The Jazz Butcher Feedback

john.brookes... - JohnB - 15Apr2010 3:25 PM
You're being too modest. Was a wonderful gig and the audience were extremely appreciative.
What's more a very understanding Pat Fish listened to my drunken ramblings post-gig (although that did come with a few bought pints!). A lovely night all round. Let's have more!

ononist... - NICK - 16Apr2010 7:51 AM
Missed this and you played Mister Odd. Double shit. How does one stay aware of your London gigging activies?

Mister Odd!
nigel_wright... - Nigel - 25Apr2010 11:43 AM
I was just looking for the tabs of Mr. Odd. Would love to have been at that show but I'm stuck in a low-down dirty town called Columbus in a flea-bitten state called Ohio.

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