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A traveling companion
Tracey.dawson... - Nick D - 24May2002 12:20 PM
Germany during the World Cup, are you mad?
No shows in the U K, looks like I need my pass port. Any like minded Butcher fans need a 20th anaversary fix- e-mail at above address.cheers

s.facklam... - Stefan - 31May2002 2:24 AM
Hi there!
I know a Pub in Hamburg Altona
called DIE ZWIEBEL which is German
for onion. Is this the place to be?
Its at the riverside.


Die Zwiebel ist nicht the Onion
Fresemann... - Hamburg-Bielefeld - 11Jun2002 4:57 AM
Die alte zwiebel am Hafen gibt es nicht mehr! Uli hat einen neuen Laden The Onion nähe Max -Brauer -Allee

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