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A Good One
me... - David Whittemore - 6Oct2021 4:29 PM
"Man and machine never might arrive"

Goodbye, my friend. You're joining some greats.

Thank you
reedsoper... - Reed Soper, Utah, USA - 6Oct2021 4:31 PM
Thank you, good sir, for providing me with countless hours of musical enjoyment. Rest in Peace. You will be missed.

If there are angels...
saxoclock... - Gary Gahan / Toronto - 6Oct2021 4:48 PM
They're bearing him up
They're holding him up

Thanks for the music, Pat.

johnrobinson... - John Robinson - Chicago, IL - 6Oct2021 4:59 PM
Love so many of the songs, so many great lyrics, but still numb from the news and can't pull any clever ones like David and Gary so aptly chose.

I know all great things must end, but I still hate it when it happens.

Thankful for all the great music I get to enjoy, and oh yeah, the rest of the world as well.

Sail on
snotbox17... - Chris Reid - Central California - 6Oct2021 5:11 PM
Thanks for turning me on to so many books and records and for taking the time to teach me the chords to Olaf Palme.
“From your labours, rest.”

carynep... - FROME - 6Oct2021 5:14 PM
I had all the beers in for your gig in Bristol tomorrow, I just can't believe you're gone xxx

wasserd... - Deborah, Washington DC - 6Oct2021 5:20 PM
I can't believe it. Thank you for the good musical company for so many years and more recently, your friendship on Facebook. You are deeply missed.

The Legend isn’t dying quickly.
BelaHedgehog... - Cliff Thomas, Grand Rapids MI, USA - 6Oct2021 5:21 PM
Life will still refer myself and countless others to your music far more often than many other performers from stage or screen.

May you find a place to play where they never close and you never pay.

Thank You
sktakers... - Sarah A., Durham NC USA - 6Oct2021 5:27 PM
I’ve spent so many years loving your music, beginning at and guiding me through the most difficult years of my life as a high school student in eastern Kentucky. This is more heartbreaking than I could have imagined. Thank you always.

So Sorry
tonywimp... - Tony Wimpress, Northampton - 6Oct2021 5:28 PM
Such a sad, sad day for music.
Goodnight, no encore tonight dear friend..

The last gentleman adventurer, slowly passes on through, guitar case in hand to the next gig, in a larger venue tonight not previously played but will never the less be a perfect Jazz Butcher conspirisy. Theatrical smoke a plenty!

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