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how can i send you a copy of your song i cover?
cogan... - los angeles, ca - 17Sep2002 7:25 PM
what is your email address? i want to send you a copy of "party time" i played live last night. i do a one man band type thing at a bar in LA and play all your tunes - do sue me - come to LA and i'll point you to where all the jazz butcher fans hang out - they love you guys - and the chicks are hot - you've been helping me get laid for about a year now! i call myself the smooth jazz butcher (just kidding)

ed cogan
los angeles

Say Roar
theaudiodropout... - Sheffield UK - 18Dec2003 2:43 PM
now then young man
check out the Wire mag jan 04 page 13.
now that's a review!

The tall wobbly one

In Bath Of Bacon
gavin13... - Napa, CA, USA - 2Feb2005 11:17 AM
Hey Everyone,
In Bath Of Bacon (CD) is up on Ebay. Thought
someone might be interested.

JB In The Guardian
steve.hyde... - Steve Hyde - Oxford - 6Aug2006 6:39 PM
Dear Pat et al,

For what it's worth I stumbled across the following ancient
article in the Guardian. (Google: olaf palme jazz butcher it's the
11 hit)


I'm hoping by adding to your press cuttings, you'll play Olaf
Palme on the 16th - any chance ???


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