The Jazz Butcher Feedback

what a...
les.guillaume... - Pierre Guillaume Besançon - 14Sep2019 11:00 AM
...great news....!!! Long time no hear...! I will be very happy to listen you live that night...

what a show
les.guillaume... - Pierre Guillaume Besançon - 2Oct2019 4:45 AM
I confirm what M. Fish says on his review...Many people loved the show very very much (an i am part of it...!)
It was very emotionnal to see and hear M. Fish again... Too long it didn't happened...
And it was so generous for both of you to play these songs together at the end...

Thanks for the persons at Malakoff who had this very good idea...

Paris - Malakoff
Elisabeth.dufour.92... - DUFOUR - 5Oct2019 6:27 AM
Don't Know how to Say, it was just fantastic !
Pat and Tim seem to Be happy and all folks in this spécial Venue
It was a dream for me
For this , many Thanks !

Now That's Good
doc6502... - Doc - 8Apr2020 11:18 AM
These pictures are just wonderful. Pat and Tim on the same stage? I wasn't there, it happened six months ago, and I am thrilled about it anyway.

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