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Fishy Mansions setlists
eyevocal... - Dave Watson - 11Nov2021 4:30 AM
Hello. I contributed setlists to for the Fishy Mansions gigs. Here's where you'll find them, for polishing up the listings you have here:
And, from those, here are the ones you're missing. The titles I didn't know, I messaged Pat through Bookface and got them from him; looks like my efforts made him settle on the title "Sebastian's Medication." So I'd say they're canonical:

2020 09 27 (not 28):
Mr. Odd
Girls Who Keep Goldfish
The Highest in the Land
Southern Mark Smith
Tombé dans les pommes
La Mer
She's on Drugs
Daycare Nation
Melanie Hargreaves' Father's Jaguar
The Human Jungle
Never Give Up

2021 02 28 (not 21):
Domestic Animal
Shirley Maclaine
Mersey (Pavlov’s Dog cover)
Shame About You
Quality People
When I Win the Lottery (Camper Van Beethoven cover)
Here's a Picture of a Kitten, Give Me Money
Big Saturday
Sebastian's Medication
Dream Baby Dream (Suicide cover)
Hospital (Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers cover)
Never Give Up
The Fat Lady of Limbourg (Brian Eno cover) (Excerpt)
Looking for Lot 49
Saints Prayer / Moon River / Dream Baby Dream (original / Audrey Hepburn cover / Suicide cover)

Can you tell me if the studio version of melanie hargreaves’s father’s jaguar is available to buy? I heard it on gid
acornes65... - Adrian. Cornes. Sevenoaks. Kent - 15Jan2022 3:03 PM
Hi there i heard gideon coevplay a studio version on his bbc 6 music show. Can you let me know if it andcthecrecord it was on are available to buy? Thanks for posting your performances

Cat's life
hulamika... - lanikai 91016 - 16Jan2022 12:16 PM
Oh wow, Cat's Life!!

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