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Mattinabox... - Oxford - 8Aug2005 2:01 PM
Middle slot support for the cellar gig comes from Tinderbox. Check us out here:

Can't wait for this gig guys, it's gonna be awesome!!

Matt Tinderbox xxx
p.s. - don't suppose you know what's happening with equipment? Jimmy isn't replying to my emails! :S

bring it on
theoneandonly... - brackley - 10Aug2005 7:18 PM
wilson rock. don't waste your money anywhere else.waste it here.

gig report
msewell... - Oxford town, Oxford town - 12Aug2005 6:01 AM
Well what a great night - Wilson were absolutely awesome, better even than last time they played Oxford. The aural equivalent of being mugged, beaten up and having your phone nicked, in the nicest possible way... sound was nice and LOUD, though in hindsight the bass, had it been just a touch louder would have crushed my head perfectly.

I was the support bloke, lonely strummer in the face of supreme apathy, from which I was happily protected by some good friends. Thankfully I got some strange looks when I kicked off with Walz Of The New Moon (by the 'String Band)and went off one slightly during Terry's Camera. Couple of names on the clipboard of Doom - Result!

Tinderbox were so young I felt compelled to pat their heads and give them 50p... but quite charming - at their best they sounded a little like the Beach Boys' more psyche stuff and had enough substance to them to show promise beyond the strong Radiohead/Jeff Buckley influence.

For me, though, Wilson were the point of the evening. There can't be many natural frontmen in the league of MC Bot - megaphone wielding crazyman who manages to coolly and calmly fly over the monitor and roll onto the floor for the climax of the set. Watching drums and percussion in synch proves marvellously hypnotic - in fact for me, my only regret is Mr DAT never seemed to allow for Agent Wilson to do his solo... Sylvan Misery Wilson runs her long fingers over the bass and produces a deep rumble totally at odds with her appearance, while Headstone provides the solid delicious cake of guitar so Stevie G (who is playing as if his life depended on it) can apply his beautifully loud icing... the crowd by this time (mums and dads having come and picked up many of the younger members) is small but bloody enthusiastic.

It seemed just too short a time before the blue Wilson van was flying up St Giles headed back to the Omphalos. My ears are still ringing, I've got a bastard behind the eyes, but I can't help hoping, even if we don't deserve them, that they'll be back soon...

I'll never be the same again...
rocket160... - Omphalos - 13Aug2005 7:24 AM
What a trip! What a gig! Hi. It's Cecil, the flying blue van. Well that was entertainment on a grand scale.Thanks for partying in me and I can't wait to "pimp my ride". We weren't late either! I think the pedalling up the hills bit really helped. Well, while you were off on your sound check, drinking at the Three Goat Heads? I was off watching the lovely girls go by... My boss came back to take the carpet to the gig! It was Ok though, one of the band came back for some reason... to be miserable I suppose. Then they all came back to re-try the smoke machine, but it was having none of it. I think they had a good time judging from the dancing around they did before they got back in after the gig. The boss was chuffed that the pub was open when they got back. Let's do it again WILSON you rock !! Wheels Wilson. Oh, and the boss says, wait until there's a crowd surge before diving into them MC Wilson. The carpet said he missed the entire set, being left rolling around in the dark behind the stage. Can the boss come again as well. He hasn't stopped smiling since he got back............

that set list in full...
headstone... - NN1 - 16Aug2005 7:25 PM
Dark Agenda - Critters - Every Saturday Night - Hippie Shit - Quality People - No Winners - Police Chief - Buffalo Sniper - Battle Time Now.

Thanks to Matt, Rocket, Jimmy Evil and everyone who stuck around and dug it.

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