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Linguistic Studies
The Butcher... - NN1 - 30Aug2004 7:34 AM
So I'm trying to figure out which is worse:
Brits who live in America or Americans who try to sound British by using words like "cunt".

touchy sod
brzr1... - steve the twat....Willow Street, PA - 28Aug2004 10:45 PM
Where's your sense of humour, my son? I may have compressed two shows from two different years into one cunty comment but fuck it. Gladly awaiting your next request for self-love.

The Butcher... - NN1 - 27Aug2004 7:27 PM
"Brzzl, mate. Do us all a favour, why don't you? Go fuck yourself.

Brzr1... - Willow Street, PA - 26Aug2004 11:47 PM
There's such a fine line between a democracy and a jukebox

"This is a democracy..."
The Butcher... - NN1 - 14Jun2004 4:54 AM
Ah, those were the days.

The Conspiracy at 930 F Street
dennissweeney... - Dennis Sweeney - Boston, USofA - 13Jun2004 10:18 AM
Ah, yes, I was present for this one. This gig was at the OLD 9:30 Club, which was at 930 F Street in DC, and the Mr. Whittemore is correct, the rats in the the old 9:30 were quite brazen, occasionally known for sneaking out of the cellar coat check room to beg for smokes. I spoke to Butch for about five minutes before this gig; he was wandering about the dark club in his sunglasses, bumping into pillars, whilst searching for his girlfriend, a very nice gal clad in a faux leopard skin coat. The band was in fine fettle that night, although the sight of the band was interesting, with the other guitartists (not Butch) curiously haberdashed in fur hats and green fatigues, that gave them the appearance of refugees from a Bolshevik fashion pageant. All in all a fine gig, the highlight being a spot-on version of "Partytime", performed graciously after numerous requests from a rabid crowd - "Well, this is a democracy, so I guess we have to play it" was Butch's comment, I believe.