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Beat Wednesday
El Gran Punter Mas Importante... - Northampton - 30May2005 6:30 PM
Forget Beat Wednesday? How could I forget Beat Wednesday?

Stolen Records
tam.robertson... - Edinburgh - 9Jun2005 4:17 AM
Ah, your memory is very short My Fraser or
should I say very selective and your reaction
very predictable. Have you not heard the
phase proportioned to the guilty 'he protesteth
too much' ? Like they say get a dog in a corner
and he's sure to bark! Has it really been nearly
25 years since you darkened the streets of the
old town?
As for Northampton,I don't even know where
the place is, so I'm afraid we'll have to decline
your invitation. Neither the divider or myself are
likely to travel to the nether ends of
mongrelsville just to give you a whipping!
You mention violence. From my very clear
memory the only violence you ever
administered was to women and young boys,
as me and my friend are neither of these, I
suggest you grab your handbag, put on your
skirt and slippers and run.
So you've left the smack behind then? I'm
glad to hear it, we lost some good friends to
the monkey's paw.
Anyway, if you'd like a meeting in Iona Street
anytime would be OK....just name the date.
By the way your grammer is appalling!

Remember the Thermometers?

Tam robertson-at- hotmail entrail divider -at-hotmail
Curtis_uk... - Northampton - 12Jun2005 11:11 PM
neither of you two trolls have given a real email address or name, and neither of you have responded to me at my email address
I mean how hard can it be to at least get a dodgy hotmail addy in the name you are using to troll people

I remember no one with those names but if you are the person that sent me the kit form gibson then
you would be aware that

A)everything you write on the net leaves an isp number that can be traced

B)you would also be aware of the fact that I live in Northampton as that is where it was sent to.

I will be in Edinburgh before this month is out
so here is your chance to get whatever it is that has been upsetting you for 25 years off your chest

just for the record a sasanach! is a lowlander ie: people from Edinburgh

and leave my gramma out of it shes been dead 15 years

moi... - CowTown, USA - 4Jul2005 8:47 AM
Surely part belladonna as well?

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