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human jungle
dbrown... - dbrown - 23May2003 10:43 AM
My friends and I could never figure out what backing vocals are saying in the first part of the chorus - It sounds like "Like an eight ounce fly" but I know that ain't right.

8-Eyed Spy...
spotty... - Spotty - 10Sep2003 11:19 AM
...generally, though there may be others. Lydia
Lunch was a member of the seldom-heard
8-Eyed Spy...not sure why they're referenced in
this song, but I never questions a genius...

not again!
jcvinc2... - jonathan vincent lexington ky - 15Dec2004 10:59 AM
again another mis-hearing

"see the babies hide behind the bar"

i guess you know best though

and i need to have the ol' ears exorcised

RE: not again!
nicodelbosque... - Bozeman, USofA - 1Apr2005 4:43 PM
I also heard it that way. I think I like it better that way. An interesting image, don't you think?

you... - London, UK - 4Nov2005 8:18 AM
The line is '...babies hide behind their (or the) bars' (e.g., like in a

ozkor... - paul korea - 2Apr2006 3:54 AM
i thought it was
'see the babies hide behind their ma's'
and thought it referred to shyness or ...

I thought so, too
sctor... - scott, USA - 26Apr2007 11:41 AM
Yep, I always thought "See the babies hide behind the bars" was a nice follow-on to the "See the zoo"

Homophonic bliss
morph... - Fingal, Winston-Salem, NC, USA - 12Sep2007 1:12 PM
Anyone know if this show is available on DVD?

Dr Roger Corder, M.D., D.P.M., Harley
Street psychiatrist and consultant
psychiatrist to St. Damien's Hospital
was a television character that became
so real to viewers between 1963 and
1965, that hundreds of letters were
received by the studio each week, asking
for his help.

The Human Jungle
eyevocal... - Dave Watson - 25Jul2016 8:42 AM
The second background vocal line in the chorus sounds to me like "Like a eight-eyed spy." I don't know why it's not "like AN eight-" or if it actually is a tribute to Ms. Lunch's pioneering no-wave band, but hey.

And that line in the second verse (freshly re-listened to, off the Scandal/Sex CD) sounds to me like "See the babies hide behind them bars." I suspect that the "unmarked cars" bit is a live variation Pat used for a yuk, just like how he switches up the names in "Sex Engine" to people he knows, or how "Partytime"'s line "It's better than a cold bath with" has ended with "Nazis on cocaine" or "an oversexed tarantula."

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