The Jazz Butcher Feedback

There's a DVD from German TV of this!
nathanathome... - nathan in florida - 9Apr2016 8:09 PM
The Jazz Butcher - Rock Aus Dem Alabama 85 PAL DVD

recorded live at the Alabama Halle Munich Germany 11 November 1985

Re-broadcast on Feb 17 2008 on German TV (Bayerisches Fernsehen)

DVB-C (Digital Cable) -> LG RH7900 DVD Recorder (SQ-Quality) -> DVD

The LG created simple menu and 5 minute chapters.

1. Girlfriend
2. Big Foot Motel
3. The Human Jungle
4. Walk with the Devil
5. Partytime
6. Marnie
7. Death Dentist
8. Still in the Kitchen
9. Zombie Love

h2ofuego... - Jimmy Duval - 28Jul2023 7:33 PM
They also did a blistering Encore of "Speedy Gonzalez" which is on my DVD of the show.

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