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JBC stuff
les.guillaume... - Pierre Guillaume Brussey - 19Feb2017 2:10 PM
I have french tickets from differents gigs:
Fréjus, veni vidi vici, in 1987 (with Passion Fodder & Mac and the boys)
Clermont-Ferrand, rock au maximum in 1994
Strasbourg, le bandit in 1987
Paris l'Européen 1993
Lyon, le truck 1990
Paris l'Européen 1991
Marseille, l'Espace Julien 1988 (with Marc Minelli)
London Upstair at the garage 1995

I also have a Clermont-Ferrand poster. And 2 or 3 others. I have to check out.

I also have a flyer for the 1991 Marseille gig, for the 1993 Besançon Taos Blue gig and for the 2001 Ypres gig.

I have some interviews and disc reviews from the inrockuptibles and Abus Dangereux magazines and from others magazines I don't remember the name right now. May be an italian one...

I have taken photos from the Frejus and Marseille concert.

I don't know if these stuff may interest you. Best regards...Pierre

Stephen.dixon8... - Stevie Disco - 27Aug2017 4:00 AM
I may have some stuff stashed away. What are you looking for?

Stephen.dixon8... - Stevie Disco - 27Aug2017 4:01 AM
I may have some stuff stashed away. What are you looking for?

Interview With Pat & Max
happymedium27... - John Collins - 16Jan2018 8:58 PM
Here is a link to an interview we (Background Noise Productions) did with Pat and Max in Washington, DC the night of the Jazz Butcher’s show at the 9:30 Club.

Washington DC Interview
happymedium27... - John Collins - 18Jan2018 9:33 PM
Is it possible to credit the whole Background Noise Productions team on this one? That would be John Collins, Steve Yegelwel, Andy Schoengold, Jim Black and Jimmy Mitchell

Thanks very much!

gig tickets
liards77... - Christophe from France - 16Mar2018 2:16 PM
i have four gig tickets to give.
Thanks for all Pat.
I'm sure you don't remember me but we spent a good moment in
Paris when you produced the Chelsea LP (French band leaded by
Emmanuel Tellier).

Misc. Items
carroll... - Kevin USA - 30Aug2018 4:07 PM
Thanks for all the postings!
I've got some decent tape & vinyl transfers which may be of interest.
Over the Rainbow (studio I believe - tape)
Instrumental (Shining with a Butcher in a Shed tape)
Both versions of Cruis'in in the Bus Lane (tape & vinyl)
Devil is My Friend (tape)
Almost Brooklyn (vinyl)
Pet Semetary (tape)
and probably some tickets and posters from shows in europe
Let me know if you are interested in any.

9:30 Club Pictures
clillyblad... - Eric Lillyblad - 21Oct2018 4:45 PM
David - i found two pictures i took out of a frame and put in a photo album. One with Pat leaning to the tuner/speaker. One with Pat Kelly draining a beer with Robert Lanza (a very smart engineer) looking at me when the shutter opened and shut.

luciencarr13... - lucien - 21Nov2018 1:07 PM
this is a bittuva trivial question but i was wondering if anyone knows the birthdays of the members of jazz butcher ? pat, max etc ...

blindalfredreed... - Gene in Pullman - 9Mar2019 10:25 PM
Found my way to the site tonight - thanks for all of the goodies! I have a couple of bootleg recordings, but my treasure is a show 'program' from the 2 May 1992 show(s) at Trammps in NYC. The tables were covered with butcher(!) paper and Pat had hand-written different little bits on each table. I still have mine, framed, along with the show listing from the Village Voice - the opening act was Jeff Buckley (then almost unknown, pre-Grace, pre-Sin'e) accompanied by Gary Lucas. The Jody Grind were originally scheduled to open that show, but several members of band died in a car accident shortly before.

Laurence Okeefe sat in for Mr. Odd. Peter Crouch and Pat were amazing on guitar. The 'Tugboat Captain' encore was one of my favorite musical moments ever.

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