The Jazz Butcher Feedback

Peter Lorre
you... - 18Mar2004 5:41 AM
First heard this track on a atrip to France in the late Eighties and really loved it. The young kids on the trip were convinced it was 'pizza lorry'. Can I get a cd version of this album

got it again!
mbrych... - mike b from raleigh - 25Aug2008 5:37 PM
The 20 year drought has ended! I have a copy of this LP again; this time WITH the 7 inch vinyl! Yes there are too many comps; but this, with volume 1, and Bloody Nonsense are great! I am admittedly particular to this 'classic' era. Cheers!

Can't find this CD
sterlingphd... - Sean, California - 2Jan2015 8:47 AM
Can I buy this CD? I've been looking for it since I lost the cassette tape of it that I listened to obsessively for several years (twenty years ago!).

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