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To me it's Christmas
howtired... - Como, Italy - 12Aug2002 4:22 PM
Ok, maybe it's just me, but I think of "Distressed Gentlefolk" as a great Christmas record. I must have bought it on Christmas Eve and listened to it all the way to new year's Eve, and always found it wonderful. I still think it's one of the finest 80s records in my collection. And most of my friends don't even know what it is, which is cool :)

you... - 30Nov2003 11:31 AM
OK, I can see that. But as a big fan, it all seemed like a very good in-joke. I loved it. I still think "Buffalo Shame" is the best dual-purpose children's song/80's obscure alternative song I know.

distressing gentlefolk
tango795... - marco, torino, italy, 7/3/04 - 7Mar2004 1:30 AM
i've always had a soft spot for the butch (and Max!). to me DF is maybe not the wittier but the most wholesome record they made. some great ballads, a good dose of humour (hungarian love song) and some near-Lear nonsense. maybe a trifle too polished, but it has been my mantra for ages and I can't betray it now (or never).

Distressed Gentlefolk
you... - Dolydoodles - Uof K - 19Mar2004 1:04 PM
I think this is a Fine album. Just found it again (once in a while I dust off the old vinyls and crank up the Leak) and I'm back in my carefree teenage years - ahh bliss.

This is the only JB album I posess (or have heard) so I'm kind of scared of destroying the illusion - since the JB's comments about this album are mostly dirogatory, does this mean that The rest of the discography rises to even giddyer heights of brilliance, or won't I like them at all?

Anyway, thanks for this one - even if the rest turn out to be pants!

Key to Distressed Gentlefolk sleeve
Griffon... - Michigan - 27Oct2005 4:22 PM
Anyone know the identity of the people on the Distressed Gentlefolk sleeve? Here's a start from starting with upper left and going in concentric spiral clockwise (numbered by go-round, guesses described without name - most all except obvious are guesses and didn't check spelling):

1: Buster Keaton, bearded man, black female, young man, Allen Ginsberg, Judy Garland (below), African man, Bela Lugosi, man in profile, Marianne Faithful, older man, smiling woman, closely shaved man, buffalo, Richard Burton, bearded man2, coiffed man, puppet man, collared man, Indian chief, scarfed man, wrinkled man

2: Vincent Van Gogh, sunglassed man, Syd Barrett, moustachioed man, Dylan Thomas, white shirted man, shakespeare looking man, queenly woman, Oscar Wilde, African man2, Patty Hearst, Trotsky (no couldn't be), Billie Holiday, smoking man, engraved mustachioed man, George Orwell and child, cat people orchestra

3: Rainer Fassbinder, Brian Wilson (below), tortured cat, eye-rolling man, Janis Joplin, bespectacled man, Charlie "Bird" Parker, smiling man in profile

That's all for now. Any help or insight as to inspiration would be appreciated.

I bet all his clothes were made in Thailand
spam... - Derick, Berkeley CA - 12Apr2006 12:25 PM
This is one of about 30 vinyl records that I actually hauled cross-country, since it's really indispensable IMHO. Back in the day (1988?) I worked out the chords to Nothing Special & would perplex people with my rendition...

Distressed Gentlefolk
c_mason... - Catherine Mason, Newfoundland - 23Apr2007 6:06 AM
I came upon Distressed Gentlefolk years ago in cassette form and bought it without having any idea of what it was. I am glad I did. It is one of my favourite albums of all time, and my children, who were small then, loved it too, especially Domesticated Animals. My eldest daughter, who is very fond of pizza, thought one song was about a Pizza Lorry not Peter Lorre.
Tragically it is now worn out and I would dearly love to be able to get hold of a CD copy. I also have Fishcotheque on cassette which is also in a bad way. I have never come across any of the other albums.

Distressed Gentlefolk
lawlermcneil... - Michael McNeil...Minneapolis - 14Nov2010 11:09 PM
I bought this record in '88 and it really impressed on me a moment in time that is still there (me mind). I want to thank all the butchers for creating some
of the greatest music i'll always enjoy! Illuminate is also very good.

I love this record.
morebarsinmoreplaces... - Eric, San Francisco - 4Feb2013 10:02 PM
I don't understand why you're so down on it. It's the crowning achievement of the Max era.

Still a favorite
jbwcomm... - Jonathan, New Hampshire USA - 20Sep2014 8:56 AM
Loved this album upon its release, haven't stopped loving it since. The only thing that changes is my favorite song on it, which is typically the one that is playing at the moment. Carried away on waves of digital reverb.

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