mp3s and song notes. It makes me feel like the site and band are more focused on creation than business.

That said, I'm curious how it's doing, business-wise. Has it paid for itself? How would you measure site-derived earnings?

What if 90% of the site's visitors already own most or all of the JBC albums? How can the site make money off of them (us) in order to support itself? Through gig advertisements? Or is the site dependent upon sales from the (say) 10% of visitors who are JBC newbies?

It's a great site, fan-wise. I love it! I'm just curious how effective it is business-wise. It'd be great to find out if (and how) it pays off in both areas...

Even if it doesn't, it's still awesome, and I'm grateful to everyone involved in creating and maintaining it!

(a loyal JBC fan since 1986)

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