The Jazz Butcher Feedback

you... - 4Nov2002 1:31 AM
For such a rare LP, I would think the web page would have the "Lots of entertaining photos to look at" in the album that we can never find. The discograpghy does such a great job on "Bacon" but "Hamburg" and "Scandal" seem to come up short on photos.

you... - jasper fan - 16Mar2003 11:46 AM
This is still the definitive butcher album for me. I was lisening to some versions on glourious and idiotic. They just lost some of the energy of of early days. Plese please make it available again. I partied to this album during my high school days. This the,and ep's of the the's uncertain smile and perfect are what I always search for.

please rerelease
jock.cooper... - Jock Cooper - 26Sep2010 1:24 PM
I had this superb album but have long since lost track of it. I'd love to get this one again.

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