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A Scandal...
paul... - London - 21Jun2002 4:58 AM
Butchie, Butchie, yeravinalarfincha? Scandal In Bohemia is a Fine and Noble record and one that's been a loving, loyal friend for fifteen years. Maybe it's because I was living round the corner in Percy Terrace when this was recorded at Woodbine that I've got such a soft spot, but really I think it's because it's a truly great album. Of its time, maybe, but also transcending that time and still fresh as a daisy today. Songs like Southern Mark Smith, Just Like Betty Page and the sublime Girlfriend rival anything anyone's written anywhere anywhen, and Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present showed the Jesus and Mary Chain how it's really done. Pat, reconsider your harsh verdict. You may have been a different Fish then, but this is still a great record and more of a peacock than an albatross.

A Scandal In Northolt
david.milligan... - London(ish) - 10Sep2003 2:25 AM
It's got REAL MEN on it, for Pat's sake!! This album was a staple on our turntable (still got the album AND the turntable) when I first moved to London to share a house with a couple of other spikey-haired blokes. We met the Real Men every time we went out. Soul Happy Hour was like a mantra, and my 2 kids (10 and 7) have been recently introducing "Mind Like A Playgroup" to their mates, who love it! AND it introduced us to Betty Page, although not in person, obviously!


Dave Milligan

Smart and Sassy
Kevin Nelms... - Lincoln NE, USofA - 5Mar2004 11:38 PM
I came across this L.P. by way of David J. Back then I thought he was the deal. Still do. I know not the Bauhausler most went for.

When a copy of this made its way across the pond all the way to Nebraska I was hooked. Still sits on my record shelf. Something about it spoke to my smart and smart-assed sensiblilities.

Still gets play on occassion as this kind of wit and witticism is not exactly rampant these days.

cazzo che bel disco come mi e' piaciuto!
fabrizio.valli2... - genoa italy - 23Dec2005 4:42 AM
...che anno era '84 miiiii un secolo fa! questo disco ci (a me ed ai miei amichetti)ha fatto veramente divertire tantissimo... oggi probabilmente dopo 20 anni lo sto risentendo (!!!!)E' ANCORA FRESCO IRONICO insomma BELLISSIMO dovro' farlo proprio sentire ai miei fuckin' twins :)) (sono fermi ai sex pistols)...cacchio come ci andavamo giu' pesante in quegli anni........le canne che facevamo!!!!
P.S vi ho pure visto a londra nell'85!!!!! (in un clubbetto minimale)
hey are u sitt alive??????
i hope u have an italian friend!
see u again ........merry christmas and a happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!

phil87... - dr tokyo insane - 30Oct2009 5:04 AM
i heard this here in perth western australia when i was 16 and my friend had just got his drivers liscence and we used to drive for miles around the sleepy city listening and having our horizons expanded. brilliant

CWB'day Present
drnick... - Fiona T Wardle. Paxton, Scottish Borders - 13Oct2012 1:15 AM
Just found an old tape with CWB'day Present on it from a John Peel show from lord only knows when (if you know, are you Lord?) Took me well back, well back and funky. I think the same night this was played had a session on by J+M Chain...Restorative of faith and the likes.

Scandal Revisited
dave... - Dave, Columbus - 13Nov2013 10:07 AM
Podcast episode, John cuts deep into the Jazz Butcher's 1984 album, A Scandal In Bohemia. Featuring interviews with band members, Pat Fish, Max Eider, Owen Jones, and David J.

the greatest
jim.harrison... - jim wiltshire - 23Jan2017 1:23 PM
One of the greatest albums of all time.To me the JB and Max at their best(they may well disagree but what do they know).All 10 songs classic,take me back to my late teens,me and my middle brother can still sing/quote the lot.
A great record that will never die and to me and my bro has stood the test of time.And we both sing it,play it and quote it to our tablet,xbox generation children and not surprisingly they love it as well.Good taste is in the genes.Cheers Pat,Max,David J and Mr jones,to me the classic JB line up

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