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gmcb... - 21Nov2000 10:37 PM
I said goodbye to a great friend last Saturday.
Jon Howard (some may have known him as Doug Mallard) Music was a large part of his life, especially the JBC, it got him through some rough times. I will never forget him.
"Angels" was played during his service and a letter was read that butch wrote him a few years back.
Thank you for writing such a beautiful song.

tissue_tiger... - Yokohama, Japan - 14Oct2001 12:04 AM
I like this song. Ater all I like the whole songs of the album, 'Distressed Gentlefolk'.

Dave... - OH - 10Jun2002 12:54 PM
RE: *Why does everyone seem to love the song 'Angels' so much? It drips with cloying, finger-down-the-throat sappiness, and there are so many better Fish cuts out there*

I used to think that. Keep listening... You'll get it one day. (Hint: Afghanistan.)

spence... - Birmingham - 6Jul2002 3:40 PM
It will be at my funeral, no question, and I so
want to cover it, but will I do it justice?

duc.l... - Paris - 24Feb2003 1:16 PM
Une des 10 plus belle chanson pop jamais écrite. Il faut la rééditer et surtout tourner un VRAI clip vidéo.

One of the 10 most beautiful pop song ever written. It needs to be republished and made into a video.

dougenglish... - Arlington, VA - 25May2004 5:52 AM
I like your comment about it being one of the top ten most beautiful songs ever. I listened to two live versions and the studio version yesterday and was thinking it was the most beautiful song ever written and WAY underappreciated, and then I see your comment today. Nice.

never heard it.
jsv909... - The Armpit, America - 5Aug2004 12:53 AM
Who here wants pancakes?

jeremy... - New York, USofA - 20Dec2004 10:03 AM
i love this song!

Angels - the video
Griffon... - Michigan - 27Oct2005 8:43 PM
The video for Angels was memorable - black & white if I recall. I wonder if it's viewable on the web these days.

lynch, soul coughing, modest mouse
clentlocon... - clentlocon, tacoma - 1Apr2006 10:02 PM
"workin' on leavin the livin'" off the album "building nothing out of something" by modest mouse also contains the lyric "in heaven, everything is fine," with the addition "in heaven everything's alright.
some vague connections to lynch and soul coughing: the girl in the furnace who sings "in heaven.." looks somewhat familiar to a girl on the cover of "ruby vroom" an ablum of soul coughing. i've found intuitive connections between this album and "mulholland drive" i.e. references to los angeles and cadillacs "overturning down a cliff on televsision." these connections are more subliminal, or superliminal at that, but interesting none the less.

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