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Condition Blue
- Arlington, VA, USA - 6Dec2000 11:01 AM
My favorite JBC album, and I have them all except Bacon.

condition blue
glasgow... - the search engines - 17Dec2000 9:35 AM
i don't see what the problem is.

Condition Blue...
plasticsoul2001... - San Gabriel, CA - 15May2005 9:09 PM
  #3/11 of my favorites. Beautiful, beautiful artwork on the cover of this one. Listening to this always recalls a very happy time in my life although I don't know what it was specifically that I was happy about. I don't fight it though...I just listen.

Condition Blue
dreamtidespress... - Hail from California - 28Jun2006 2:05 PM
This album synched so deeply into a road trip I took to California that I listened to it on an endless loop and even drove 300 miles out of my way to find Rachael land. I'm not sure I found it, but I did find Honey!

Vinifera325... - Sascha, Berlin - 5Mar2007 7:56 AM
For me your best work. Full of warmth and organic flow. lots of soul in the real meaning of this word.
Thanks for this...

volume11... - Gary, Ohio USA - 9Dec2008 8:06 AM
Just now noticing that the A and B side sequences shown here are different than the CD... the CD starting with Yo-Yo and ending with Monkeyface. Any significance to this?

Guess I'll make a playlist in this sequence and give it a listen and all will be revealed.

butchiebaby... - the butcher - 9Dec2008 4:56 PM
Gary, you heard right. Basically I sequenced the album and the UK and European versions duly came out the right way. The American company, without consulting me, decided to start the album with She's A Yoyo, as this was their preferred choice for radio play. To achieve this, they simply swapped the two sides of the record, which, frankly, left it making no sense whatsoever as an album.

correct sequencing is: girls say yes/filth/harlan/still n all/monkeyface/yoy/honey/shirley/racheland.

So now you know.
Pat x

doc6502... - Doc - 29Jul2010 12:23 PM
My goodness, how can it be that this record is nearly 20 years on and it's still a powerful brew? It's still one of my go-to records and it's saved my melon on one or more than one occasion. You played at the Lounge Ax in Chicago. Terrible venue, but you lit up the place. Scissor-walking while playing "Take The Skinheads Bowling". Why is everything memory?

Condition Blue sequencing
dubrowg... - greg, san francisco - 26Nov2010 3:34 PM
I feel like I should apologize on behalf of the label. I worked for Sky at this time, in Philadelphia (the label was based in Georgia)...drove you around town for a couple of radio things the day you were in town to play JC Dobbs. Our label manager made the sequencing decision. Had I known what he was doing I'd have tried to keep your original sequence. Regardless, I love the record and it was a pleasure to help it get attention in the US. I was a fan well before we put out the record and have remained a fan since.

Condition Blue
tracy.kaply... - Tracy Seattle - 22Apr2011 5:56 PM
Was thinking of how much I loved this cd and how I played it over and over until some greedy bastard stole it, and now I just downloaded it from iTunes and am happily singing along.

Such a great cd.

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